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FA Portuguesas.jpg

Military Unit Statal of Portugal

General Information
Country Flag-Portugal.jpg Portugal
Total Soldiers 328
Commanded by IDEIAS
2nd Commander John Bokinski
2nd Regiment Captain Granikus
3rd Regiment Captain brusco
4th Regiment Captain nunopeb1
6th Regiment Captain burglarone
7th Regiment Captain Robles
8th Regiment Captain DMBoss
10th Regiment Captain psx7
34th Regiment Captain pr3t3nd3rPT
35th Regiment Captain Foxmanpt
36th Regiment Captain nkrsystem
37th Regiment Captain wanted20
39th Regiment Captain Fiermont
40th Regiment Captain Major Alvega
41th Regiment Captain Afonsinho do Condado
42th Regiment Captain laranjo
43th Regiment Captain Elvimonte
44th Regiment Captain Hernani Miguel

F.A.Portuguesas, full name Portuguese Armed Forces (also known as F.A.P.)
or in Portuguese (Forças Armadas Portuguesas), is one of the largest and strongest Military Units in Portugal.

The F.A.Portuguesas have the title of Military Unity Statal of PORTUGAL, and were founded in Day 1,389 eRep

At the moment the F.A.Portuguesas link=https://wiki.erepublik.com/index.php/File:FA Portuguesas.jpg have the following chain of command:

1º Commander - IDEIAS

2º Commander - John Bokinski

Icon skill strength.gifTop 5 Strength

Country Name Strenght
Icon-Portugal.png Portugal wanted20 356,230
Icon-Portugal.png Portugal Hernani Miguel 345,304
Icon-Portugal.png Portugal IDEIAS 338,871
Icon-Portugal.png Portugal AlexGrande.PT 337,473
Icon-Portugal.png Portugal Alvaro Cunhal 336,767

Icon rank Legends.pngTop 5 Military rank

Country Name Military rank
Icon-Portugal.png Portugal IDEIAS Legends of Portugal: IDEIAS Battalion XX
Icon-Portugal.png Portugal AlexGrande.PT Legends of Portugal: IDEIAS Battalion XX
Icon-Portugal.png Portugal Vice Rei da India Legends of Portugal: IDEIAS Battalion VI
Icon-Portugal.png Portugal Alvaro Cunhal Legends of Portugal: IDEIAS Battalion V
Icon-Portugal.png Portugal brusco Legends of Portugal: F.A.Portuguesas Battalion III

Air chief marshal 5.pngTop 5 Aircraft rank

Country Name Aircraft rank
Icon-Portugal.png Portugal IDEIAS Air Commodore **
Icon-Portugal.png Portugal Alex.pedal Group Captain *
Icon-Portugal.png Portugal AlexGrande.PT Group Captain *
Icon-Portugal.png Portugal esteves3 Group Captain
Icon-Portugal.png Portugal scarzam Group Captain