Farmers Party eNorge

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Farmers Party eNorge

Party-Farmers Party eNorge.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Norway.jpg Norway
National rank 1
Founded 28 July 2020
Erep day 4,633
President hans erik
Vice President hans erik
Secretary General Veil Nebula
Members 11
Congress Occupancy 6 congress members, 50%
Succeeds Kvakksangerne
Orientation Center-Left
Ideology Libertarian

Farmers Party eNorge is a Norwegian Political party founded by hans erik. It replaced Kvakksangerne.

The party is run solely by hans erik, since its establishment until today.

As there are only 5 parties in Norway, as of December 2023, Farmers Party eNorge participated in all of the 41 Congress elections.

A more impressive accomplishment is that Farmers Party eNorge provided 31 out of 41 Presidents of Norway. Interestingly, the other 10 were provided by Teknokratene.

List of Presidents elected as members of Farmers Party eNorge:


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