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Nationality Flag-Portugal.jpg Portuguese
National rank 1
Date of birth 12 December 2007
Residence Icon-Serbia.png Liaoning
Sex Male
Military rank Icon rank Field Marshal.png Field Marshal
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman


Euphonix was born in 12 December 2007. He was originally born in Portugal and it's currently living in that same country. Euphonix is a very active user and has helped Portugal in diverse situations. He is part of the "Elite" in Portugal. Euphonix is known for being a "tank".

Euphonix is a very experienced player of eRepublik. He had one of the most sucessful food's company in Portugal in beta phase alongside with Judazs and Tostex. Later on he was one of the managers of PENICO's (in which only highly experienced managers could be recruited).

He is also an experienced politician since he worked closely with the President of Portugal for several mandates. Although Euphonix has a good experience of politics he already refused to be the President of Portugal. He said prefers being a soldier and he calls himself a technician rather than a politician[1].


Euphonix is a very powerful soldier and tank. He has participated in more than 4000 fights, dealt more than 1700000 damage and has a strength of 46.17. He currently has the highest rank possible which is Field Marshal.

At the moment he is one of the most powerful tanks in PEACE and the most powerful of Portugal. Euphonix started his military career in the attack to Campeche from Spain[2]. From the players available at the time, he was the one with higher strength. In that battle he became a General.


Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif 1x Hard Worker
Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif 2x Congress Member
Icon achievement Media Mogul on.gif 1x Media Mogul

Icon achievement Battle Hero on.gif 24x Battle Hero
Icon achievement Resistance Hero on.gif 1x Resistance Hero
Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif 5x Super Soldier

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