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Erwin Kroener

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Nationality Flag-Austria.jpg Austrian
Date of birth June 26, 2008
Date of death 2011
Residence Tyrol, Austria
Sex Male
Newspaper Tyrolean Daily
Secretary of Information of Austria
August 2008 – October 2008
Served under mappina
Congressman of Austria
January 2009 – March 2009
Minister of Information of Austria
February 2009 – March 2009
Served under Chicco
Military unit Armed Forces of Austria
Military rank Icon rank Commander.png Commander
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Erwin Kroener is a citizen of Austria.

Political Career

Erwin Kroener´s political career started in the Austrian International Movement (AIM) in August 2008.

Secretary of Information

Under mappina, Erwin worked as the Secretary of Information. His responsibility was to build up the communication between citizens and the Departments of the Austrian government. After mappina retired from the presidential chair, Erwin decided to leave the political stage.

Congress seat

January 2009, Erwin had his political comeback. He joined the Austrian Liberal Party (ALP). There he met Chicco, 13th president of Austria. During the proximate election campaign he gained enough support from the voters. As a result, he became Congress Member in February 2009.

Serbian treasury looters

Novac.jpgEntire Treasury of Austria 15900ATS and 215 Gold "mistakenly" ended in the Serbian bank account.

When the Austrian treasury was looted by the leader of the Serbian community, Azoo Lazzo, with the intent of bankrolling the development of a future Serbian state.

Together with Hrvat, Q J Lincoln, Torgo, and Chicco, Erwin helped organizing the public opposition against Azoo Lazzo, recaptured the Nationalrat in the January 25th elections, and negotiated a settlement for the return of some of the embezzled assets.

Minister for Information

Because of his experience as a Secretary of Information under president mappina, Chicco appoint Erwin as the Minister of Information. After Serbians moved to their own country, Austria lost more than 50% of their citizens and Erwin´s major assignment was to recruit "Real Life Austrians" to eRepublik to stabilize the tarnished Austrian economy.

Austro-German Union

Chicco count as the creator of the Germany-Austria Union (also called Austro-German Union). As the Minister of Information, Erwin established contact to the German government to plan the transfer to the German nation. During the execution, Erwin stayed in the background. His assignment was to inform and prepare the Austrian population to the fusion.

Process to merge two countries ran into difficulties very soon.

  • Hungarians didn´t observe (the poorly worded) contract and instead deciding to keep Burgenland and refused to pass it to on the German troops.
  • Chicco lost the presidential election
  • Silent Bob, a Hungarian who had a support of Burgenland for Hungary became the new President of Austria,
  • Austria remained as a country but only with one region ->(Tyrol).

In the end, PEACE Members liberated all previous Austrian countries. The Germany-Austria Deal collapsed.

Leaving the fatherland

PEACE revoked the agreement with Austria and Germany by freeing all original Austrian territories, and re-establishing Austria as Metallon it's President.

When Italy (PEACE Member) expand into Tyrol, the Homeland of Erwin, Erwin escaped to Germany with some Austro-German sympathizers. Shortly after Germany got in conflict with Sweden (Third Sweden-Germany War) the most of the sympathizers took flight to Canada and tried to install an exile government.

Erwin stayed until December 2010 in Canada.


In December 2010 Erwin came home to Austria.

Military Career

Erwin was part of the Austro-German Forces in the Austria-PEACE Resistance War.
During Third Sweden-Germany War, Erwin fought with Chicco in the Bundeswehr against Swedish aggressors.


Erwin Kroener founded the Tyrol Holding Company [1]. He sold the Company right after he left Austria.


Owner of the "Tyrolean Daily" [2]

See also: History of Austria, Germany-Austria, Austria-PEACE Resistance War, Third Sweden-Germany War