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In April of 2009, a new era was beginning for the Federalist Party was starting. At this point, many of the founding members had left and a new cadre of members were about to emerge. There were about 80 members in the party at the time, but we were averaging 5 seats in congress every month. Gaius Julius was Party President and for the most part the party was static/nonactive. In the early summer, fingerguns and wingfield pioneered a system for recruiting/activity-building called the Federalist Outreach Program (FOP). After creating the FOP, they set out to reform the whole party; wingfield though, under the pressure, burned out and left. Luckily, citizenslave came to run the FOP when fingerguns was elected Party President. Then a group of younger players emerged as to lead the Party: Alexander Hamilton, CrashNBurn, Captain Panther, The Crimson Patriot, St Krems, and Greene12 all filled roles of the early leadership during fingerguns' Presidency. During this period, many reforms were made that became what we know as the Federalist Party today. Although some of the old guard resisted the changes, resulting in several leaving the party. As the party was overhauled and new departments/jobs were created, the party’s activity grew and it’s membership doubled within a few months. The party continued to be perform well in Congressional elections. During WW3, the party continued to boom due to the Feds’ coordination in evacuating party members from occupied states. Also during this period, many training/educational initiatives were established and the Federalist Party realized the true potential that a party can have. After the end of the American occupation, the Fed Party emerged as the strongest party in the country. Under the reign of citizenslave, who realized the potential power of this party as the Feds hit the top five and the Easy Company Party militia was established, the business department grew more sophisticated and the Federalists rose to prominence in national politics. Also during this period, other parties began to copy the Federalist formula of success. By the winter of 2009 and the start of 2010, the party had stagnated somewhat as most of the leadership had moved on. fingerguns became Party President once again in March and got the party back on track, followed by terms of Greene12 and David Landon. In September of 2010, outgoing Party President Qubert changed the passwords of most Federalist organizations and gave them over to then S.E.E.S. Party President Emerick who held them for ransom. The Feds did not regain access to these orgs and instead switched the majority of their organizational operations to "Sons of Liberty Holdings".

On January 27th, 2012 the Federalist forum was sacked and everything deleted, this was done by the original owner of the forum Feeney Madden, within hours the Feds were able to relocate, but lost 2 years of history in the process.

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