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FRONT - Svergies Väl

General Information
Country Flag-Sweden.jpg Sweden
Abbreviation FRONT
National rank 6
Forum Forum
Colors Yellow and Blue
Founded January 20, 2009
President Essess
Vice President zuwar
Councillor Essess
Members 3
Congress Occupancy 0/40 seats, 0%
Succeeds Purjolök Ops
Orientation Center-Right
Ideology Authoritarian

FRONT, also called FRONT - Sveriges Väl, was the biggest party in eSweden and was formed by icehacker from the old party Purjolök Ops. Their tagline was "CHANGE! STRENGTH! MILITARY! ECONOMY!"[1]. The party was created during the presidential period of Toothpaste and was in the beginning just seen as a group who disliked the current president[?]. In March 2009, FRONT's presidential candidate came 6 votes away from being the first non-FBS president of eSweden since FBS came into power.

During the elections of March in 2009, FRONT manage to become the first party in Sweden since January 2008 to break the power of FBS and became the biggest party of Sweden with 52% of the seats in the Congress.

FRONT had around 700 party members and more than 20 members in the Congress when they were at the peak of their strength.

In late 2010, the party became inactive. But the party is still alive on the paper and had 3 members in early June 2017. It has been common that the party sent a candidate to the most presidential elections in order to make sure there is one more Swedish candidate that the country could trust. In April 2012 the Front candidate Essess became president of Sweden after a impeach on an inactive president.


Since the formation of FRONT, the well known Swedish party Flashback Sweden has directed much criticism against FRONT, and everything was very tense in the political environment of Sweden.

The former president of Sweden, Toothpaste, made many articles about this, some of that FRONT should have hired Germs as voters.

But, in April 2009 the party president of FBS and FRONT, Algaroth and icehacker, decided to meet IRL to discuss this, and it became a success.

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