Esteban Delgado

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Nationality Flag-South Africa.jpg South African
Date of birth July 21, 2008
Date of death October 2010
Sex Male
President of Independent South African Republic
1 October 2008 – 30 October 2008
Preceded by Kintor
Congress member of South Africa
September 2008 – October 2008
Preceded by Bazti
Party president of Black Lion Front
August 2008 – October 2008
Succeeded by Deus Ex
Mayor of Limpopo
20 August 2008 – 20 September 2008
Preceded by Chris222
Military rank Icon rank Commander***.png Commander***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Esteban Delgado (July 21, 2008) was a Venezuelan-born citizen, politician, and rebel soldier of South Africa who moved to Cape Town, Western Cape in his teenage years to complete the "Jah Exodus." He moved to Polokwane, Limpopo after the Indonesia-South Africa War and served as Congress member, although he denounced his governmental position and was labeled "President of the Independent South African Republic" by his peers. Delgado was mayor of Polokwane. He is notable for his Rastafarian beliefs, libertarian socialist principles, pro-African unity and sovereignty, and strict anti-Zockyism. Delgado was the co-founder and two-time Party president of the, at the time, dominant Black Lion Front (BLF).


Venezuela and Antebellum South Africa

Esteban Delgado was born July 21st, 2008, in Guayana, Venezuela to Hendrickse Makobo and Jasmine Tauni. His father, Makobo, fled from South Africa in the 1980's during the apartheid and changed his name to Hendrickse Delgado. His mother, a Jamaican studying in Venezuela, met Makobo at university and married. She died three weeks after labor to complications although Esteban was born in good health.

Being of an English-speaking minority, Delgado often felt ostracized from the rest of the Spanish-speaking society, and was quickly led onto the path of socialism after witnessing firsthand the difficulties and hardships of life under capitalist pressure in the New World. He joined Bloque Obrero Venezolano (Venezuelan Worker's Bloc) by July 22nd following in his father's footsteps. However, within a few days of his existence he made arrangements to leave and to set up a housing company in South Africa with Englishmen Leif Archaix and Jizzie McGuire.

He arrived on July 24th to a country racked by high inflation and gross unemployment, and immediately wired Archaix, urging him to remain in the UK until he had raised enough GBP, gold and bought other useful items that would cost an extortionate amount in Africa.

Settling his accounts with various other friends, Delgado soon set his attentions to his company plan, and at the advice of a colleague from an old job in South America, abandoned masonry in favor of either food or weapons; for the time being he selected weaponry, sensing the urgent need for arms in SA as the war with Indonesia came closer to home. On this first day he made an important acquaintance - Deus Ex, fellow South African, socialist and future Black Lion. Deus Ex was also an ardent supporter of arms for the threatened country, and wrote his first two satirical pieces in his South African Onion with tacit support from Delgado and McGuire.

War and Occupation

On July 24th the (then) president, Bazti, gave funds to Collective Rifles in order to stimulate the arms market ahead of hostilities; this at once discouraged Delgado to create his company now that competition was assured. Setting aside commercial troubles in the midst of national crisis, Delgado -as an infantryman- then arrived in the Western Cape on 25th July as fighting escalated. During intense overnight fighting Delgado gave a good account of himself despite low strength and lack of weaponry, drawing in battle. The SA struggle, however, was in vain, and by July 26th four of the provinces were in Indonesians hands; the other five, including Pretoria, were threatened and quickly sued for peace. All captured states were taken permanently, and Delgado among the destitute and injured in the now-Indonesian city of Cape Town.

Although he soon found a job in gifts and, later, housing, in order to survive (he was paid 2 IDR per day), Delgado's political activism reared once more in The Cape Town Current, a political publication which no longer survives in the record. This was created in parallel to Ex's polemical South African Onion, which produced the infamous anti-'Japanese' mock-article. Delgado, targeted for his support of this piece, was fired from his workplace, and resolved with fellow captives Ex and McGuire to escape and create a food company in free South Africa. Although he received some aid, anger mounted against the captives and none of them managed to gain a moving ticket in order to emigrate. Despite entertaining the idea of suicide on July 26th, on July 28th he drew up his infamous suicide pact, which included Archaix, McGuire (who became seriously ill with hunger) and Deus Ex. However, by the 29th this had fallen through, and by the 1st August both Delgado and the latter had raised enough money to move, settling in Polokwane and Mmabatho respectively.

Back in South Africa

Since repatriation, Delgado has been a vocal and high-profile political commentator, positioning himself on the firm left of the political spectrum. He is noted for his vigorous support of worker-owned cooperatives - particularly his own, Pax Africana Cooperative - disdain for governmental control of industry and hatred of interfering foreign powers, particularly Zocky's Croatian-dominated Proud Africa (PA) party. His articles for Jah Exodus frequently raise more than a score of comments and critical attacks, usually by members of the African Socialist Party (ASP), or more recently, the PA. On August 10th, 2008, he gained the leadership of the Socialist Party of eSouth Africa in South Africa, renaming it the Black Lion Front (BLF). The following day his party won two of the five Mayoral seats, Delgado personally capturing Polokwane and his close friend Deus Ex winning Mmabatho.

