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This military unit played an important role in creating military history, however today it is no longer active



Zhvillimi i lojtarëve të rinjë, është thelbi i një eShqiperije të fuqishme

General Information
Disbanded July 2012
Country Flag-Albania.jpg Albania


F.P.ZH or Fondacioni per Zhvillim (Eng: Foundation for Development) was the military unit dedicated to the young players of Albania. It was created in March 2012 to gather all the young Albanian players in one Military Unit. The aim was to help the new players in their development in the initial stages of the game. Every player could take supplies consisting of food, weapons and CC every day. Beside this, the unit had the duty to educate and teach new players the different aspects of the game.

This unit proved to be a success story for Albania and grew up to 800 members. Several baby booms were managed and helped successfully by F.P.ZH. After the changes in the military module and the creation of Divisions, F.P.ZH became the source of division 1 soldiers for Albania. Its organisation has helped Albania win almost every battle in division 1.


In July 2012 the Albanian government decided to reorganize the military of Albania. A call was made to all the Albanian players to come together in the state funded military units for a better organization which was not possible while being divided into 13 different military units. The response was positive and it was decided for the creation of 4 different MU, one corresponding to each division and named accordingly Albania D-1 to Albania D-4. In this sense F.P.ZH was transformed in Albania D-1 and it ceded to exist.

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