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Nationality Flag-USA.png American
Date of birth March 26, 2009
Date of death 2012
Sex Female
Faith Dioism
Newspaper Fingerbanged.
Party president of Federalist Party
June 29, 2009 – September 15, 2009
Preceded by Bill Brasky
Succeeded by Captain Panther
Congress member of USA
Chief of staff of USA
February 6, 2010 – March 5, 2010
Served under Josh Frost
March 6, 2010 – March 29, 2010
Served under PigInZen
Party president of Federalist Party
June 29, 2009 – September 15, 2009
Preceded by Kyle321n
Succeeded by Greene12
Vice president of USA
October 6, 2012 – November 5, 2012
Preceded by Kemal Ergenekon
Succeeded by Inwegen
Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of USA
November 6, 2012 – January 5, 2013
Preceded by Fhaemita Malodorous
President of USA
January 5, 2013 – February 5, 2013
Preceded by Inwegen
Succeeded by John Killah
Party president of Federalist Party
March 15, 2013 – April 15, 2013
Preceded by gnilraps
Military rank Icon rank Legendary Force*.png Legendary Force*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman
Dead citizen.png
Dead citizen

Fingerguns is a citizen of the USA.

She is best-known as the ultimate Federalist. She is a former President of the Federalist Party and architect of the federalism movement in eRepublik. During her revival in 2012 and 2013, she became both President of the Federalist Party and the United States.

Work History in the Federalist Party

 We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately. 
(Benjamin Franklin)

Early Days in the Feds

Shortly after fingerguns joined the Federalist Party, she volunteered to take over the struggling recruiting office. When she took the position, the Federalists had 96 members. At the end of her one term as Recruiting Director, the party membership had more than doubled with 230 members. Refocusing the party's recruiting efforts on mentor-ship of new citizens, the party was able to expand but then faced the issue of continued activity and communication. Party President Gaius Julius asked FG to step into the Public Relations job to keep new members connected to party activities. In addition to directing the flow of information between leadership and members, fingerguns was eventually tasked with streamlining the process of membership from initial sign up to active member. Working in cooperation with fellow member wingfield, what would eventually become the Federalist Outreach Program began to take shape.

Party Presidency

Gaius Julius stepped down from the Party Presidency to focus on his national obligations working in the White House. He named Bill Brasky as his successor. Shortly after the congressional elections in June, Bill Brasky decided to step down from the Presidency and resign his Congress seat to travel abroad in the United States Airborne. A number of other high-ranking members left the party around the same time for a variety of reasons. Gaius Julius and Bill Brasky consulted and asked fingerguns to take over the responsibilities of the position, even though she did not have enough xp at the time to hold the position. During the remainder of Bill Brasky's term, fingerguns focused on replacing all of the departing leadership with new, active members and implementing a series of new party programs.

Fingerguns was then elected to serve two full terms, dedicating the majority of her time to overhauling the party infrastructure and creating party jobs. Breaking significantly from her predecessors, fingerguns placed very little importance on party politics and focused almost completely on the internal functions of the Federalists. In-game party membership fluctuated greatly during her term and there was a noticeable decrease in congressional representation. However, the party programs were taking root and overall member activity reached and all-time high. Federalist ideals began to permeate the whole of American society.

Federalist Bureau of Investigation

Although fingerguns established the FBI in February of 2010, she didn't take over as Director of the Department until March. With a staff of less than 5, the FBI took on the responsibility of performing background checks on every new party member, Congressional applicant, Congressional blocker and Easy Company recruit. During her months as Director of the FBI, they agency established a process for election clearance that was later adopted by other Top 5 parties. The agency continues to protect the party and the nation by rooting out terrorists, multis and suspicious characters.

Federalist Goddess

While not quite a true deity, fingerguns' influence in the Federalist Party is undeniable. No matter what title she may be holding at the time, fingerguns has become synonymous with the Feds and remains one of the loudest Federalist voices in the game. Her dedication to the party and all that it stands for makes her the primary example of what a Federalist should be. In fact, the entire institution has been built in her image. I'm not just typing this because I AM fingerguns. People totally believe this. Now back to third person.

Fingerguns went on to reclaim the position of Federalist Party President in March of 2010 to once again train the next generation of party leaders.

Reviving Federalism (or 'How To Build a Top 5 Party')

The Federalist Party logo reads, "restoring government integrity." While the party was incorrectly labeled as far-right ideologues, the majority of the conversations that took place among Federalist Party members related to smarter ways of governing and organizing people. While only a 6th party with a small population, the Federalist Party had been home to a number of influential members that worked in the Department of Education, the mentorship program and North American University. Fingerguns had the idea of replicating those programs on the party level to supplement the national efforts. The party began creating non-political service programs like Habitat For Humanities and the Better Business Bureau, as well as modifying recruiting efforts to become more education-based. The Federalist Party had never really pushed federalist philosophy in eRepublik before this time, having selected the name somewhat arbitrarily, however the groundwork for its national implementation had been well established. Fingerguns put the pieces together and began to address the issue more directly.

Proposing that parties become more service-oriented and share in national responsibilities with the government, fingerguns authored a series of articles outlining the practical application of federalism in the USA. As World War III broke out, the opportunity presented itself to prove how federalism and party organization can benefit the nation. Working alongside the party presidents from the Top 5 parties, it was agreed among leaders that parties would suspend campaigning and vote moving during congressional elections, instead focusing resources on military enlistment drives.

There were two major accomplishments of that election that changed the face of the USA. That election marked the first time all of the active parties organized together as a national defensive strategy and the use of blockers was first introduced. Also, the enlistment drives of the parties were such a success, the military was soon overwhelmed with new recruits. Another opportunity for federalism appeared.

