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Nationality Flag-Chile.jpg Chilean
Date of birth Aug 07, 2009
Date of death 2013
Residence Chile
Sex male
Faith Dioist
Congress member of Chile
26.08.2010 – 26.09.2010
26.09.2010 – 26.10.2010
26.10.2010 – 26.11.2010
26.09.2011 – 26.10.2011
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Serbia
05.05.2011 – 28.05.2011
Served under Kibla
Preceded by Baltazar8
Succeeded by Baltazar8
05.09.2011 – 28.10.2011
Served under Unihorn
Preceded by d00sta
Military rank Icon rank God of War*.png God of War*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

EduRaptor, formerly known as Akasuna Itachi and Marko Krsmanovic, was born in Serbia on August 07, 2009 - 626th day of New World.

Birth of Akasuna Itachi

Akasuna Itachi was registered somewhere around second Serbian big baby boom, but he didn't read about the game in media like a big portion of Serbs that registered those days, but randomly stumbled upon this game. The nick he registered under was Marko Krsmanovic, as many people from the game remember and know him as, but after around 1 and a half year of playing, he used an option that admins gave to citizens with RL names for nicks, and changed it to the current one. At first, the game wasn't that much interesting for him, the lack of activity made it pretty boring, before he found out more about the community aspect of erepublik. Since then, its pretty much the only thing that truly keeps him addicted to it.

First military activities

The first army avatar
- The first contact with Serbian army came around 7 days since the day of registration. He read about Serb training regiments in the official MoD newspaper, but he didn't have enough strength points to join. He waited for the next term, and by fulfilled the conditions, he entered the "petlici" battalion which at that time had around 180 members. Although at first, the army didn't provide them with a considerable advantage in guns or supplies, they taught them the basics of this game, discipline, game mechanics, organization of the army and most of all, the sense of community. Sadly but true, almost everyone couldn't wait to get out from petlici. Its name literally means "chickens", and they hated the avatar. After the first 20 days of training, commanders decided the ones who meet the conditions to join a bit more serious regiment of orlici. The "hawks" were the last stepping stone, before they could join the regular Serbian army, which they admired so much while being in training divisions. 1 more month, and he was transferred to one of the strongest units of VeS, medvedi or "the bears". After just around 2 weeks in the bears, he resigned from medvedi, and a new chapter in his Life has begun.

The Chilean chapter

Reasons for the new way

Somewhere around November of 2009, Akasuna started to lose the interest in the game, and considered to quit. In same tame, an RL project he worked on, crossed his path with a girl from Chile. He was looking for help about something really important for him, and out of all people with their fake excuses and lies, and in the end, only that girl from Chile decided to help him. He was very thankful for it and even after they finished what they were working on, they remained close friends. This pushed him to the decision that if he cannot express his gratitude by helping her in something, at least he can help her country in the game, just for him. He wanted to learn more about Chile, Chileans, their culture, language etc. And in a great part of that, he succeeded.

The start

Akasuna's first contact with Chilean community came on day 759 of the New World, when he introduced himself in Spanish/English article De Serbia a Chile. At the time, he didn't speak the Spanish language, so the google translate first part didn't look too impressive. He announced his intentions to try to help, and remarks of Chilean people were divided. Some of them were little unsure if his intentions were pure, in fear of Political Takeover (PTO). With time, he started to meet individual members of the Chilean community, and began to create initiatives to make his wishes of making Chile a strong country, come true. Soon after this, unit was created, with newspaper with whom he would communicate with his new friends. The ides were to help the economy of the country, help some players individually, and to try to transfer his knowledge that he got from the Serbian army. Soon, the first real unit by that time in Chile was created.

The "Angels" unit

The Angels unit avatar
- The "Angels" unit was created in first half of December, 2009. The unit was intended to gather both Chilean players, and Serbian people who were willing to join his cause in helping Chile. At first, he just gathered his RL friends and made him join the game. Together with them, he left to Brazil, where they created the first Angels company, Quality 1 Iron raw material company (because Chile didn't posses any high raw material regions). They worked there for week or two for minimal wage, in order to gather some money for the cause, before the first mobilization in Chile was announced. Unit slowly started to progress in every way, but it was hard to help Chile because they actually weren't involved in any war. In times of v1, MPP's were very expensive, and entire country was pretty inactive. A very large percent of the country didn't press the fight button for months. As always, the start was shaky, but with time they progressed slowly but steadily. After the first Serbian recruitment, the golden age of the unit began. Unit had organized actions, which were published throughout battle reports. First real big action was the fight in danish RW in which the unit made around 35% of total damage. A video of the hit was taken, and brought interest of much more soldiers.

