Ezequiel Lavezzi

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Ezequiel Lavezzi

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Nationality Flag-Italy.jpg Italian
Date of birth 26 August 2008
Date of death 2010
Residence Dobrogea
Sex Male
Newspaper La fabbrica delle idee
Congress member of Italy
Party president of Aquila et Gladius
January 2009 – February 2009
Military rank Icon rank Major***.png Major***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Ezequiel Lavezzi was a citizen of Italy. He was born on 26th August 2008 in Naples.


He was a member of Aquila et Gladius, an Italian far-right party. He was also regional secretary of the party from September 2008. He was an Italian Congressman from September 2008 to December 2008.

On December 2008 was elected vice-minister of Welfare. On December 2008 he became Lieutenant of Divisione Folgore, an elite division of Italian Army.

On January 2009 was elected vice president of Italy under Colinar government but after two days the president was impeached by Congress without any reason.

On December 2008 he became commander of 1st Italian Army (Folgore Division).

On January 2009 he was elected congressman for the fifth time and became president of the biggest Italian political party named Aquila et Gladius.

He was elected on February 2009 Aquila et Gladius Party president


Ezequiel is the Press Director of La fabbrica delle idee.


Centro Elaborazione Dati.jpg
On October 24th 2008 became the general manager of Centro Elaborazione Dati organization.

Ezequiel was also the owner of two companies:

  • Pizzeria Regina Margherita (food Q3)
  • NapoliMania (gift q2)


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