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Apa persyaratan secara teknis untuk bermain eRepublik?

eRepublik tersedia secara online dan tidak memerlukan download. Untuk mendapatkan manfaat penuh dari eRepublik semua yang Anda butuhkan adalah koneksi internet. Persyaratan minimum adalah: Netbook dengan 1.6GHz CPU, 1 GB RAM, Flash versi terbaru. Persyaratan yang direkomendasikan adalah: PC / Mac dengan 2.4GHz CPU, RAM 2 GB, Nvidia / ATI graphics, Flash versi terbaru.

Berapa banyak akun yang bisa saya buka?

Satu orang pengguna hanya boleh memiliki satu akun warga eRepublik.

Apa yang harus saya lakukan jika saya lupa kata sandi saya?

Pada halaman login, Anda akan menemukan link yang disebut "Lupa kata sandi". Klik dan Anda akan diarahkan ke bentuk di mana Anda harus mengisi alamat email Anda. Kami kemudian akan mengirimkan informasi lebih lanjut mengenai bagaimana mereset password anda melalui email.

Dapatkah saya mengubah username (nama warga) saya?

Anda dapat mengubah nama pengguna dengan pergi ke profil Anda, kemudian klik "edit profil" tombol. Di bagian bawah halaman Anda akan melihat "Ganti nama", dan di bawahnya Anda akan melihat nama pengguna saat ini. Perubahan pertama Anda username akan dikenakan biaya Icon-gold.gif 5 Emas, untuk perubahan selanjutnya akan dikenai biaya Icon-gold.gif 50 Emas. kamu dapat mengganti username setiap 3 bukan sekali.

Bagaimana saya bisa menggunakan gambar saya sendiri di profil saya?

Untuk bisa memiliki akses ke profile anda, Anda harus login terlebih dahulu. Pergi ke profil anda dan klik 'Edit profil'. Di sini Anda akan dapat memilih foto Anda dan meng-upload ke situs.

Banyak pengguna melaporkan bahwa setelah mereka meng-upload avatar baru mereka, foto tidak muncul. Anda tidak perlu untuk terus meng-upload foto yang sama berulang-ulang. Ini adalah bug biasa dan dengan sedikit waktu dan kesabaran, Anda akan dapat melihat foto Anda.

Mengapa gambar baru yang saya upload tidak muncul?

Terkadang browser kamu menyimpan cache versi lama anda, hal itu berarti browser anda memuat gambar versi lama anda, bukan versi yang baru. Untuk mengatasi ini, anda harus menggunakan Ctrl + F5 (Internet Explorer) atau Ctrl + Shift + R (Firefox, Chrome, dll), atau membersihkan cache dari browser anda.

Jika ini masih tidak berhasil, ada kemungkinan bahwa server eRepublik ini masih memproses upload Anda dan akan mengambil beberapa waktu untuk memperbarui foto profil Anda.

Berapa biaya eRepublik?

Untuk mendaftar sebagai warga eRepublik dan mulai bermain tidak dikenakan biaya atau sepenuhnya gratis. Selebihnya, Anda memiliki pilihan untuk membeli gold eRepublik dengan uang sungguhan.


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This page is incomplete. An editor began to translate the page from English but didn't finish.
You can help by completing the translation. For more information, see Help:Translating Pages.

Game Play


After I've registered in eRepublik, what should I do next?

The daily tasks list from the home page can help you. After finishing your daily tasks, remember to go back to the homepage so you can click the "Get reward" button for working and training.

How can I quickly learn the basics of the game?

All the information can be found on the eRepublik official Wiki. You can also access and use our forums, specifically the Help forum. It is there that you can contact the administration team, as well as other citizens, in order to solve any doubts you may have.

What is gold and why do I need it?

Main article: Gold

Regardless of the terminology used, eRepublik Gold represents a limited license right and is not redeemable for any sum of money or monetary value at any time.
The "eRepublik gold" is a needed to:

Employment and Money

How can I donate products or money to another citizen?

In each citizen profile you have the 'Donate' button. After you click on it, you'll access the donation panel where you can transfer your products, Gold or eRepublik currency to other citizens. You can receive the maximum amount of Icon-gold.gif 10 Emas per day. The amount of currency you can receive or donate is unlimited.

How can I make more money?

To earn more than your daily pay, you can join your country's military, own a company, or speculate on the Monetary market. Earn achievements: Hard Worker, True patriot, Battle Hero, Battle Campaign Hero, Country President, Congress member, mercenary medal etc..

How do I get a job?

The first step is to visit the job market. Here you will be able to browse through all the job offers posted by companies in eRepublik and pick the job you feel is both secure and well-paying.

Why am I not receiving my full pay?

Main article: Work tax

Work tax is automatically removed from your daily pay.

Can I work in more than one company?

Main article: Work

Yes, but you can only work once in the company which doesn't belong to you. In addition of working in your own's company you loose 10 energy and instead of salary you get the products you made.

Fighting and Warfare

How can I fight in eRepublik?

You can see if your country is involved in a war (a resistance war too) by viewing the war list accessible from the homepage. After you decide which battle you should fight in, you simply click the 'Fight' button on that page. During the battle you will lose wellness, but your help may prove to be decisive in some battles. Your damage is also influenced by the weapon you use in the fight, along with your rank level.


