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Dead citizen.png
Dead citizen

Nationality Flag-Bosnia and Herzegovina.jpg Bosnian
Date of birth 11 august 2008
Date of death Year 2012 (est)
Residence Spain
Sex male
Congressman of Andalucia
25 November 2008 – 25 December 2008
Preceded by Torla
Succeeded by Alfonso
Congressman of Madrid
25 January 2009 – 25 February 2009
Preceded by Pavka
Succeeded by Kenderr
Party president of Ciudadanos y Democracia
15 February 2009 – 15 March 2009
Preceded by alvoske
Succeeded by Deve
Military rank Icon rank Lt Colonel*.png Lt Colonel*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman


Known by intimates as ezo and more broadly as the "Polyglot Goat", ezodervi was born on a hot August '08 afternoon on the eRepublik universe.

He took off in the Spanish society after a series of articles on the international situation in his newspaper "The Chained Goat", later known as La cabra encadenada, which were very well received, both nationally and internationally.

His journalistic activity focused later on economic issues, analysing the various trends and presenting interesting alternatives.


He developed his political facet in CyD, becoming elected with an awesome 67% of the vote as a congressman from Andalucia, on 25 November '08.

Previously, he participated in the last mayoralty of Madrid under the leadership of Raulov as responsible for the international development area, with, among others, the proposed twinning of cities, that due to the disappearance of the municipal could not be done.

The victory of the PRDE in the presidential elections of December, when, for a few days, he was nominated Minister of Foreign Affairs without even knowing it, the beginning of the "French Toast" operation, which he opposed from the first day and the later collapse of the Cyberber government made him ran away from politics, signing out from his lifetime party, CyD.

Nevertheless, his support for CyD did not decline, especially in the fight for the Vinuesa take-over in December or in January '09 presidential elections, supporting the candidate and friend Alvoske by all means at reach. But, without the famous multi book, they lost the elections which could have made his comeback to the political forefront, with a cabinet of great relevance.

In mid-January, answering again to the call from his friend Alvoske, he rejoins the party ranks and presents himself as vice president of the party in the candidacy of the latter, winning comfortably.

He also applied in late January for the Congress for Madrid, which he also won with a scant margin of 3 votes.

On February 10, after losing the elections with the presidential candidacy of alvoske, and after the Anonimux gate, he becomes a member of the government, becoming alvoske president. A few days later, after the wave of bans that felt on Spain, he is appointed Minister of Public Administration.

Meanwhile, on February 15, he wins the party presidency after having tied in the in-forum election with Deve, who was his vice president.

Following the announcement by the admins of the future creation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, is actively involved in collecting funds to establish the first structures of power.

He holds the position of the minister until March 13, when he presents his resignation, which was already planned, due to emigration to the newly created Bosnia and Herzegovina, where he settled on 16 March, having completed his term as party president the previous day.

After 3 months of low profile political activity, he finally signed out of CyD (forum) after the party TO of Goldfinger[1].

Nationalist tensions in Bosnia and the global war brings him back to Spain, where he participates in the political life without party affiliation.

Public Administration Minister again in the government of Mixalberto, he contains the disarray following the occupation of the country in summer '09. The anthology struggles to maintain public institutions from the beach, stealing Wi-Fis, were an example of selfless dedication.

After the occupation, he completely ignores politics, except sporadic nomination as Public Administration Minister, which fail to materialize.


On October 17, with the newly established V1, he creates with his daughters Dervis Corporation intended to bring together their businesses. As majority shareholder (40%), he was nominated CEO, holding reins of the corporation, with a clear expansion vocation. His first venture is "eCacao", a grain company. Quickly, with the help of friends and loans from the Spanish Central Bank, he upgrades to Q2 (30/11) and later Q3 (5/12). Maintaining a policy of merit recognition, he pays market wages, with continuous updates.

The corporation acquired a food company. Renamed "Chocolate Factory", it upgrades Q2 with the help of state subsidies, and Q3 on February 2 through public credit. Also, on January 30, he acquires a Q1 ticket company calling it "Locomotion".

With the weapons crisis caused by the wars of early March eCacao closes its doors, thus releasing staff to work in mines. On the contrary, peace reigning in late March is exploited to invest in arms, with the acquisition of "Pump action" on March 25, thus completing the group's industrial spectrum.

After two months passed, eCacao was sold on May 17 to Initiativas C16.

The reforms were undertaken in Spain in May, with a widespread drop in import taxes, also forced the closure of Chocolate Factory.

