Etheodoria Vulpine

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Etheodoria Vulpine

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Nationality Flag-Serbia.jpg Serbian
Date of birth January 1, 2009 (Day 439)
Date of death 2010
Residence Vojvodina
Sex Female
Ambassador of Australia
Military rank Icon Field Marshal.jpg V1 Field Marshal
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Etheodoria Vulpine was a citizen of Australia, the socialite of the Australian IRC Channel. She later become citizen of Serbia.

Etheodoria was known for her snide personality which was often supported by her intimidation tactics.


Etheodoria Vulpine, born on Day 439 of the New World.


Etheodoria Vulpine has received 14 Hard Worker medals. Etheodoria Vulpine usually works with privately-owned businesses and does not intend to stay for long.


Etheodoria Vulpine was not a member of a political party, as she was cool like that. She was also a member of the Australian Military Party. She pesduo-PTOed the Awesome Party and started the short-lived Australian Zombie Party for one term. The party was given to CrowdedHouse who created the even shorter-lived Green and Gold Party. It was then renamed to the New Ideas Party.

Etheodoria Vulpine has also spent time dismembering PTOed parties, one of which was the Liberal Party of Australia which was PTO'd by Pizza The Hut.

In the November 2009 Prime Minister elections, Etheodoria Vulpine ran for Prime Minister under the Australian Zombie Party. She received 31 votes (5.02%) and came in 4th.


Etheodoria Vulpine was a member of Australian Army Reserves, served as the AAR Marshal, and later she was a member of ANZAC BG, where she served as Quarter Master General.


Etheodoria Vulpine run a newspaper called EV REPENTZ. This newspaper gave insightful, but often rude comments about members of the public within Australia. There were small segments of "The Antic Newswagon" the original idea of the newspaper. The newspaper spreads mostly Propaganda.

Etheodoria Vulpine is usually regarded to be a "Baby Killer" after a series of events of her 'culling' off new players.


During the PTO of Australia:

 History repeats itself, even in eRepublik. 
 [Congratulations Australia], We've successfully screwed the pooch. 


Because they're fun.

  • "Etheodoria" is not even a real name it originates from two names, Theodoria and Etheodore.
  • Before she was an Ambassador, Etheodoria Vulpine called herself a 'eComedian'.
  • Her newspaper's name, "EV REPENTZ", comes from the 2nd most used word by her; Repent.