What is energy and what is it good for?

Energy represents your citizen's energy and vitality levels. Energy can be lost while fighting or working, but can be replenished by eating.

How does my citizen eat?

By pressing "Eat" button the highest quality food units from your inventory are automatically consumed in order to recover health as close to 100 as possible. Food can be purchased from the marketplace.

Ranking Up

How can I unlock new features within eRepublik?

Each time a new level is reached in eRepublik (based on the EP earned), a new feature is unlocked for you.

What are experience points and how can I earn them?

Main article: Experience points

Experience points (EP) represent the knowledge level a citizen reaches in eRepublik. One experience point is received each time you train, work or fight. So a regular user can receive three experience points per day with minimal effort. Additionally, EP will be received after you:

  • fight in a battle;
  • vote in the party, congress or presidential elections;
  • etc...

What are rankings?

Main article: Rankings

Ranking is used to show your position in eRepublik relative to the experience points you and other people earned. The top citizens can be found under Info > Rankings.


How can I add friends in eRepublik?

When viewing the profile page of another citizen, you have the "Add as friend" button. After you click it, an alert is sent to the other citizen and if your friendship request is accepted, he/she is automatically added to your friends list. You can see your friends' shouts on the homepage which allows you to keep in touch with them more easily.

What are the Feeds in eRepublik?

Shouts are used in eRepublik as a way to communicate with the community. You can see the shoutbox on the homepage with three types of tabs: friends, Military Unit and Facebook. Keep in touch with your friends and update them about any recent events in eRepublik that you are involved in (e.g.: "I've created a new company" or "I am now a member of the Yellow party in Argentina").

How do I change my Citizenship?

Main article: Citizenship

You must first be a resident of the country you want to become a citizen of.

Then go to Info - Social Stats. On the Social Stats page click on "View requests". On the Citizenship Application page click on "Apply for Citizenship". State the reason you are requesting citizenship and a member of congress will make a decision in regards. Don't worry though! There is no "Deny Citizenship" button!



How do I become a member of congress?

Main article: Congress elections

The party president proposes a list of 40 members to participate in the elections for congress which are held on the 25th of each month. Only the candidates of the top five parties, in terms of the number of members, enter the race for a congress seat. You also have to reach level 15 to be able to participate in these elections.

How many congressmen does each country get?

The number of congressmen a country has depends on the number of regions it has. Smaller countries get more congressmen per region, with up to ten congressmen for one-region countries, to two congressmen per region for countries with 19 regions. If a country has twenty or more regions, it only receives one congressman per region.


How can I become president of a country?

Only the party presidents of the top five parties, in terms of the number of members, can be nominated for a country's presidential election. It is also possible to nominate yourself as a suitable candidate for the presidential elections if you are the president of one of the top five parties. You need to reach level 18 to be able to participate in these elections.

Companies, Organizations, Newspapers

Why should I buy a market license?

Main article: License

In order to export your products, you'll need to buy a market license for each country that you intend to export to. The price of a market license is Icon-gold.gif 20 Emas. Every Citizen has a free license to sell products in the marketplace of his citizenship.

What are organizations?

Main article: Organization

Organizations are owned by the Country Administration, with some of the rights restricted. An organization cannot train, fight, be politically involved, be a party member, own a party, vote, nor work. With newer updates, the usefulness of organizations has faded away, and citizens may now dissolve their organizations in return for gold.

How can I create a newspaper?

Main article: Newspaper

In order for a citizen to create a newspaper, he/she must have at least level 9 experience. In the menu, under the ‘My places’ tab, you have the 'Newspaper' button. If you are not a newspaper owner you can become one for the cost of Icon-gold.gif 2 Emas. Newspapers in eRepublik are a strong communication tool between citizens and also are considered to be the main source of propaganda and advertisements for the entities within eRepublik.

What to do if...

...my family wants to play eRepublik and we share the same IP?

The use of the same IP by more than one citizen is NOT considered to be a criterion of determining multiple accounts.
There aren't any restrictions, and we hope all of you will have fun in the New World.

...I want to delete my eRepublik account?

Just send a request by selecting the "Game Support" subject in the contact form.

...I want to change my Citizen name?

1st go to your profile.
2nd click "edit profile" button at the right.
3rd at the bottom you will see "Change name" and under it you will see field with your current name.
4th change your current name with name you want.
5th click "Change" button under your name.

  • first name changing is Icon-gold.gif 5 Emas, all next is Icon-gold.gif 50 Emas
  • you can change your name every 3 months

...I want to live in another region of the New World?

Main article: Travel

You are allowed to use the change residence option from your profile in order to move to any other region of the New World.

It only requires that you have one moving ticket in your inventory or pay a fee in currency. Moving may also affects your wellness, depending on the quality of the moving ticket.

You also have the option to apply for citizenship in another country if you have moved to a region in another country.

...I want to move my company to another region of the New World?

There is no feature allowing changes to a company's residence.
All companies in a citizens account will change region when the citizen changes citizenship.
However, you can choose to place the company on sale.

...I want to close down my company?

Main article: Dissolve

Company can be closed by using the dissolve company button on company page.

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