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This page has been saved as historical information.

Organization accounts as private accounts owned by Citizens doesn't exist any more, but the article was left to see how did organizations look like.

Eurasian Holdings
Logo of Eurasian Holdings
Owners Flag-UK.jpg Jack Harris
Flag-Indonesia.jpg Vinners
Flag-UK.jpg srachit
Flag-North Korea.jpg malta_1990
Country Flag-United Kingdom.jpg United Kingdom
Headquarters London
Subsidiaries Flag-UK.jpg Banana
Flag-UK.jpg Bargain
Flag-Indonesia.jpg Overseas
Flag-Bolivia.jpg WMI
Founded 24th June 2009
Founders Flag-Indonesia.jpg Vinners
Flag-UK.jpg srachit
Flag-North Korea.jpg malta_1990
Industries Raw materials
Products Food
Services Banking
Colours Blue, Yellow

Eurasian Holdings (Indonesian: Indo-Eropa Kelompok Perusahaan, Spanish: Explotaciones de Eurasia, Korean: 유라시아 홀딩스) was an organization based in UK made by 4 eRepublik friends with an UK background. These 4 friends; Jack Harris, Vinners, Srachit and Malta_1990 have also taken stewardship of the conglomerate. The total value of Eurasian Holdings was over Icon - Gold.gif 1000 GOLD. All the 4 partners had an equal say but the profits were divided according to their capital invested. Eurasian Holdings employed 40 UK citizens and 53 citizens world wide, with organisations and companies in the Icon-UK.png UK, Icon-Greece.png Greece, Icon-USA.png USA, Icon-Spain.png Spain, Icon-Indonesia.png Indonesia, Icon-Bolivia.png Bolivia and Icon-Argentina.png Argentina.


Eurasian Holdings was born on Wednesday 24th June 2009. It was a dream of Srachit and he spoke about it with Vinners and then they both got Malta_1990 to join and within an hour Eurasian Holdings was born. On 25th June 2009, Jack Harris, owner of Banana Corporations joined Eurasian Holdings helping send the value of the organization to more then 1000 gold.

Subsidiary Organisations


This is the list of all companies previously owned by Eurasian Holdings.

Logo Name Industry Quality Level Location Employees Licenses
Eurasian food.jpg Eurasian Cuisine Icon - Food.jpg Food 4stars.gif Icon-UK.png London 10 Icon-UK.png Icon-Germany.png Icon-USA.png
Eurasian wood.jpg Banana Wood USA Icon - Wood.jpg Wood 3stars.gif Icon-USA.png Pennsylvania 10 Icon-USA.png Icon-Iran.png Icon-Croatia.png
Eurasian wheat.jpg Eurasian Wheat Icon - Grain.png Grain 4stars.gif Icon-UK.png London 9 Icon-UK.png Icon-Sweden.png Icon-Hungary.png
Eurasian rifles.jpg Eurasian Rifles Icon - Weapon.jpg Weapon 4stars.gif Icon-UK.png London 10 Icon-UK.png Icon-Israel.png