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eRepublikan of the Month

Månadens eRepublikan (EN: eRepublikan of the Month) was a prize for Swedish citizens that was created by zzzingo in 2015. Every month, one active Swedish person would received a price, as a way to thank him/her for his/hers contributions to the community during the past month. Due to loss in interest, the prize was discontinued after September 2015.

In order to receive the prize someone would need to propose you and then the winner would be selected through a poll for all Swedish citizens. The prize consisted of a sum of money and of course, the honor.


January 2015: Oscar Andersson

February 2015: Intyala

March 2015: Ompalompa

April 2015: Thomas82karlsson

May 2015: Guran FULL RETARD Stenpatte

June 2015: Acreteq

July 2015: Dacer

August 2015: Radsoc

September 2015: Maze Putin Stalfitta and Jussi FULL RETARD Jernkuuk

The eRepublikan of the year

At the end of 2016, the prize was temporarily revived and awarded to a Swedish citizen who had made big contributions to the country during the past year.

Winners 2016

Thomas82karlsson and Lejonet who recently had created the military unit Swedish Air Force won the vote and received 7950 SEK each.

The result of the poll:

Thomas82karlsson & Lejonet - 15 votes

Slagter - 7 votes

Misho - 5 votes

A Larum - 5 votes

jontexd - 5 votes

jimcar - 4 votes

Chippen ante - 3 votes

Radsoc - 3 votes

Heiny - 3 votes

Cpt Snake Plissken - 1 votes

A special prize was also given to a Swedish player who had left the game during the year, as a way to thank him or her.

That poll was won by Maze Putin Stalfitta, who quit the game in late 2016.


The prizemoney has been collected through crowdfunding, from article endorsements and private donations.

Articles (In Swedish)

All articles can be found in zzzingo's newspaper:

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