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Formerly Yours

General Information
Country Flag-USA.jpg USA
Owner Colorado Savings and Loan
Founded January 2008
Subscribers 140
Articles 191
Content Political/Presidential

Company Information

Formerly Yours Magazine, founded by Dishmcds, is a newspaper in the United States of America. As of July 19, 2008, it had published 190 articles at well over 25,000 page views, and was the 8th ranked newspaper in all of eRepublik. It currently sits at 140 subscribers.



Dishmcds began his media career writing for the USA Daily, with Will Pilgrim. He and Will wrote about the political and industry scene in the US, doing interviews with some of the leading figures in early eUS.

When Dish became the Secretary of Defense for President Korbin King (and Will went relatively inactive), he founded the DoD Mag to communicate things about National Defense. It remained the source of Defense news until his resignation (and subsequent appointment to Vice President), when he renamed it Formerly Yours.

Transition to the Oval Office

When President Nave Saikiliah retired from his post at the end of May, Dish became the third President of the United States of America. Formerly Yours then transitioned once again to announce his agenda and goals while in office, and frequently received well over 100 page views per article. A frequent visitor to the top rated newspaper, Dish writes an average of an article every two days.

Current Ownership

Formerly Yours is now owned by Colorado Savings and Loan

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