The profit made is then fruitfully used investing in Canada with the purchase and subsequent promotion of "Cedar wood". His friendship with eleuceaese gives you the opportunity to manage the legendary M.I.S. Mansiones Embrujadas, which it renamed "Dream House" for a few months.

The July '09 World War offers entrepreneurial inspiration, as he takes advantage of the favourable situation upgrading Pump Action to Q3, renaming it "Metralleta" and acquires a Q1 weapon company in the UK, which he renamed "Pump action". The company quickly acquired a license for the Spanish market and sells all its products only in this market.

The Fall of British Columbia at the hands of PEACE, the region that was home to Cedar wood, causes the closure of the company, same as the embargo against British goods forced the closure of the recently acquired Pump Action.

The Summer World War changes the economic landscape of the game. So investments are tailored to the conjecture in force, with investments in oil, "Petra Oil" and the revival of "Locomotion". After the black gold rush, he sells "Petra Oil" and the production is stopped in "Locomotion "with a stock of more than 500 tickets.

With philanthropic spirit, he gave "Cedar wood" to pablinho, "Metralleta" to alvoske, which raises it to Q4 and "Chocolate Factory" to Politicar (total book value exceeding Icon - Gold.gif 330 GOLD). But entrepreneurial inactivity was hard to bear and he acquires a Q2 weapons company, renamed "Metralleta" and quickly upgrades it to Q3, given that Q2 weapon market is not viable.

The great economic crisis of February '10 makes him build big stocks in "Pump Action"(revived recently in view of the planned UK conquest by EDEN) and "Metralleta". In the same line, iron consumption makes him buy a Q2 iron mine in Asturias, "Acero Iron".


On the military side, his refusal to use the decoder because of his legendary general culture makes him raise very slowly up the military ladder, although he is proud, to the sorrow of his friend and fellow Kanuto, of being the first member of the Spanish Foreign Legion, a fact confirmed by its founder, MRamon.

He is the author of the controversial proposal of establishing overseas military bases that did not receive enough support in Congress.

On January 10, he went on to defend Turkey in the holy land revolts, on the Turkish side. But his loyalty to the party called him back in a few days.

In late March, he is admitted into the legendary Spanish armed forces, for many, inexplicably. Probably cronyism.

Following daily participation in battles in Romania, he was promoted to general on May 10, early in the morning.

Since then, he travels all around the world and participates in as many battles he can, waiting to be promoted to field marshal.

On July 26, 2009, fighting from Spain with Q3 weapons, in the last daily fight, he was promoted to field marshal, coinciding with the achievement of his third super soldier medal.

In October, he enters the elite corps of EDEN, the EMC, on behalf of Bosnia.

His record is here [2]


Enjoying the gift of languages, he is a famous smuggler, an activity which together with the adviser, have earned him the friendship of many people around the world. When not in eRepublik, you can find in the Vendée Globe, at the controls of ezodervi, where Bolonia will NEVER come to get him.

The End, or a new beginning?

On the morning of 21 February 2010 (21 02 '10), he is the victim of nefarious phishing through the www-erepublik.com page. He and his two Orgs. He loses everything.

The usurper puts on sale his companies, and moves the Ors.

Dervis Corporation loses:

   Locomotion with 120 Q1 tickets and two licenses (estimated value : Icon - Gold.gif >90 GOLD)
   Metralletawith 320 Q3 weapons (estimated value: Icon - Gold.gif >190 GOLD)
   Acero Iron (estimated value: Icon - Gold.gif >40 GOLD)
   Money in the account: around Icon - Gold.gif 40 GOLD
       Total: Icon - Gold.gif >360 GOLD

inversiones ezo loses:

   Pump Action, with 1,400 Q1 weapons Q1 and 2 licenses (estimated value: Icon - Gold.gif >170 GOLD)
   Money in the account: around Icon - Gold.gif 20 GOLD
   Inventory: 4 Q1 tickets and 3 Q5 weapons
      Total: Icon - Gold.gif >190 GOLD

ezodervi loses Icon - Gold.gif >50 GOLD in his own accounts, and most importantly, the desire to continue playing.

       Total: Icon - Gold.gif >600 GOLD, or to the best offer of eRepublik, about Flag-European Union.jpg 260 €, accumulated in a year and a half.

What a frustrating end.

But this is not the end. The adventure continues.

On February 22, fighting by every means at his disposal to recover his account, suffer the insufferable. His primary Org Dervis Corporation is banned!

The admin corrected very fast, and the next day, recognizes the error and unbanned it.

   Your case has been reanalyzed by the appeal committee.
   It has been DECIDED that the current suspension needs to be removed.

Finally, ezodervi got his account back on February 26.