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This page contains elements/concepts/ideas which are NOT part of eRepublik features.

Common Military Ranks
Navies Armies Air forces
OF-11 Admiral of the Fleet General of the Army /
Field Marshal
Marshal of the Air Force
OF-10 Admiral General Air Chief Marshal
OF-9 Vice Admiral Lieutenant General Air Marshal
OF-8 Rear Admiral Major General Air Vice Marshal
OF-7 Commodore Brigadier /
(Brigadier General)
Air Commodore
OF-6 Captain Colonel Group Captain
OF-5 Commander Lieutenant Colonel Wing Commander
OF-4 Lieutenant-Commander Major Squadron Leader
OF-3 Lieutenant Captain Flight Lieutenant
OF-2 Sub-Lieutenant Lieutenant Flying Officer
OF-1 Ensign 2nd Lieutenant Officer Cadet
Warrant Officer
OR-5/6 Leading Rate Sergeant Sergeant
OR-3/4 Able Rate Corporal Corporal
OR-1/2 Seaman Private Airman

What are ranks in eRepublik?

In national organized militaries, such as the British Army or the United States Armed Forces, citizens who are members are given a rank, which displays their level of importance, responsibility and skill in the national military. This rank is not related to the damage ranks that every citizen in eRepublik has.

For more information on the ingame eRepublik damage ranks, see here.

Usage in Organized Militaries

Field Marshal is a senior officer rank, usually, the highest rank existing and indicates that officer can command an army group (in that sense, would be equivalent to a Supreme Commander in an Alliance). To be Field Marshal (or higher rank, if any), it's required the Country President appoints the candidate and the Congress approves him/her.

United Kingdom

Field Marshal is an officer of the highest rank in the British Army, who holds the position of Chief of the General Staff. 'Field Marshal' is shortened to 'FM'.

The rank holds the authority equal to that of a General of the Army in the United States Armed Forces.

The baton, wreath & crown, the rank of Field Marshal in the British Army

United States

General of the Army is an officer of the highest rank in the United States Armed Forces, who holds the position as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. 'General of the Army' is shortened to 'GOTA'.

The 6 stars of the United States General of the Army rank.

The rank holds the authority equal to that of a Field Marshal in real life commonwealth-based systems such as the British Army, and is higher than the rank of General.


Military Marshal refers to the Military Commander in the Australian Military, and has existed ever since September 2009.

Originally there were four military Marshals in Australia:

  • The Australian Military Marshal: responsible for overseeing the overall Command Structure of the Australian military;
  • The DropBears Military Marshal: the commander of the DropBears
  • The ACUK Military Marshal: the commander of the Australian Commando Unit Koalas
  • the AAR Military Marshal: the commander of the Australian Army Reserves.

Although the Australian Military Marshal position has since been removed, the other three positions remain.

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