Education in Ireland

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Ireland was one of the first countries to introduce an education system. The University of Ireland harnesses knowledgeable people to share their experience and information with new, and old, residents of Ireland. The University's aims are too walk experienced new players through the more advanced mechanisms of the game, provide any educational material Ireland requires and hold classes to education anyone who needs some guidance.

The first Irish Minister of Education started on November the 1st, 2008 after the Universal Education Act (Proposed by Theus Jackus) was passed.

The following lists the classes and professors:

  • Career Guidance - Not filled
  • Ambassador courses - Not filled
  • Business Management - Not filled
  • Military Strategy - Not filled
  • Political Science - Not filled

The University has a specific system for new players - Players who have passed through the Ministry of New Citizens will then be put under the care of a Career Guidance mentor. This mentor will act as the players own personal information bot, providing knowledge about every aspect of the game and eIreland but at a basic level. Once the mentor is confident the player has enough know-how of the game and eIreland, the more detailed courses (Ambassador courses, Business Management) will be made available to the player should they wish to further their education.