The "Archangels" unit

- After few months, they decided together that amateur avatar that Akasuna Itachi made wasn't good enough anymore, so they decided to create a new one. The unit got a new avatar, and a new name, Archangels. Unit continued to grow, stronger and stronger, but slowly Serbs of the unit began to take the upper hand. At one point, out of 50 members, just 11 were Chilean. With time, the unit became one of the elite and well known Serbian units, ranking as the 4th strongest unit in the country by the end of v1. Because of the Chilean situation with no wars or money to afford an MPP or any serious action, Akasuna started an initiative for unit members to gather gold for the attack on Bolivia, in which they would help Chile to win their first high Raw material region, but admin changes and the start of v2 (Rising) module stopped their plans. Little time before the start of the Rising module, due to lack of time to run the unit properly, Akasuna transferred the commander spot to Lukaz. In the period of v2, almost 60% of unit members left the game, and the rest was more or less just in 2 click mode. After the end of v2, some of the unit's old members, led by Gianfranco Zola revived the unit, but the original idea was gone, and the unit was far far less efficient than in its peak. After he saw those unit commanders have not just forgotten his original idea for this unit, but even fought against the country the unit was made to help, he permanently left the unit. Long after this, when he asked about it, he found out that the people he left his unit to, sold companies he made out of his own money, worth around Icon-gold.gif 190 GOLD, without even noticing, let alone consulting him.

The end of Chilean journey

After almost 5 months spent in Chile after the fall of the Archangels unit, although Itachi was officially a member of non existent "Chilean army" (ejercito de chile), his military activities were next to none. Chile didn't have any wars or MPP's, and as a 3-time congressman, he wasn't able to leave the country even if he wanted. And he didn't want to anyway. In his third period of activity as a congressman, he faced a serious problem. His eRepublik account remained logged in, and his friend, not knowing how long it takes to gather gold and resources, spent all his cash on tanking. He thought its a flash game where you can have money again tomorrow. But this ended up not to be the worst part. He also launched several law proposals without consulting other congress members, and the next day, Marko had what to see. A 2 month old player, Marras, sent him a ingame message that he is kicked out from Chilean community. When he saw what happened it got him pretty annoyed, because he wasn't previously consulted, and a lot of Congress members that voted "yes" for sanctions, said they would do otherwise if they knew the circumstances. Akasuna left Chile after that, and said not to come back.

The Panteri chapter

Citizen1734327 v3.jpg
- After a long period of 2clicking after his return to Serbia, Akasuna Itachi decided to find a new interest in the game, and join a military unit once again. From a wide range of options, he decided to accept the invitation of a friend he previously met, Slingshot. In panteri, a strong and well organized national army unit of Serbia, he found good people and new friends. After some time he joined the command of the unit. After 1 Chilean friend asked him if he could join his unit, the story of 5th battalion of Panthers began. Within 20 days, the battalion was 10 people strong, and led by Akasuna, under the command of the unit and Serbian MoD. The strong and well organized unit was one of the best ranking Serbian forces, and even now remains at that position. After 6 months in the unit, and 4 months in unit command, Akasuna left his position as a soldier and officer. He planed to do it around a month later, in order to pursue his final wish before he quits the game that he never did - finally create something for Chile that would help them after he is gone. Sadly, he left a bit earlier after a small misunderstanding with the unit leader, due to the temperamental personalities of both of them. He still remembers the panteri period as the best one of his Life.

Akasuna and politics

As a native Serbian, Akasuna Itachi, as a very large percent of his country, regards politics and political ways of Serbia as obnoxious. This aspect of the game always turned him down, and seeing how low some people may go in order to achieve some virtual power led him to two click few times. In order of this, he never was politically active, an active member of a party or a party soldier. The time he was a member of the party was when he was elected as a Congressman in Chile, and in March of 2011, when he went to the Congress elections. In Serbian political life then was a very very large prevalence of buying votes in Congress elections, so 55 votes he had, wasn't enough to join the Congress. Even though it wasn't enough to qualify for a Congress member, he considers 55 votes as a big success, and said he will try again one day.

In the position of Serbian Minister of Foreign Affairs

As he explained, politics are the part of this game that he really really hates. But after witnessing the incompetence of the former Serbian MoFA, who came on that position just on political bases, he decides to try to help his country. In May of 2011, he offered his services in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to UeS candidate at presidential elections, Kibla. Kibla was picked for CP in the end, and Akasuna ended up in MoFa team together with marko_al_89, and Lunatic2903. Sadly, after just 1 day as CP, Kibla mysteriously disappeared from the game, without notice or explanation. The hard business of leading the country fell on the shoulders of our female vice-president - Unihorn. She handled it very well, and in a few days, everything started to run smoothly. The team worked very efficiently and they tried to inform the people about what they are doing, as much as it was possible, unlike the previous Minister who published 3 articles in 2 months mandate. Until the end of the period, 8 articles were published in around 20 days. Akasuna Itachi was one of the 3 Serbian representatives on peace negotiations with their arch enemy - Croatia. They managed to end 2 year long war, and sign peace for 3 months period, which he considers a great success. Serbia and Croatia held each other down, while others prospered, and this peace let them both breathe a bit easier, and play a game other than just fighting each other endlessly. This decision heavily divided people between those who approved it, and those who openly doubted it. Now, 2 months after it, majority of people considers it the right call opposed to the day it was announced. His term ended 7 days earlier due to the Impeachment of an inactive president, but his period was rated as one of the best since Serbia came on the map. He was invited to be head MoFA by next 2 presidents, but due to various reasons, he couldn't.

