Eyes and Ears of the Shah

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Eyes and Ears of the Shah
Government of Iran

"Knowledge is power"

General Information
Country IranIran
Headquarters Tehran
Abbreviation EES
Established January 2008
Closed March 2008
Budget Unknown
Part of Government of Iran
Type Intelligency Agency
Leader Aryamehr
Deputy Unknown

Eyes and Ears of the Shah, even called "Eyes and Ears of the Emperor", "Shah's Eyes and Ears" or "Eyes and Ears", was the domestic security and intelligence service of Iran from January to March (2008). It was the first intelligence service created in the New World and later it became famous as the "unseen shield". Headquarters of the agency was located in Tehran, Iran.


Eyes and Ears of the Shah was founded in January by Aryamehr. It was founded after the numerous threats from the neighboring countries of Iran and the unstable world at that time in order to protect the country. The overall purpose of it was to protect and safeguard Iran.

In a interview with a Persian newspaper, once asked why he decided to create the intelligence agency, Aryamehr answered:

 Protecting and holding Iran independent requires us to be one step ahead of our enemy at all times. 


The motto of the agency was: "Knowledge is power", from a Persian proverb.


The known operations of EES included: counter-espionage, counter-terrorism, safeguarding state security and the Iranian system of constitutional monarchy, surveillance, intelligence gathering and processing along with many more.


The organization of the agency is yet to today a secret, however it is known that the agency was divided into several sections.