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Nationality Flag-Japan.jpg Japanese
Date of birth Jul 26, 2009 - Day 614 of the New World
Date of death Day 1000
Newspaper Faery Ink
Congress member of Jeollanam-do
26 August 2009 –
Military rank Icon rank Commander.png Commander
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman
Dead citizen.png
Dead citizen

Faeyas is a Citizen and Congress member in Japan.

Personal Information

Faeyas was born on July 26, 2009 - Day 614 of the New World. This was a very eventful day on which to be born. Battles of day 614 is recorded in the eRepublic insider. She made contact with a number of citizens from other countries and her own. She announced herself as a Japanese citizen the day she was born, and gained official citizen status on 28.07.2009 under the citizen update. Faeyas was a very active player in Japanese community, until she died around day 1000.

Economic History

Faeyas's first job was with AKU-Movings Q1, which is owned by Akki Hermitson's Universe2. She earned a raise on her second day, increasing her wages from 1JPY to 1.25JPY per day. Once she reached level 2 skill in manufacturing, Fae decided that her small salary was not cutting it so she moved to work at PMI Weapons owned by PMI Corporation. When she joined Fae earned 2.25JPY. All of Faeyas's earnings go towards Q1 food, except for one purchase of a gun for her first fight.

Press History

Faeyas created her first newspaper on the 4th of August 2009. The Paper was named Faery Ink, inspired by her fellow Japanese citizens in conversation. The paper has 24 subscriptions and 3 articles

The Articles of the paper from newest to oldest are:

Conference Conclusions: A divided plan of action

IRC: Here be Crazies

08/04/09 Interview with Oraizan

08/04/09 Interview with Minamoto

Political History

Faeyas has joined and introduced herself to her community. However she is far too young to be involved in the complexities of politics, however as of her 7th Day, Faeyas began a project to gather questions from Japan Citizens to compile into an interview to deliver to Oraizan and Minamoto for the presidential election of August 2009. Faeyas then joined the Imperial Sun Party after the presidential elections due to many of her friends being in that party.

Inspired by an idea she came up with, Faeyas left the ISP on August 14,2009 and joined the Black Dragon Party to run for its Party President position since no one else was and the current President was about to die. This ended in disappointment due to the competition from Lejina, a former Congress member of North Korea. She lost the party elections and became a member of Imperial Sun Party once again. She ran on that party's ticket for the congressional elections and won in Jeollanam-do.

Shortly after, Tohru gained possession of the falling Cookie Party due to the death of its former party president and offered it to Faeyas for her original idea, the creation of the party SOS Brigade. The party exists to provide services different from any party, to provide entertainment and to promote activity in Japan.

Military History

Upon her birth in eJapan Faeyas has been a loyal recruit, training daily despite the toll it takes on her wellness. She reached level 5 quickly and has fought at least once a day since. Fae has accumulated a total of 38 fights.

Governmental Positions

Faeyas, being a new citizen, has not been around long enough to hold any positions. As of August 26, 2009 Faeyas is the junior congress member from Jeollanam-do.