Many military recruits fell through the cracks and as war raged on frustrations grew among the general population. Citizens that wanted to organize and fight for our nation were being ignored. Witnessing the power of party organization in the election, fingerguns proposed the establishment of a military training division within the Federalist Party, specifically for party members. Members who opted into the program went through a series of education documents, modeled after those in the national Training Corps and were awarded weapons upon completion. She entrusted Captain Panther with the responsibility of creating this division and they were soon working with the other parties to assist them in creating their own. The success of the party's Training Division eventually resulted in Easy Company, a party militia. The party also started creating similar training documents for other areas of the game, which then became the Federalist Academy. In February 2010, the party's Training Documents were adopted by North American University, as their forum-based curriculum.

The only real in-game power of parties is during elections. Fingerguns, along with other Federalist party leaders, started pushing the Top 5 parties to consider security more carefully when choosing Congressional candidates. Although the Feds were still a 6th party, fingerguns pushed for election transparency and accountability by working with the Top 5 party leaders to establish a cooperative spreadsheet. While great strides had been made for better elections, the new organization shined a very bright light on security gaps within parties. The national government established the FEC and requested ownership of fingerguns' election documents. She handed over the keys.

Although the Federalist Party was growing more influential by the day, a Top 5 position remained well out of reach. Then the USA began losing regions in the war, and parties lost all of their inactive members. As zombies were locked away in captured wastelands, it became clear that the Federalists were, in fact, the most active party in the game. During WW3, The Feds were the only party that saw an increase in membership. Once our regions were regained, The Federalists held a Top 5 position which they have held ever since.

National Politics

Jewitt Administration

Despite zero experience in national politics, fingerguns was asked in January to serve as Deputy Chief of Staff, under Devan Kronos. She was asked, specifically, to help the advancement of the Militia Office and spent most of the term working on militia-related policy development.

Josh Frost Administration

In February, fingerguns served in the short-lived position of Interior Department Chief of Staff, under Jude Connors. While the work was essentially that of a Deputy Secretary, fingerguns helped develop what came to be known as the Interior Collective. This was a proposal to restructure the Interior Department and streamline the processes of new citizen assistance by placing Mentoring at the center of all programs.

She also caught the attention of President Frost, and they began having regular conversations about governing and organization. From these talks came further militia policy and clarity of definitions, strength training programs and a forum-based new citizen education program, modeled after the Federalist Party training division.

PigInZen Administration

Fingerguns served as the White House Chief of Staff under PigInZen, tasked with focusing on domestic organization. The term was wrought with scandal when it was discovered that fingerguns and the President had a steamy affair. This affair inspired jealousy among numerous Country Presidents and resulted in a heated exchange between PigInZen and Australian President, Cerb, that almost led to a declaration of war.

FG resigned her position when she accidentally into Congress.

St Krems Administration

After returning from a 3 month hiatus, fingerguns was tricked into serving as Secretary of State for St Krems second term in office. She was effective in being vaguely aware of the work Myles Robinson did as Deputy SoS.


While never actually seeking a seat in Congress, fingerguns won a seat while serving as a blocker in the March 2010 elections. She was positioned in the District of Columbia to hold the space on the Federalist ticket. The only actual candidate in that race was Harrison Richardson and since nobody really likes him, fingerguns garnered 2 "anonymous" votes (from Max McFarland 2) to take the region. She decided to serve out the term in Congress to get a better look at the process that drove so many good citizens to ragequit. Since fingerguns was holding a leadership position in the Federalist Party and serving in the Cabinet when she was surprised with a Congressional win, she opted to resign as Chief of Staff for PigInZen.

 It can be easy to take on too much when there is so much to be done. Never hold more than 2 titles at a time. Titles come with bullshit and bullshit leads to burn out.  

Military Service

Fingerguns enlisted in the US Army in October, 2009. In January 2010, fingerguns was promoted to LT and given command of the 5th Division, 1st Platoon in the US Army. She was honorably discharged in early March per her request.

She then joined Easy Company, the Federalist Party militia, while she focuses on her political responsibilities in the party and the White House.

Zooey Deschanel

Fingerguns uses actress Zooey Deschanel as her avatar. Zooey has, in turn, become a regularly used spokesperson for the Federalist Party. Attempts by former political party Special Elite Execution Squad (SEES) to acquire Zooey for their own were thwarted and resulted in the Feds not only claiming Zooey permanently, but also the McRib.

A Return from the Sands

Fingerguns returned from her extended hiatus in 2012. Since, she has risen yet again into power within the Federalist Party and helped to revive it further. Her first major position of power came as she was appointed to be Vice President under Henry Pfeiffer Arundel. She continued to serve in national politics by being the deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs for both Presidents Cerb and Inwegen. Immediately after, she became President of the eUnited States in January 2013, followed by becoming Party President of the Feds in March 2013.

John Killah Administration

Immediately following her term as President, fingerguns was appointed co-Secretary of State with Tenshibo under President John Killah

Mrs. Fingerguns?

Numerous suitors for fingerguns have tried to woo her into Marriage, including individuals such as Henry Pfeiffer Arundel. However, fingerguns has managed to remain single.



Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif
Hard Worker (x2)
Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif
Congress Member (x3)
Icon achievement Country President on.gif
Country President (x1)
Icon achievement Media Mogul on.gif
Media Mogul (x1)
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Battle Hero (x7)
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Campaign Hero (x2)
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Resistance Hero (x3)
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Super Soldier (x58)
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True Patriot (x12)