His main occupation was the overseeing of Bong Belly, the Q2 food company owned by the Pax Africana Cooperative that had become moderately successful and which dominated the food industry with low affordable prices and high wages.

Political History

By late August it was expected that the BLF would dominate elections; it secured endorsement from center-right party Democrats of South Africa (DSA) (under party leader Rufushonestly). However, soon afterward Delgado himself endorsed Free African candidate Kintor, shortly after announcing South African Independence League (SAIL) to the world, a collaboration between the BLF and FA. Nonetheless, he called for BLF congressional votes. While never making peace with the African Socialist Party (ASP) - at whom many Jah Exodus articles were aggressively addressed - he acknowledged the greater threat of the Croatian minority seeking political power through the PA, and fought against this vigorously until and after the elections.

The BLF was sidelined into sixth place on August 31 when over fifty multi-accounts joined other top parties, doubling and even tripling them in size. However, former president Hull and Kintor were among those FA members that helped their allies by joining them, helping the BLF into fifth place for a short while during the election. The BLF secured three votes, or 1.45%. FA gained 5.8% and ASP gained 15.94%. The Croatian PA, whether with the tacit support of the leadership or not, was voted for by most of the multis, which Zocky then reported to the admin (after they had voted for him). The PA, with a membership not much more than FA on August 30th, gained a massive 23.19%, and their leader became president.

Delgado among many others among his party (and a multitude of others across the political spectrum) accused PA of cheating. The PA leadership admitted to gathering Croatians together in order to mass vote their minority into power, a tactic not in itself illegal, but undemocratic. The BLF are currently considering all options available to them, while the new Croatian administration denies wrongdoing.

Jah Exodus

Jah Exodus is Delgado's personal newspaper, which has produced twelve articles (as of September 4th), listed below.

The writing style of these pieces have altered slightly over the month of August, from the heartfelt, optimistic declarations (Exodus) to concrete manifestos (Party Changes) to embittered polemics (Disrespect). Delgado frequently addresses topics head-on, causing controversy to whom his inventive is addressed. His pro-Africanism has chiefly been the subject of ridicule by those who dismiss him as a 'xenophobe', a label he vigorously denies being of Venezuelan origin. His economic theories, supported in part by respected economist Hireshmont Vellos, have been met with skepticism, approval and anger - particularly by noted capitalist Tomislav - as have his salients against price lowering by others, such as Blatko's food company, the owner of which accused him of hypocrisy. Delgado regularly receives support from Leif Archaix, Vellos and Deus Ex.

  • "Exodus From Babylon To Zion" (Aug 3) - an emotional editorial about the downfall of South Africa.
  • "Delgado For SPSA" (Aug 9) - article promoting his candidacy for the SPSA (later BLF) leadership, which he then won.
  • "Black Lion Front" (Aug 15) - article proclaiming the SPSA name change to BLF.
  • "The Sovereignty of South Africa" (Aug 16) - article explaining Delgado's pro-African stance.
  • "Life's Alright" (Aug 21) - article favorably contrasting the new SA economy to the old.
  • "Even Better" (Aug 22) - an update expanding on the above.
  • "Party Changes" (Aug 25) -an update on the BLF manifesto.
  • "An Explanation of The Black Lion Front Economic Theory" (Aug 25) - a description of libertarian socialist economic principles.
  • "And Who Is Ruining Our Progress?" (Aug 27) - a call to end price lowering.
  • "Disrespect To Our Self-Determination" (Aug 27) - an anti-ASP and anti-communist polemic.
  • "Transcript of BLF-ASP Meeting" (Aug 28) - a release of the IRC discussion between the two parties.
  • "Lotto Limpopo" (Sept 3) - an announcement regarding a fundraising lottery.
  • "Proclamation Of South African Sovereignty" (Sept 7) - a declaration of independence from Zockyist dictatorship and the establishment of the Independent South African Republic.
  • "BLF Forum" (Sept 11) - a link to the new Black Lion Front forum.
  • "Croats To South Africans: You Will Fall" (Sept 17) - article exposing a controversial article deleted.
  • "South African Independence League Local Candidates" (Sept 19) - announcement of the SAIL candidates for local elections.
  • "The Money That Belongs To South Africans" (Sept 21) - announcement explaining what happened to the 6000 ZAR stolen by the Croatians and recovered by the South Africans as well as defusing both Zockyist and Indonesian libel and slander.


One Love.

Delgado's most attributed quote, signed at the end of every Jah Exodus article

It is Armagideon time breddas and sistas.

Esteban Delgado, Exodus From Babylon To Zion

It belongs to the South African people represented by a South African government... but there is no latter and the former are being suppressed because of it.

Esteban Delgado, In a message to Bazti

A true revolutionary loves his people more than he hates his oppressor.

This is why we ask for help and guidance, not takeovers and violence.

You have no right to enter our nation and criticize Jah people and our government. If you do find a problem with South Africa, the land of Zion, kindly turn back around and head off to Babylon where you came from.

We have not time for politricksters and their politricks.