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The essays of the Socialist Freedom Party were articles written in the "Freedom Writers" project. They are of varying levels of quality, but they illustrate how SFP members view their home country, international solidarity, and the role of political parties.

Published under Socialist Freedom Party Press

This first article published by the Press declares the party's existence and intent to the World.

Published in his own newspaper first, and republished under the Press, SFP's first Congressperson Robert Bayer expresses his view of legislation at the time.

The Bear Calvary in action and a call to arms.

Published by comrade HateBot, and further distributed by the SFP Press, this incendiary article underscores the differences between socialism and capitalism and the differences between their respective parties

An article by Alex Lorre defending the SFP communes and SFP ideals against inflammatory comments.

An article by former eGerman president Konrad Neumann in defense of communes.

Press release defending the SFP from right-wing rhetoric.

Press release looking at the stats between the SFP and the Top Five parties.

Works by Mark Valshannar

Originally published under The Wandering Eye

An essay on the problems political parties face and how the SFP addresses those problems well.

Valshannar expresses his opinion of the iNCi proving that a party president may disagree with their constituents but still remain strong in party solidarity.

Works by Teucer

Originally published under A Resolute Mind

Works by smily132

Originally published under The First Sun Child

Works by Phoenix Quinn

Originally published under Spectacular Times

Originally published under Socialist Freedom Press

PQ's Philosophical and Economic Manuscripts from The Second Millenium of the New World

Works by Jude Connors

Originally published under Jude's Journal

Works by Jack Cross

Originally published under The Emo Corner

Works by Alex Drex

Originally published under The Drex Chronicales

Works by Ricardo Flores Balagoon

Originally published under Liberation & Rupture