Emergency Law (Cuba)

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The following is the Emergency Law of Icon-Cuba.png Cuba.

Chapter I

Emergency Law

1. The State has an obligation to maintain a reserve fund (or Emergency Fund) to be used only in emergencies as provided in Chapter II of the law.

2. The Emergency Fund will not be less than the cost of a liberation from dictatorship, plus Flag-Cuba.jpg 50,000 CUP.

3. The Government may decide during its mandate if the Emergency Fund will be higher, but can not decide that the fund will be less than that stipulated in Article 2

3.1 The Government may increase the Emergency Fund up to 7 days before the next presidential elections.

3.2 The Government may increase the Emergency Fund if it has the following requirements: Earnings for the period are higher than the proposed increase; account in the coffers have the new minimum total cost plus 4 MPPs; and gets the support of 50% + 1 of the Congress.

3.3 The Government can not increase the Emergency Fund for over 10k during the month of his term.

3.4 The Emergency Fund may not be increased if it reaches the total value of 4 liberation of dictatorship costs.

4. The Government may lower the minimum Emergency Fund if it has the support of three quarters of congress, but can never be less than that stipulated in art. 2

5. The Government shall suspend or cut any social aid plan, and may not sign more than 3 MPPs while the coffers are lower than that stipulated in Article 2

Chapter II

State of Emergency

6. An Emergency can be determined if:

6.1 There is a threat to national security that can be demonstrated.

6.2 To determine an emergency, Congress propose the need to activate and it will be with the support of 66% of congressmen when approved. In the event that for various reasons there are no congress, a committee will be formed with the party presidents of the top 5 parties and top 5 military unit Commanders. Committee may approve the emergency with 66% of the votes.

6.3 The Commission will exclude those who are not Cuban citizens and those who do not have the citizenship or were born less than 3 months ago, taking the following parties and MU's to complete the Commission with 10 people.

6.4 If the CP has no responsibility for the emergency, he/she will be part of the Committee

Chapter III

On the use of the Emergency Fund

7 Emergency Funds will be stored in the organization Banco Central de Cuba or other official organizations.

8. With the State of Emergency, the Congress, or if there were no Congress, the Emergency Committee, will decide the best to use the Emergency Fund.

9. If external coup automatically and immediately the fund will be available after the creation of the Emergency Committee.

10. The Emergency Committee may decide in an express vote of 24 hours or if it reaches agreements cessation or commencement of the use of funds.

11. The Government in conjunction with the Emergency Committee will determine when the end of the state of emergency.

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