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Enosi Dimokratikis Aristeras, (EDA) (translated Union of Democratic Left) is a Socialist-oriented, Democratic party, with firm positions and propositions. It is a PROGRESSIVE, CONTRIBUTIVE, FIGHTING, and UNITING party for the eLeft.

Basic Principles

EDA has no RL orientation, its goal is to become a movement and a coalition of the Left and Progressive forces inside the game, and is based on the following principles:

  • Democracy and the democratic procedure, therefore Popular Dominion and freedom of speech
  • National Independence of eGreece
  • Economic growth based on the interests of the workers and society
  • A eNation of Welfare for the people and the citizens
  • Cultural and educational growth
  • A society of equality, of chance and confrontation
  • The establishment of eGreece o a leading role in the international acts of peaceful coexistence of nations
  • A free, progressive and united state
a state that belongs to all eGreek citizens



Freedom of Speech and Dialogue

We stand for the irrevocable right of everybody in the free expression of ones's opinions on a Democratic context. EDA, whether agrees or disagrees with an opinion, is obliged to let it be heard democratically and keep dialogue on a level of exchange of opinion and arguments. We encourage and believe in Democracy, not censorship!

Helping new players

We commit to use the 90% of party budget to be used for advertising of new player guides, entrepreneur guides, military guides, Media Mogul Projects, and articles that help growth of new players, and ultimately our country.

Foreign Policy

International relations-Alliances

The continuance and enhancement of the international recognition of eGreece, as a Democratic and fair country, the founding of Alliances and collaboration with all the corresponding progressive forces, without, though, forgetting the ePast!

Personal opinion of party members that have, or will be heard, is strictly personal and are attributed to freedom of speech. We strongly decline the pursuit of nationalistic claims from neighboring countries, but from eGreece towards others as well. Our goal is an independent eGreece with relations of peace and mutual trust. Our enemy is anyone who tries to take our Independence (economical, territorial, etc) or progressive neighboring countries.

Internal Affairs


The structure, organisation and advancement of the National Army is based on a Socialist base of management and organisation of military units. The only thing we can suggest is the continuance and progressive expansion of size, always inside a general growth model.


Growth based on the interests of Workers and society. Encouragement of popular interest entrepreneurship and blocking of monopolies. Defense of the citizens in economic issues with the issuing of orders from the corresponding ministry (basic wage, prices, guides etc) and development of helping tools.


Establishment of a Ministry of "Technology" with the goal to create and manage and evolve scripts and tools for our co-players and the country administration, in order to achieve highest growth possible.

A constant request for establishment for Q5 Hospitals & DS in all eGreece regions, on a growth plan based on equality, decentralization and empowerment of Greek regions and borderlands.

Since eGreece, excluding Iron, has no other high resource output, the state can fund licenses and signing cooperation treaties (either with other countries or citizens) in order to import cheap raw materials (oil, diamonds, wood) for our companies, and in exchange for cheap Iron from eGreece.


Our concern is t provide every eGreek citizen the opportunity to contribute in the daily struggle of enhancing our society. A state with transparent actions, a state of equal opportunity and obligations.