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AK47.jpg This page is about a paramilitary group or organisation.

Paramilitary groups are any organization that participates in military actions exclusive of national armies.

Easy Company

Easy Company.png

Non Sibi Sed Patriae

General Information
Country Flag-USA.png USA
Colors Red & Blue
Type Infantry
Total Soldiers 270
Commanded by Marius CB
2nd Carlos3652
Commanders TheNorm
1st Regiment Captain Supernana
2nd Regiment Captain AlexPIT


Easy Company (abbreviation: EZC) is an airborne militia that is 100% privately funded through the work of private donors. EZC is open to any American, regardless of party membership, strength or prior experience. EZC uses their skills as well as inter-party relations to further American interests around the globe through military and economic warfare tactics. Easy Company’s primary objective is to facilitate the education of new players, to utilize their strengths to promote American interests and to kick ass.

EZC prides itself on having the best forum and wall community in the USA.

EZC was the top Military Units in the USA, presently one of the top units.

EZC is home of the best Training Program in the USA for Division 1 players (Military Fitness Academy).

EZC was also home of the best Airborne Division (11th Regiment) in the USA.


Strength Rank Activity IRC
Any Any Average Recommended / Not Required

Current Supply Policy

EZC pays its members in cash every Sunday morning for the week. Members are required to work twice a day. EZC also provide a Q1 house to all commune members.

EZC has unlimited overtime, some members make over 3k a week.

EZC provides unlimited Q7 tanks at half the market price.

EZC Members are either uniformed or non-uniformed. Members request supplies using this form.

Category Requirement Supplies
Elite Members Div 4 (1st Reg) 14 work clicks a week 742cc + house money
Elite Members Div 1-2-3 (5th Reg) 14 work clicks a week 714cc + house money
Airborne Members 14 work clicks a week 714cc + house money
Uniformed members 14 work clicks a week 686cc + house money

Additional Information

  • Quartermasters (QM's) are usually available 24/7. However, supplies may be delivered within a few minutes or up to 10 hours (not the norm) after being requested.
  • EZC Uniforms may be obtained by posting a uniform request after registering on the Forum
  • Same-Day Requests Only: You will only be given supplies for the same day which you fill out a request.
  • A player's official kills can be found on the Military Unit homepage under Community. Under the avatars of the MU regiment, choose See All. The number appearing next to the players name, under the Last Day Fights column is the confirmed kill number. The player's regiment appears at the top of the page, in the drop-down.


Easy Company Commander: Deepchill

It is the duty of the Commander to promote the increase of damage done in battles by EZC through advancements in strength and rank. The Commander keeps the militia running smoothly by managing personnel and having the final say in all logistical decisions. The Commander will set the direction of the militia including determining: Policy, deployment and battle priorities, establishing goals for the organization and to establish and maintain relations with other government and political party contacts as required. Executive Officer: Trekker Tlumac, TheNorm The Executive Officers shadows the Commander, learns the ropes of all the goings on in the Militia, and helps with the coordination of activities. It is the XO's duty to fill in for the Commander when he/she is away.

Role Members
Commanding Officer Deepchill
Executive Officer(s) Melissa Rose, what4
Commune General Gnilraps
Quarter Master General Gnilraps
Quarter Masters Cthulhu..

Zako Soldier

Uniform Maker(s) StVarca
Security (FBI) N/A
EZC Officers what4

Zako Soldier
Trekker Tlumac
Marius CB

Official Forum EZC Forum
Official News The Daily Gossip

Note: This table was last updated in September 2016

As of day 1943, EZC's Commander Deepchill along with 2nd Commanders stewy and bigcdizzle, declared EZC free of all political influence, separating themselves from their founders, The Federalist Party.


All enlisted soldiers are assigned to a specific Regiment, lead by a Regiment Captain. The Captain in turn answers and reports to the Executive Officers and then the Commanding Officer. This chain, from Captain to XO, and from XO to CO, comprises the Chain of Command.

At its lowest level, the Chain of Command is put in place to assist with the delegation of duties. The Captain, for example, gives orders to the enlisted soldiers under their command; the same Captain, however, answers to the Company Commander. This chain runs, unbroken, from the newest enlisted soldier to the Party President.

List of Regiments

  • Regiment 1 - Elite Regiment Division 4- Screaming Eagle
  • Regiment 2 - Division 4 Members - Second to None
  • Regiment 3 - Division 3 European Time Zone members - Tactical Command
  • Regiment 4 - Division 3 North American Members - The Raiders
  • Regiment 5 - Elite Regiment Divisions 1-2-3 - Fighting Fifth
  • Regiment 6 - Division 2 European Time Zone members - The Snipers
  • Regiment 7 - Division 2 North American Members - The Spartans
  • Regiment 8 - Division 1 Members - MU Enhancement - The Green Team
  • Regiment 9 - Division 1 European Time Zone members -
  • Regiment 10 - Training Program Members
  • Regiment 11 - Airborne Members
  • Regiment 12 - New and non uniformed members
  • Regiment 13 - Legends and Zombies
  • Regiment 14 - Free

