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General History

The topic of instating an Emperor of Japan is the topic of much discussion within the Japanese community. Discussions have always been mired with concerns of being undemocratic or being a position for a select group.

In the past, individual citizens such as Bolgash, HIZUMI, and Tohru have all been nominated for such a position, but every time the subject was democratically approached, the motion was voted down.

Due to Japan's inability to select an Emperor, HIZUMI declared the position to be held by himself, although he claimed no political or military power along with the title. Severe disapproval of his actions, along with HIZUMI's opposition in Korea occupation, caused HIZUMI to leave Japan and seek asylum in Greece.

In retaliation, during a "midnight appointment" on April 13, Akki personally appointed Oraizan, who until then was a staunch anti-imperialist, Empress of Japan. Oraizan claimed to be the rightful Empress of Japan, while HIZUMI claimed to be the Emperor of Democratic Imperial Japan, a Japanese state in exile formed in Greece. Shortly thereafter, HIZUMI vanished and the idea of an Emperor faded from memory.

A new debate on an official constitution for Japan started in early August 2009 which, among many things, included a position of Emperor. Ultimately, a vote passed 23-7 for this proposal on the first of September.

Last known Emperor of Japan is Kokawayoshi Makoto.

Empress Day

On the night of April 13, 2009, a group of Congress and non-congress member of Japan decided to have a joke on Japan and HIZUMI, as the emperor talk was becoming absurd and foolish. Since many people did not have very happy thought about the new formation of HIZUMI's fictional empire, which had no connection with the actual government of eJapan, a little joke were planned out in the small group in the eJapan IRC to appoint someone HIZUMI disagreed with the most, for the emperor/empress position of Japan for 24 hours just for the joke. It was originally planned for a small confusion for a little laugh, but with some other major event and paranoia added with HIZUMI's action to try to gain the International attention, not only did it evolve it into crisis, but a confusing day filled with conflict, drama, and rash decisions. Of course this event was just trial for the actual Emperor/empress situation, it turned out worse than most had envisioned and lead to eventual chaos. This day is known to many as "Pull Prank on HIZUMI" Day, Empress Day, Oraizan Day, etc. This was also Official birth of Otaku Monarchial Republic of Japan (OMR),[1] which fell 24 hours later.

Picture of Empress Oraizan, Empress of Japan.

The primary goal of "Empress Day" was to have a good laugh, and to create more activity within Japanese media as well as increase the forum attendance of General Japan. It was also another plan to try to pull HIZUMI into the idea of his own and watch him deny idea about Emperor to show that Emperor is not needed for eJapan. on the midnight appointment on the IRC, from the suggestion of the original idea, Oraizan was chosen from the group of players present within the IRC to act as the "Empress" for 24 hours. After some discussion on how it should be, undertook and discussion on the procedure that we will follow by. The okay was given by Akki, President of Japan who believed this would not cause too much commotion as the whole event and mass media spamming with ridiculous decree and posts will make this obvious that this was a joke. After finalizing another plan, the original first article was released within Japan media, proclaiming Oraizan as the official empress of Japan.[2] Soon, Oraizan posted and article within the media with a ridiculous new structure of the government and appointed a ridiculous position to others. [3] After some initial response from HIZUMI, many in the IRC decided to push it a little more, by also proclaiming Tohru as the Empress of Japanese controlled Korean regions.[4] Near the beginning, it was going well as it remained calm, and no one took the idea seriously, or considered much about it. Everyone within the IRC thought it was going to be good, and it will be one funny joke. However a Tragedy struck Japan on the Morning of April 14, 2009.

Picture of Empress Tohru, Empress of Japanese Korea.

In the Morning of April 14, 2009, a mass hysteria struck the nation of Japan as many confused citizens, rather well-known or respected, reacting to the situation to create large anti-Empress campaign; magnitude of commotion struck Japan as the confused citizens mass spammed, or reacted to the situation denouncing the action as well as criticizing the President for the foolish decision he had made to help support this 24 hour joke. Now because most of the population was unaware of this joke, many have reacted as this was true, and current democratic government were being overthrown by a group of pals from IRC. A brief talk of impeachment was brought up; President and people involved in the planning of the "Empress Day" showed up to explain the reasoning as well as the current condition of the "Joke" but it was no use for the citizens of Japan. In brief moment, Origineel.NL, Congressmen from TFC and the Secretary of State, resigned his post because he thought the joke was of bad taste and not fair towards Hizumi, and officially denounced Empress day. A few hours Later, Angrr, Congressmen from TFC and Popular Vice President of Japan as well as defeated Presidential candidate from the Presidential elections on April 5, announced his decision to resign from his current post, as well as to quit erepublik as whole. As the farewell "gift" to Japan, he funded and begun the resistance war on Japanese owned Korean region of Jeollabuk-do,[5] which further drove Japan into complete chaos.

Whether this Action by Angrr was good or not, it is very controversial. However, it did spike some unseen activity within Japan, and some citizens were happy about the free battles they were engaged in. Sadly the economy of Japan did suffer an overall sale of the market slowed and the monetary market took a slump. Also it did create a large amount of violence, confusion, and chaos within Japan that made whole Japan to be in some kind of civil war; those were side who thought Angrr has done well to Japan and helped Japan as a whole, while other side felt it was traitorous action by the Vice-President of Japan and was very rash action made at the worst possible timing. Another issue divided the country up as to the question of whether to release the region or to help secure it. The official statement of Japan was to secure and continue the Japanese possession of it, while Angrr, and some of the Japanese citizens fought to free the region. Both sides had great arguments for why it should be one way or another, which continue to make this very controversial topic. However, the stance of the Japanese government was clear; Japan will help secure the region and to fight against those trying to liberate them.[6]

The day ended with chaos, as Japan secured Jeollabuk-do, and Oraizan wrapped the day with the formal resignation from her office of the empress and full explanation of the reasoning behind it, and full detail of the original plan.[7] While this event at first were only started for the purpose of fun, with light hearted intentions, the mass hysteria, and actions of the experienced and non-experienced, as well as governmental or normal citizens reacted in the way it had happened. The Resistance War on the Korean Peninsula further caused Japan to fell in a deeper hole as it fed more confusion to already confused Japanese citizens. Although there were some success achieved by this day, it all ended with large quantities of drama, division and violence within the country.