The action logo

The "Ratna Sekira" action

The plot behind "Ratna Sekira"

In late v1, many people waited eRepublik Rising as a judgement day, decided to quit the game when the new module is introduced. Many people of the largely populated Serbia, felt unhappy because their big goal of v1 will end up unfulfilled - the deleting of Croatia. At the time, Serbia carried a big debt in gold, due to loans they took from allies for defense of the high iron region colony, and alliance fortress - originally Chinese region of Liaoning. The gov told the people that they can't afford that kind of action, but if they had gold, they surely would do it. Shortly after it, 2 Serbian players, Nox and Mudash, started an action called Ratna Sekira, or War Axe, in order to gather the money we needed. Just in a few hours, more than 1000 gold was gathered, and in a few days, more than 5000 gold. In the end, we succeeded in our goal, and for the first time yet, deleted our arch enemies - the Croats. Akasuna's action took an idea from this action, made months and months ago before his.

"Ratna Sekira II" - Free Texas action

Period of so-called v.3 wasn't that interesting for Serbs. Leading the same old wars for more than 2 years, many players got bored, and started looking for some new and interesting goals. One of them was a pretty crazy one - "liberating" North American region of Texas from the United States. As everyone might see on the map, Serbia isn't that close to North America, so the journey would be long, hard and most of all expensive. The action was created to make gold that would be used for the North American campaign. Gold was gathered by donations, and by a large Media Mogul action, in which more than 70 people got medals, and transferred the gold for the cause. In order to avoid any fraud attempts, Akasuna promised people he will get them their money back if the attack doesn't happen in the next 3 months. He wrote down every of more than 700 donations. In the end, more than Icon-gold.gif 1000 GOLD was gathered. 10 of the action articles had 10836 votes and 2864 comments in total, with average 1086 votes and 286 comments on average. In the end, the action didn't succeed, and all the gold was returned. The gold that people made in MM action, was given out to people in 3 large donation actions, where more than 3000 guns given out.


Imperio Unit

Even during the time he spent in panteri, Akasuna had in mind an idea of creating a strong and powerful unit on the basis of the fifth brigade of the panteri. A Chilean unit that will be run by Chileans, and unaffected by anyone's personal goals. During the few months they spent together in the fifth brigade, him and other members, the Chilean soldiers, grew to be close friends, more than just unit comrades. They helped each other out both in game, and tried to help each other with Real Life problems, as much as they could. This was the idea of the unit, to be unlike any other, not a place of just organized fighting, but a place of close friendly bonds and brotherhood, where the good atmosphere will make half of the whole thing. The unit was officially declared to start at 05.07.2011., but a few days after it, Akasuna decided to leave the game because of very serious and big Real Life problems. He left a message to his friends, that he hopes that they will try to continue his idea, and make it real even if he isn't there. After some time, when he came back, he saw that his friends are trying to organize themselves, that they didn't give up on the idea, and are working hard on it. He came back to it, to help them, because with time they truly became friends.

Citizen Medals

Icon achievement Freedom Fighter off.gif
Freedom Fighter (x0)
Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif
Hard Worker (x37)
Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif
Congress Member (x4)
Icon achievement Country President off.gif
Country President (x0)
Icon achievement Media Mogul on.gif
Media Mogul (x5)
Icon achievement Battle Hero on.gif
Battle Hero (x16)
Icon achievement Sky Hero off.gif
Sky Hero (x0)
Icon achievement Campaign Hero on.gif
Campaign Hero (x1)
Icon achievement Resistance Hero on.gif
Resistance Hero (x2)
Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif
Super Soldier (x115)
Icon achievement Society Builder on.gif
Society Builder (x1)
Icon achievement Mercenary on.gif
Mercenary (x1)
Icon achievement Top Fighter off.gif
Top Fighter (x0)
Icon achievement Top Aviator off.gif
Top Aviator (x0)
Icon achievement True Patriot on.gif
True Patriot (x20)
Icon achievement Prestige Hunter off.gif
Prestige Hunter (x0)

Akasuna is most proud of his 5 times Media Mogul medals, that he earned during 20 months period. His ultimate goal was to possess at least one of every medal. Apart from having one of each kind, Akasuna's goals include 10x Media Mogul medal, 24x Hard Worker Medal, and, the most unlikely to achieve, 100x Battle Hero medal. Unfortunately, he didn't manage to fulfil his plan.

Who is Akasuna in RL?

In RL, he is a young guy, a big fan of Anime series, Smirnoff vodka, good Serbian music, and local football club FK Napredak from his city of Krusevac. In his priority list, his cigarettes come before food, and are one of the things he can't live without. He was always available at rizon channel, #akasuna.itachi, or unit chat, #imperio.


Images Akasuna Itachi used as avatars.