Ejercito Rojo Argentino

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Ejercito Rojo Argentino

General Information
Country Flag-Argentina.jpg Argentina
Abbreviation ERA
National rank 7
Forum ejercitorojo.
Colors Red, Yellow
Founded End of 2011
President Jorgedpp11
Members 33
Congress Occupancy 0/40 seats, 0%
Orientation Far-Left
Ideology Libertarian

Ejercito Rojo Argentino is one of the top 10 parties in Icon-Argentina.png Argentina. The party is connected with the military unit with the same name - EJERCITO ROJO ARGENTINO.


Founded by elabuelo at the end of the year 2011.


The Ejercito Rojo Argentino has the mission of being the aid to new citizens. Using delivery systems and educational assistance to them.

Party presidents

Following is the list of known party presidents:

Party president Mandate Start Mandate End Major achievement
superjuani2005 May 15th 2010 July 15th 2012
foxetinboy Aug 15th 2012 Sept 15th 2012
imbacktoo Oct 15th 2012 Nov 15th 2012
elabuelo Nov 15th Dec 15th 2012
Carppo Dec 15th 2012 Jan 15th 2013
denuevo Jan 15th 2013 Feb 15th 2013
elabuelo Feb 15th 2013 Mar 15th 2013
elabuelo Mar 15th 2013 Apr 15th 2013
prole04 Apr 15th 2013 May 15th 2013
imbacktoo May 15th 2013 Jun 15th 2013
prole04 June 15th 2013 July 15th 2013
denuevo July 15th 2013 Aug 15th 2013
Carppo Aug 15th 2013 Sep 15th 2013
Carppo Sep 15th 2013 Oct 15th 2013
denuevo Oct 15th 2013 Nov 15th 2013
denuevo Nov 15th 2013 Dec 15th 2013
H U E S O O Dec 15th 2013 Jan 15th 2014
Ayrton Schmidt July 15th 2019 August 15 2019
Azarashh April 15th 2020 May 15th 2020
Ernesto Guevara 1 May 15th 2020 Jun 15th 2020 Winner of the elections to the country's president, Creator of ERA Plans.
corsarioargentino Jun 15th 2020 July 15th 2020
tfatomi7 July 15th 2020 August 15th 2020
tfatomi7 August 15th 2020 Sep 15th 2020 Creation of the ERA Monetary Fund (FMERA).
Jorgedpp11 Sep 15 th 2020 Present