Finland–Estonia War (Feb–Mar 2010)

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Finland-Estonia War
Map of Finland-Estonia War
Date 01 February 2010 –
27 March 2010
Location Estonia
Result Ended
Territorial Changes None
Fights 21,529
Flag-Finland.jpg Finland Flag-Estonia.jpg Estonia
Flag-UK.jpg UK
Flag-Malaysia.jpg Malaysia
Commanders and Leaders
Flag-Finland.jpgStogis Flag-Estonia.jpgEstonian

Finland-Estonia War began on 1st of February, 2010 when Finland declared war on Estonia.


Finland - Estonia relations hadn't been good since Estonia let Latvia attack Finland twice through their regions during the PEACE attack on Croatia. Finns considered the first time as an error, due to the oppression of stronger enemy nations. But when it happened a second time it was considered organized hostility towards Finland.[1] Finland saw an opportunity to take its revenge when Estonia didn't renew its alliance with Hungary.

Battle for Pohja-Eesti

Pohja-Eesti aftermath

The battle for Pohja-Eesti was huge. Over 2.5 million points of damage were dealt in total by Finland, Estonia and their allies. Both Estonia[2] and Finland[3] gave weapons for citizens to fight in the battle.

From the attacker's side, Finland made 920 000 points of damage, Croatia 160 000 points and Sweden 60 000 points. Estonia made the biggest defending damage, a little over 421 000 points, Russia 408 000 points and Latvia 150 000 points of damage. (Source: "Battle 8950: Finland vs Estonia in region Pohja-Eesti")


The battle of Pohja-Eesti was truly a stimulus for the Estonian and Finnish communities. There were hundreds of Finnish and Estonian citizens ready to hit the wall in the last minutes of the battle, considering the fact that the battle ended right after midnight in Estonia and Finland (00:02 GMT +2). During the battle, Estonia got nearly 400 new players. Many Estonians and Finns moved back to their homelands to fight.