Eire Aonair

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Éire Aonair

Party-Eire Aonair.png
General Information
Country Flag-Ireland.jpg Ireland
Abbreviation EA
National rank 1
Colors Green, Orange, Black
Founded March 17, 2011
President Flaco Jimenez
Vice President King Trito Fisher
Secretary General Uljanov
Councillor Technician
Spokesman Padraic
Members 22
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Orientation Far-Right
Ideology Libertarian

Eire Aonair is a political party of Ireland. It was founded on March 17th 2011.

This party is centred around individual freedom, value politics, but also a sovereign country.


Eire Aonair communicates using in-game resources (articles, group private messages & live feed).


Since March 2016, the Eire Aonair Charter has replaced the former constitution on the initiative of party president Martinho69 and his cabinet. The charter limits the PP's powers and mentions the member's responsibilities within the party.

Link to the charter: click here


Eire Aonair's principle political values are outlined in their constitution. Additional political stances are decided democratically by the members of the party through a process of proposal and voting. Stances can also be reversed, replaced, or amended through a voting process outlined in section one of each stance. These stances are not partisan commitments, but represent the interests that should be protected by the party's leader in representing the members.

Northern Ireland

In May of 2011 Eire Aonair passed its official stance on the territory of Northern Ireland in eRepublik. [1] The stance outlines that Northern Ireland is legitimately an original territory of the UK where Ireland is defined as the Republic of Ireland rather than the island. This conclusion is drawn in response to ideas of a United Ireland that come from real life history. The stance goes on to say that despite this conclusion, Northern Ireland is still a natural target for Ireland's military since the other two of Ireland's neighbours are historical in-game allies, and Northern Ireland is a border region with Ireland. This stance supports a strategic view of Northern Ireland rather than a fanatical one.

Democratic Practices

In September of 2011 a new official stance was passed by Eire Aonair outlining the democratic expectations of the party for Ireland. [2] The document supports a discrimination free democracy where loyal citizens are encouraged to vote without being under duress or authoritative instruction. It also makes comments on the ideals of logical debate rather than rhetoric or pure propaganda. In addition, the conditions of party support are outlined stating that, "(the) official political support of Eire Aonair for a political candidate does not represent a guaranteed vote from all of the party's members."

External Candidates

In August of 2013 a new policy was enacted in order to provide political opportunities to members of political parties which are not in the top five. Within this document would-be candidates with Eire Aonair who are loyal and active to alternative eIrish political parties are described as "external candidates". Under this policy the discretion of Eire Aonair's leadership is required in determining which external candidates are suitable to participate in this new policy. The reasoning behind this stance, which was voted into effect by the members of Eire Aonair, is to lend a voice to political minorities who would otherwise be unable to find representation in Dail, in the same way that Eire Aonair benefitted from the good will of many top 5 political parties when it was such a minority. It was determined that such a policy was necessary because of the complications presented by the new congress election system, where political parties are voted for rather than candidates. In an effort to take into account the effects of this change the following rules are instated with regard to external candidates:

1. A maximum of two external candidates may be permitted willful priority by the party president of Eire Aonair. 2. No external candidate shall be appointed by the party president a top five spot above any proven member of Eire Aonair.

Within the bounds of these rules the priority of external candidates will be determined in the same way as all other candidates, through the rankings provided by Eire Aonair's leadership board (party president, vice president, secretary general, councillor, and spokesman).


Eire Aonair has been home to many players of various real life and in game backgrounds ranging from anarcho-capitalists to socialists. Dominantly Eire Aonair's members communicate in english and endorse an Irish cultural foundation.



Eire Aonair's name and symbol (the raven) were inspired by the influences of Eire Aontaithe and its founder Wandering Rian. Eire Aonair was founded on March 17, 2011 by Ian E Coleman. This was after the complete wipe of eIreland in December 2010 that had removed all of eIreland's previous political parties - an event that forced the nation to start over from scratch. Three months after this event, the political scene of eIreland was saturated with new political parties. The high saturation of eIreland's political scene explains the slow growth of the party and much of the continued difficulties that would be faced in the future.

Eire Aonair was founded as a freethinking semi-partisan party - a party driven by principles rather than political ideology that would look for the best ideas from every corner of the political scene. The party would encourage free speech, constructive debate, and smart gameplay. As shown by Eire Aonair's constitution, strong emphasis was placed on the welfare of gamers, encouraging a healthy and supportive community and a balance between gaming and real life.