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Nationality Flag-Norway.jpg Norwegian
National rank 64
Date of birth Jan 02, 2008 - Day 43
Residence Trondelag
Svalbard & Jan Mayen
Sex male
Congress member of Norway
25 Sept 2010 – 24 Oct 2010
Served under freke
25 Oct 2010 – 25 Nov 2010
Served under Tommy Skaue
Party president of Partiet
16 March 2014 – 16 June 2014
Preceded by taulen
Succeeded by Ulfric Thormenta
Military rank Icon rank Colonel**.png Colonel**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

efjeldse is an old inhabitant of Norway, born early in the beta. He is located in Flag-Norway.jpg Norway.

In his teens he was quite active in politics as well as a strong businessman. Then, he was more or less inactive for a couple of years, doing other things, before returning early fall 2010.


He started NorTravel in January 2008 and was the first to sell tickets on the Norwegian marketplace. All his eRepublikan life he's been acting as manager/owner of his own company, and therefore never worked as a normal employee until his return. After returning in September 2010, he created the organization NorHolding to administer and run the company and considering future investments.


Early years

In politics he served as the second mayor of Trondelag region in 2008 where he among other things convinced the then government of Norway to place the country's second hospital in Trondelag. In national politics he acted as a congressman for four straight periods. This was at a time when eRepublik V1 was opened, the famous war-module became available and just before the famous Norwegian Gold Scandal took place.

End of 2010

After his comeback in September 2010 he was elected as a member of the congress on behalf of the only Norwegian political party Norsk Samling. These days he lives a secluded life without politics, but he is expected to return to top politics after a while.


Efjeldse become a member of Partiet where he got elected several times as party president.


He is not a highly ranked and decorated war hero. His main focus in the New World is politics and economics but he fought some battles during the Norway-Finland conflict when the war-module were still fresh. However, efjeldse has strong political interest in Norway's (defensive) force, and want to contribute in strengthening the force, especially for national defense, but also to care for the Allies' interests. He was a member of Det Norske Forsvaret.