Operation: Rules, Policy, and Procedures

   1. Members
       a. EZC shall be open to any eUS Citizen.
       b. Players interested in becoming a member of EZC must:
           - Submit an application with all pertinent information.
           - Request and receive a uniform, to be worn both in-game and on the forums.
           - Request membership to the in-game Military Unit.
       c. Members may not be actively serving in any other militia or military while in EZC.
       d. Members must be American citizens. Exceptions will be made for deployments and other instances of a temporary nature.
       e. Members may not, under any circumstances, take this too seriously.
   2. Orders
       a. Orders are to be posted on the EZC feed, by the CO, XO.
           - Orders shall include links to battles.
           - Links to any relevant EZC supply forms.
       b. Orders shall not direct members to do the following:
           - Vote for or support a specified person or party, unless to prevent a PTO
           - Spend or use personal wealth or items (items that were bought or produced by the member in question)
       c. Deploying, though uncommon, happens and will be handled as such:
           - Deploying is not mandatory, though it’s recommended.
           - Moving costs will be reimbursed if requested.
   4. Discipline and Dismissal
       a. Members may be dismissed at any time by the CO, or the XO (in the formers’ absence).
       b. Reasons for dismissal or discipline include, but are not limited to the following:
           - Poor job performance (inadequate quality of work, etc)
           - Theft or misuse of EZC goods
           - Disrespect to any members, including those lower in rank
           - Inactivity
           - Violation of eRepublik Laws
           - Any violation of the previously stated rules and policies of EZC
       c. Discipline shall be administered in the following ways:
           - Reduced or no supplies for a period of time
           - Demotion
           - Letter of apology
   5. Positions
       a. EZC shall at all times have a Commanding Officer (CO). The CO will be responsible for all day-day activities, including:
           - Management of supplies and the distribution thereof.
           - Promotion, demotion, and discipline of members.
           - Posting of orders, or the delegation thereof
           - Being familiar with all aspects of EZC’s operation
           - Moderation of EZC forums and IRC channel
       b. The CO shall at all times have two Executive Officers (XO). The XO's will be second in command and will act in the CO’s place when he or she is absent.
       c. At the CO’s discretion, EZC shall have the following officers:
           Quarter Master General
               - Responsible for the distribution of supplies.
           Regiment Captain
               - Responsible for following and setting orders for their regiment.
               - Charged with ensuring the laws, rules, and policies in this charter are upheld and followed.
           Uniform Specialist
               - Creates and distributes uniforms, and ensures than all members wear them.
           Training Specialist
               - Assists new members in obtaining access to the forum, IRC, and obtaining a uniform.
           Recruitment Specialist
               - Ensures that potential applicants have all the information they need, and have access to the application.


Former Commanding Officers

The original Polish Sausage

One dark day in the midst of a losing campaign against Hungary and the tragically-named PEACE, Poland and EDEN knew despair. But despair did not intimidate the likes of citizenslave, MitchRapp, MourningStar, Qubert18, Eotrick a dozen others. A plan was hatched; a plan is known as Operation Polish Sausage. Polish Sausage was built on the idea that some dedicated eUS citizens would be willing to temporarily relocate; to fight abroad in defense of USA allies. In its first ever action, EZCompany quite literally proved to be the decisive blow as the battle clock expired.

A sizzling success, Polish Sausage remained linked together. But the vision was larger than merely one battle in Central Slovakia. Polish Sausage would one day become EZCompany, the Federalist Party militia that continues to operate all over the eGlobe, oftentimes in clandestine affairs, always tightly bound to the interests of USA.

Polish Sausage was not exclusively Federalist. It was inspired by Federalists, Federalist ideals, and Federalist Party action. But Polish Sausage was (like EZCo has been) populated by USA citizens from many political parties. The concept of the party militia, as it was conceived in Polish Sausage and EZCo, is a true extension of the Federalist ideology that what is good for the country is good for the party and vice-versa.

While Polish Sausage was the operational code name during eRep days 722 and following, by day 740 the vision had expanded and there was the talk of “Easy Company”. These were the hardcore soldiers forging a militia that still, on day 834, continues to go airborne in defense (or offense!) of the interests of USA.

There has been the Polish Deployment, the original Spanish Campaign, the fight against France, a second Spanish Campaign, the Croatian Campaign, the battle for London, a stint in Brazil, and numerous home-based fights. Each time, EZCompany has supplied its soldiers with weapons and food to maximize damage and effectiveness.

To even further maximize effectiveness, EZCompany developed a commune system of membership and employment. Members work for approved, contracted companies for minimum wage (regardless of experience) in exchange for their food and munitions (and moving tickets). This results in companies who stand at the ready to supply EZC with whatever it needs. Given the mechanics of eRepublik, it is a system that works quite well. For EZC members, the sacrifice in income is minimal and far outweighed by the mission, the camaraderie, and the experience. No few USD can ever purchase what a tour with EZC offers.

There is no strength requirement for membership in EZC, just an understood commitment to be at the ready for deployment anywhere. Hard worker medals, political aspirations, even personal wealth are often sacrificed to some extent by this brave band.

The Meaning of CURRAHEE!

Easy Company was an old division of Paratroopers in WW2 that fought for America in Europe. These men were trained at Camp Toombs in Georgia. A Mountain named CURRAHEE stood tall over the Main Camp.

The men used the mountain to run up and down to train for The War in Europe. They called the runs "3 Miles up, 3 Miles Down."

They used the mountain name "CURRAHEE" in battle as they parachuted in over France and Germany to fight for freedom.

CURRAHEE translated From Cherokee Means "Stands Alone."

EZC proudly adopted this name and this call and they work every day to live up to the legacy it represents. Easy Company stands alone by remaining independent of the government of the USA but remaining ever loyal to the USA itself. They fight proudly alongside the other American military units.


This is the list of some of their non-commanding members (in alphabetical order) with wiki accounts: