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Nationality Flag-USA.png American
Date of birth February 11, 2008
Date of death 2011
Residence Karnataka, Pakistan
Sex male
Faith Dioism
Married to Dio Brando, Rhane, Crista22
Newspaper All Out Attack.sr
Party president of Libertarian Party
June 11, 2008 – July 10, 2008
Preceded by Diarmuid Trelsman
Succeeded by Immunogenic
Party president of Libertarian Party
December 16, 2008 – January 10, 2009
Preceded by Time
Succeeded by Publius
Party president of Orange Party
January 26th, 2009 – February 25th, 2009
Succeeded by Geno Garon
Secretary of State of USA
September 1, 2008 – January 6th, 2009
Preceded by Desertfalcon
Succeeded by Publius
Secretary of State of USA
July 6, 2009 – August 5, 2009
Preceded by Harrison Richardson
Succeeded by LexLuthor1
President of USA
August 6, 2009 – September 12, 2009
Preceded by Harrison Richardson
Succeeded by Gaius Julius
April 6, 2011 – June 12, 2011
Preceded by Glove
Succeeded by Glove
Military rank Icon rank World Class Force***.png World Class Force***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman
Emerick is great

—America, July 2009

Emerick was a prominent American citizen who lived for over two years.

During his time, he was a popular writer, a statesman, a senator, a president, and finally, a legend. As a writer, he interviewed the movers and shakers in the early era of eRepublik- people such as Nave Saikiliah and Alucard Bloodlust. As a statesman, he oversaw the early days of ATLANTIS and the entirety of Operation: French Toast. As a senator, he was a respected member of the community who advocated a more streamlined and less bureaucratic government. As president, he led the charge against PEACE GC's invasion of the United States in the Great War of 2009. And as a legend, he saved America's souls by being the driving force behind bringing Dioism to America.[1]


This is Emerick's biography. It's a collection of first-person anecdotes and third-person encyclopedic information. Read it or don't.

Early Life

When he was born, Emerick suffered from birth defects due to his mother's rampant alcoholism. For the entire month of February, he was kept in an incubator until he was deemed healthy enough to leave the hospital.

His first act in the world was to vote for Nave Saikiliah of the then Libertarian Party for president.

Looking for something to do

Emerick found a job in weapons with Guns'n Stuff, which later went on to become America's first Q3, then Q4, and then Q5 weapons company. Making $1 a day, he felt like he was a sweatshop worker. He complained to his manager, who, more often than not, gave him the cold shoulder.... so he started looking for other ways to make money.

Emerick's First Journalism Gig and Other Collaborations

Temping at US News and Classifieds

It was around that time when US News and Classifieds was at its peak. Emerick got entry-level experience as a journalist by submitting a story about the Canadian user, Banach, titled First International News Source? He was paid $1.

International News Agency

Emerick was cast in the role of the American Journalist for International News Agency. INA was supposed to be a collaboration of several journalists from different countries who would contribute news from their home and surrounding countries to each other by sharing their articles and information; and then they would publish each other's articles and information in their respective countries. The concept was the brainchild of then Australian president, zaney. Besides zaney, Titu Maiorescu, king of apples, and Emerick were active on the off-site forum and signed up for the job. After a few weeks of debating the name of the collaboration, exactly how it would work, its logo, and other start-up issues, it looked like the INA would finally begin to put its gears into motion and get off the ground.

All this time, Emerick had been putting together an interview with the then-president of the USA, Nave Saikiliah for the other members. However, presidential aspirations and other political issues of two of the bigger names in the agency caused them to withdraw from the project and, eventually, only Emerick was still holding the name. Not wanting to give up his newspaper and a good interview with his president, Emerick published the article under the INA name. Excited with his achievement, Emerick eventually renamed the newspaper International Press and continued looking for material.

By the time Emerick became president and changed his paper, International Press had over 800 subscribers and was ranked among the nation's top 15 most subscribed.


In August of 2008, Skinny Bones Jones created another journalist's collaboration named InterPol, International Politics. Also part of this endeavor were Dishmcds, IP Lockard, and Belea2008. In InterPol, Emerick finally played a part in a substantial collaboration with other energetic journalists. Emerick contributed several articles to the group:

Mediterranean Alliance, Death and Rebirth;

Canadians Participate in War; and

Africans Revolting.

He was a bit disappointed that Dichmcds's and IP Lockard's, both from the United Kingdom, only contributions were economic arguments, however Skinny Bones Jones, in Canada, made a good effort. Belea2008, for his part, published InterPol articles in South Africa.

This project pushed out eleven issues in two months time. It ended around the time that v1 came out, as every member became busier in their countries' governments.

That time Nave gave me 2 gold

This one time, I was bored, so I decided to see who was online. Nave was on, and so I decided to screw around with him. Now, when I say screw around, I don't mean maliciously...I just mean talk to, in a jocular fashion, perhaps. So I pm'd him. I told him how miserable it was that I'd never had gold before, and I was tired of seeing 0.00 next to that little pile of gold on that sea green header we have, and I asked if he'd give me some. I didn't expect anything. Maybe a semicolon pee as a response, but I didn't think that he'd actually give me money. But he did. I was ecstatic. Really. I didn't know what to do. I was still a young kid, and this guy just dumped 2 gold pieces onto my lap for nothing. I ran to the monetary market, glanced at the RER, which had the price of gold at $22, and posted. It was sold in about a minute. I thought that was weird, so I wasn't surprised when Nave told me that the actual price of gold was $50. I would've face desk'd if the gold wasn't completely free.


Working for the US Unemployment Office

Back in the early days, Dishmcds was still putting together his dream of a bureaucratic government. Every week or so, he'd write an article looking for ambassadors or new public servants. Young and eager Emerick contacted Dishmcds for a chance to sink his hands further into the game. Dish set him up with a job in the newly formed US Unemployment Office. Emerick's job, with King Waseem, was to send a welcome message to new citizens, give them the lay of the land, and set them up with a job if they needed help (in beta, citizens had to post their application, and it was up to General managers to hire them, as opposed to in v1, when the operation was reversed). Emerick set up a standardized message with all the important things he felt new citizens needed such as:

  • who the current president was
  • any major events happening
  • how to find a good employer
  • how to buy food
  • where to go to for further advice

Emerick took the job to heart, because, being born with a birth defect, he understood the importance of support.

He held this job from February until July of 2008. King Waseem left the US for Japan in May. He later started the Japanese Unemployment Office before becoming president.

It could be said that this agency was the inspiration for the New citizen message, introduced in v1, and the US's Mentor Program, which operated under the Department of Education.

Diarmuid Trelsman: A Worthy Opponent

In mid-March, Moriet held a contest (fun game: see Benn's 3rd comment, and compare that with what actually happened), where participants were to send him money, the winner being the person who sends the most. The prize was ambiguous, and only 3 people participated- Nave being the winner, donating 9.99 USD. That was mildly humorous, but the real fun was the next day when he announced the winner. Nave had won and received 10.13 USD. Immediately, he announced that the person who posted the most comments in that article would win his prize money. And it was on. Nearly tens of poor Americans poured into the article, grabbing at the cash. Emerick took a commanding lead with 3 comments. Soon after, however, Dishmcds posted 10 comments. Sure enough, Emerick noticed that Dish was after his money, and took the lead again. However, there was a man- no, a boy, who coveted what Emerick wanted. Diarmuid Trelsman. He decided to post there and try to win Emerick's 10USD. But Emerick would not be beaten. He posted over and over, in rapid succession, never letting up. But Diarmuid did not give. Emerick, determined to win his money, went so far as to let his spaghetti go cold in the microwave during his battle with his feline opponent. This was his determination. The battle raged on for hours until Emerick devised a clever rouse. He pretended to go AFK for a few hours, and let Dia wear himself out. Eventually, the striped kitty stopped posting and went home. And then Emerick lept into the article again. With a ferocity never before seen in posting on eRepublik, Emerick posted for minutes and minutes, and then came back the next day and posted for several more minutes. In the end, Diarmuid was stunned and bewildered, and Emerick was declared the winner. The people cheered, and Emerick received his prize.

Also, Belea2008 was there.[3]

The CanAm War

Emerick with a moustauche

During the CanAm War, Emerick was still a lowly journalist with little influence on governmental policy or public opinion. However, as a regular in the nation's flashchat room, he quickly became a central part of the war.

Early in the war, Vos found out that a user could use hospitals more than once. Using this glitch, Emerick slaughtered many Canadians, making his friends like him more and his parents more proud of him; it also put him on speaking terms with girls. Use of this glitch was only a rumor in the media until an American named Uncle John announced to the world that some Americans were using the glitch.[4]

Soon enough, America had conquered many Canadian regions, and the famous Canadian shitfest ensued. What happened next is rarely spoken of, and when it is, it is spoken of as legendary. The Canadians, so enraged with their defeat, began a massive spamming campaign in the US media. Our hero, Emerick, recalls a native Canadian-owned newspaper named the American Minutely, which promised to post a new article every minute with new and exciting ways to cheat(this, in response to the Americans using the using the hospital glitch). The owner kept this up for a surprisingly long time.

At one point in the war, Emerick wrote a long-winded speech to the Canadians, telling them to stop taking the war so seriously. They did not comply.

Libertarian Party President

After the war, in June of 2008, Emerick decided to break into politics. His party, named the Liberty Party at the time, had stagnated after Saikiliah left the helm. Emerick decided to make it his goal to revitalize the party. When Emerick won the seat, he tried to reach the party members. In press releases, Emerick asked the party members their opinions on important issues in the party, such as the party’s name and ideals. He received absolutely no response, so he did what he wanted to. He changed the party’s name back to Libertarian, and attempted to align the party with real life Libertarian ideals. During his tenure as party president, he made a few political allies in the party who assisted him in forming a coherent set of ideals and presented them to the party members. His work was received with minimal fanfare.

Also important during his presidency, Emerick started a Congressional Questionnaire, where party members who wished to serve in Congress would have to answer a set of questions which would then be published for the voters to peruse through, and learn about the candidates’ ideals, strengths, and general competency of game mechanics. Now, during beta, congressional candidates weren’t voted on by the public; instead, they were appointed by the president after the presidential race, based on their appointed ranking within the party. Congressional makeup was decided during the presidential election when voters would vote for a party that they felt would do well in Congress. From there, 40 of the top party members were put into congress, as decided by the party’s percentage of the vote. Using this system, Emerick would ask for party members to rank the congressional candidates, and he would take their input into consideration when appointing congressmen.

After a month as party president, Emerick was voted out of the seat in favor of Immunogenic, who later went on to become president of the country the next month. Emerick feels that it’s important to note that Immunogenic was voted on mostly by followers of his from Cybernations or Cybercitizens or something, so it’s not as if he lost because he was unpopular or something, he was just overtaken by immigrants. It happens all the time.

Emerick the Mercenary

After Emerick was relieved from his political position, he decided to use his newfound freedom to fight abroad. He joined America’s mobile military force, which would later be renamed to the Marines in August of 2008, when BuzzyTheCat was Secretary of Defense. He was soon deployed to Sweden to fight against Germany in the Second Sweden-Germany War. He also doubled as a mercenary along with Benn Dover(whose connections made it possible) and Uncle Sam. Emerick was paid by Turkey to fight against Greece in the First Balkan War. Emerick also fought alongside Alucard Bloodlust in this war. The Turks paid handsomely, and Emerick did not hesitate to skim some gold off from them, because he did not care for the Turks in the least. In fact, he was pro-Greek, but it was generally accepted that Greece stood no chance, even by the Greeks, who planned to politically takeover Turkey after their military loss, which they did successfully. This PTO was also the first time that Onrche would get banned for multiaccounts.

Unfortunately, Emerick’s CO in the military decided that fighting in another war on the side was a faux pas, and decided to dishonorably discharge him. On the positive side, though, Emerick ranked up to a Colonel while fighting as a mercenary, so it all evened out, really. This was the last time that Emerick really played a mercenary. After this war, Emerick did form a small mercenary group, which he named SEES. It existed and fought in wars up to and including the ATLANTIS invasion of France, but disbanded afterwards, as most mercenaries did when v1 came out.

Secretary of State Emerick

When Immunogenic was elected president in September 2008, he initially offered Emerick the position of Vice President, which Emerick turned down, because he didn’t feel like doing all the work involved in that position. When asked which position he’d prefer, Emerick asked to be appointed as Secretary of State. As Secretary of State, Emerick was the main liaison between ATLANTIS and the US. In the ATLANTIS headquarters, Emerick’s opinions often differed with most others’. For example, when Iran and Turkey, two countries who were set apart in PEACE GC, asked to join, Emerick thought that it would be a good idea. He thought that it would create fractures in PEACE, specifically, between the factions of the goons+/v/akistanis against the more traditional countries that were not completely filled with people from internet forums that are famous for trolling. He also thought that it would spark war in the Middle East, far away from the main Atlantis countries, which would allow them to test PEACE’s power safely. Everyone else, except Franco disagreed.

Emerick was also Secretary of State during Operation: French Toast. He did nothing of any major significance during that time, and stepped down at the end of President Dover's term.

Time in Japan

After the war in France, in January of 2009, Emerick moved to Japan for a short while, because he was tired of dealing with ineffective people in the United States and ATLANTIS. He decided to meet his friend GLaDOS in Japan(Nippon or 日本 in Japanese), and not too long afterwards, Emerick's American friend, Geno Garon followed suit.

While in 日本, Emerick met great people such as Akki, Tohru, and Oraizan; all of whom eventually rose to such great power in Japan that they became unstoppable, until North Korea refugees joined politics in Japan after Russia conquered Corea during World War 3.

Accompanied by his friend Geno Garon, Emerick created the Orange Party, which was, in his opinion, the answer to his political woes in the United States. Emerick believes that American politicians were too boring and serious, they worked harder for their own party than they did for the glory of the country, and they were infringing on citizens' rights. Emerick would continue to hold strong onto two out of three of these ideals when he would later create SEES, an American Authoritarian party.

Emerick worked hard to create the Orange Party, but he soon grew homesick for the hustle-and-bustle of a large country, and moved back to America when Uncle Sam attacked Mexico.

Skip a Few

Now, we'll skip ahead about a few months, completely disregarding a large chunk of Emerick's life.

First Presidential Run

One of Emerick's three campaign slogans
The second of Emerick's campaign slogans
Emerick's third and final campaign slogan

When Emerick first ran for president in July 2009, he released a series of three articles that laid out his plans and ideals. The first of the three was announcing his candidature. In this article, he laid out a few past accomplishments and his basic ideals. To show that he was going to be a different kind of president, Emerick adopted the slogan Making America New Again.

His second article was named Not tl;dr - brought to you by the Emerick for America campaign, and was in a list-like format, to attract voters with ADD. In it, Emerick used the slogan Quality Über Alles, to show his feelings that his policy was to create programs and policies that would make everything about the US the highest quality - including the wiki, its education system, and how it deals with its allies and enemies.

Emerick's third article was a short comment to his detractors who felt that an Emerickan presidency would bring little activity to the military. Yeah, there will be a military was his third campaign slogan, and was made such to be a bite at opponents of his who believed that his opponent, Harrison Richardson, would increase American's military power, but Emerick would not.

As an icing on the cake, Emerick posted an article in which citizens may ask him any question that they wish, and he would answer it. Ask anything, he named it.

Emerick's role in the Richardson Administration

After this campaign, Emerick lost the election to Harrison Richardson, the USWP candidate. Richardson invited Emerick to be Secretary of State in his administration, which Emerick accepted. Emerick's first concern was the US's perception that the UK was pushing them away, and the supposition that the UK would be joining PEACE GC soon. In an effort to combat the ill feelings between the US and UK, Emerick wrote an open letter to the UK.[5] It received raves from American citizens, but the British, for the most part, were unresponsive to the article. These responses were merely further evidence to the United States that they had to prepare for an invasion, as they had received intelligence from all around the world that a major invasion was coming.[6]

Soon, the Great War of 2009 began. Emerick's role as Secretary of State put him in many important meetings with allies and enemies. First, Emerick helped the US and Canada coordinate with EDEN when they were offered help. Later in the war, Emerick participated in peace talks with PEACE GC; the same peace talks that would later lead to a treaty, which the United States Congress agreed to sign[7]

The Emerickan Presidency

The Cabinet

The Emerick Cabinet
Office Name Term
President Emerick August 6, 2009–September 5, 2009
Vice president PigInZen August 6, 2009–September 5, 2009
Secretary of State LexLuther1 August 6, 2009–August 15, 2009
Gaius Julius August 16, 2009–September 5, 2009
Secretary of Treasury One Eye August 6, 2009–September 5, 2009
Secretary of Defense Battle Kitten August 6, 2009–September 5, 2009
Secretary of Citizen Affairs Jasper Ferguson August 6, 2009–September 5, 2009
Economic Council Chairman Jewitt August 6, 2009–September 5, 2009
Welcoming Committee Director ligtreb August 6, 2009–September 5, 2009
Meals on Wheels Director SirEkim August 6, 2009–September 5, 2009
White House Press Secretary mjdiv August 6, 2009–September 5, 2009
Director of Ambassadorial Affairs Wade Seagrave August 6, 2009–September 5, 2009
Secretary of Education Bill Brasky August 6, 2009–September 5, 2009
Chief of staff Gaius Julius August 6, 2009–September 5, 2009
Chairman of the
Joint Chiefs of Staff
Eugene Harlot August 6, 2009–September 5, 2009

On August 6, 2009, Emerick was elected president, beating Harrison Richardson and Joshua Hoss by receiving 40.62% of America's vote. He did little campaigning due to being extremely busy his role as Secretary of State during the war. President Richardson and he agreed not to put much effort into their campaigns, and to instead focus their serious energy on more important executive efforts. Emerick did attend one debate hosted by the Federalist Party and write one article that was later deleted by mods because he referred to Candidate Hoss as an "idiot" in it. Emerick does not regret speaking his true opinions about his uncouth opponent.

Emerick in his P4 suit and a mustache

After his inaugural address, Emerick publicly released his cabinet in his article, Say hello to your government. He chose PigInZen as his vice president in order to give the young upstart some executive experience. Emerick's cabinet mostly consisted of people who had experience in their respective positions, as he did not want to experiment with newfags during what could prove to be a fatal war.

Organizing America

It was clear to Emerick that, in order to win the war and protect America from future invasions, there needed to be a system in place to herd new players into helpful organizations, such as the military. Therefore, he expanded the United States Mentor Program, and asked BillBrasky, who was running it, to begin by contacting every player under level 14. The program would continue to work by contacting each new player every day and give them helpful tips and direct them towards other programs and people who would help them. Unfortunately, Mr Brasky failed to produce any results, and later stole the spreadsheet for the organization. This put a few roadblocks in the way of progress.


Manufacturing Land Construction Strength
Icon skill manufacturing.gif 13.95 Icon skill land.gif 4.76 Icon skill construction.gif 0.5 Icon skill strength.gif 26.358


Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif
Hard Worker (x19)
Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif
Congress Member (x8)
Icon achievement Country President on.gif
Country President (x4)
Icon achievement Media Mogul on.gif
Media Mogul (x5)
Icon achievement Battle Hero on.gif
Battle Hero (x10)
Icon achievement Resistance Hero on.gif
Resistance Hero (x2)
Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif
Super Soldier (x63)
Icon achievement Society Builder on.gif
Society Builder (x9)
Icon achievement True Patriot on.gif
True Patriot (x12)
Icon achievement Party President on.gif
Party President* (x1)


The Ghost of Emerick times.

"My persona possessed the body of a young Indonesian girl, and the Indonesian femininity mixed with my Persona created a character that gave a shit about nothing" ~Emerick, resurrected.

The Ghost of Emerick times covers May '10 to December '10.

Emerick Interview Day 1183*

TMZ: Who is/was the most influential person in eUS history?

That's probably not possible to answer, for several reasons. Since it's a game and we don't take care of our history like we do irl, we can't really say that one person who was great in their prime was the most influential, since newfags most likely won't care. Also, the US is so divided right now that people who some revere are completely hated by another bloc of Americans. So while a year old milfag will say that Harlot is, without question, the most influential ever, a politifag in USWP might say scrabman, or even, I shudder to imagine, Fionia or Halifag. Some say me, I might say Nave or Dish. Who knows. Everyone has someone that they look up to and emulate.~Emerick

TMZ: What do you consider your greatest achievement in this game? Krems emulates me to a T, and he turned out alright, so I could say him.~Emerick

Emerick the Poet

Deepsorrowresignation.png eRep Day 1772


  1. President Woxan's announcement that America was accepting Dioism: Goodnight, Sweet Prince
  2. Emerick wrote this right here in the summer of 2008.
  3. See for yourself here
  4. Uncle John's newspaper article, Attention: All Americans, Canadians, and All Citizens of eRepublik
  5. Located in his newspaper, titled sup UK
  6. President Richardson wrote about the PEACE invasion before it happened in his paper
  7. President Emerick's newspaper announcement of the event: A Peace Treaty: To Whom it May Concern
Government offices
Preceded by
Harrison Richardson
13th President of the United States of America
August 6, 2009 - September 12, 2009
Succeeded by
Gaius Julius