Eldarion's Occupation of Cuba

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Eldarion's Occupation of Cuba nicknamed the Erdoganist coup by it's enemies was a military coup on Cuba that took place from day 2856 until it's overthrow by Cuban revolutionaries on day 2892.

The Coup

At the time the coup happened Cuba was an easy target with little population and few allies. Many Turkish citizens led by mercenary Eldarion Sionnodel started migrating in Cuba and formed a military unit called People's Army of Cuba joined by many non-Cuban Turkish mercenaries. The military coup started in the evening of day 2856 and it caught the Cuban army by surprise, easily overwhelming it and taking control of the country.

Cuba under Occupation

After the successful takeover of the country the Dictator publicly introduced himself and his followers as a group of communists that live in Turkey, called their coup The Revolution and claimed that their purpose was to establish socialism in Cuba and they asked Cuban citizens to form a committee that will check that their claims are true. These claims received heavy criticizing by the Cuban people that openly disapproved of the dictatorship and the leftist image it adopted not only because of their non-democratic ways but also due to their elitism and bad organising/managing of the country. There were many attempts to rebuild the relationship of the citizens and the dictatorship, by running projects to strengthen players, giving away free CUP e.t.c but were all rejected by the Cuban people. During the dictatorship Cuba became a member of the Banana Alliance.

Soon the country was invaded and wiped out by Argentina, with the full support of local Cuban militias that fought against Cuba to prevent the dictatorship from forming a government.

PTO attempts

At the internal elections of the Cuban parties on day 2888. The Dictatorship attempted to take over a number of parties. When they first arrived at Cuba the Eldarionistas became members of Partido Communista de Cuba trying to strengthen their communist image. However the strong core of active anti-dictatorship citizens forced them to leave the party and pursue another political base. They attempted to take over the local Anarchist party Anarchy in the Carribean and narrowly lost 7-6. In the end they occupied a small inactive party and renamed it to Revolutionary Socialist Party.

Rebellion and Overthrow

During the whole time the Cuban guerrillas kept hoarding money and organising themselves for the rebellion that would overthrow the dictatorship. Argentina helpfully liberated Las Villas, the capital region of the country and the Cuban republican forces launched a revolt to recapture the country on day 2892. The local militias managed to overcome People's Army of Cuba and restored democracy back to the country.


After the end of the dictatorship, Cuba was once again broke. The Banco Central De Cuba had to ask publicly for donations to help rebalance the country's economy. On the positive side, Cuban people who were once enemies and political rivals worked together to bring down the Dictatorship forgetting their personal, cultural and political differences. The Coup also partially helped solve Cuba's low population problem by bringing in their supporters in the country. Many Cuban people stated that the People's Army of Cuba are welcome to stay to work and fight for the country, while others still view them with mistrust. It is notable that the dictatorship was somewhat more moderate than the previous dictatorship as Eldarion did not extremely raise the work tax as his predecessor did, although he threatened to do it.