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eRepublik points system

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This user has no Forfeit Points

Forfeit points (FP), as appear in your profile, are a measure of the degree to which you have violated the First eRepublik law.

All users start the game with 0 Forfeit Points.

Receiving Forfeit Points

If a citizen/organization violates the First eRepublik law, then they will be penalized with 1 FP. The table below explains exactly the type of penalty that your account will receive:

This user got a Content Block. He'll not be able to post anything till it expires, but he can still play.
No. Penalty name FP requirement FP added/penalty Can be appealed?
1 Your First Warning 0 FP 1 FP Yes
2 Your Second Warning 1 FP 1 FP Yes
3 Your Third Warning 2 FP 1 FP Yes
4 Content block - 6h 3 FP 1 FP Yes
5 Content block - 12h 4 FP 1 FP Yes
6 Content block - 24h 5 FP 1 FP Yes
7 Content block - 48h 6 FP 1 FP Yes
8 Content block - 72h 7 FP 1 FP Yes
9 Content block - 72h 8 FP 1 FP Yes
10 Content block - 72h 9 FP or more 1 FP Yes

In case you receive a "content block" penalty, your citizen/organization will not be able to create (or edit your) user generated content for a limited period of time, but you will be able to use all other eRepublik features. In extreme infringement situations, the eRepublik staff members reserve the right to apply additional penalties to each future infringement such as:

  • one day temporary suspension of the account;
  • two days temporary suspension of the account;
  • three days temporary suspension of the account;
  • permanent suspension of the account.

In these types of situations, it does not matter if the forfeit points have expired or not.

Viewing your Forfeit Points

If you have received FP, you will also receive a message from admin which states what rule(s) you broke and if applicable, the quote of whatever you said which broke the rule(s).

A warning message from Admin received for spam

You can view the number of forfeit points you have received by visiting your own profile. However, you may only view the number of forfeit points you have, and not the number of forfeit points somebody else has.

A user who received 11 forfeit points for misbehaving.

Losing Forfeit Points

If a citizen maintains good behavior for two months after they received the forfeit points, then those forfeit points will automatically be removed. However, this does not apply to permanently suspended citizens.

If during the probation period another Forfeit Point is received, the good behavior counter will reset to zero.

Appealing your penalties

Main article: Appeal

If you have received forfeit points, but you believe you have been unfairly penalized you can appeal the decision. There is only one try to appeal a decision, so you should use this option wisely.

Administration Principles

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