Formidable International Security Treaty

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Flag of F.I.S.T.
Map of F.I.S.T.
Formation May 29, 2008
Type Military Alliance
Members 6

The Formidable International Security Treaty, or F.I.S.T, was eRepublik's Asian military alliance. It was occasionally referred to as the S.A.N.D. Alliance or the Asian Alliance, but neither of these are correct.


Member countries (Gold)



The idea of an alliance of Asian nations began in January of 2008, first brought into discussion by Wej, the President of Japan to unite against Pakistan. In April, President Izirbat of Iran reopened discussion of an Asian alliance, and sent letters to the presidents of Turkey, Pakistan, Indonesia, and later Japan. The Treaty was signed on May 29th, 2008.

On July 23rd, Article VII was invoked to overrule the unanimous consent clause in to bring Greece under the banner of FIST. This was an attempt to halt Turkey's effort to sabotage the already arranged membership of Greece, by attacking before they could be signed into the Treaty.


Although never officially dissolved, all former FIST members signed the Contract:Charter of the PEACE Global Community at that alliance's inception. As of August 26, 2008, the Formidable International Security Treaty is a defunct alliance.

Relations With Other Alliances

Undefined-coat-of-arms.gif Mediterranean Alliance

FIST has many friends in the MA; for example, Pakistan has strong ties with France and Italy, and is developing ties with Portugal. However, Spain, the leader of the MA, would like to keep the MA out of relations with FIST, and has been trying to cut off the communication between the MA and FIST, instead favoring relations with the NA.

Undefined-coat-of-arms.gif Northern Alliance

Although not FIST at the time, when Pakistan and Indonesia allied with Russia and Germany, Sweden and Norway declared war on both countries before they could have their alliances fulfilled. This was just one of the things that started the rivalry between the Alliances. Many countries that favor the Northern Alliance are ridiculed by FIST and vice versa. Many describe the tension between the NA and FIST as a cold war.

Undefined-coat-of-arms.gif PANAM

Brazil is an ally of FIST, but is currently not a member because of their geographic location. The United States is also considered an ally of Pakistan, but due to the US' foreign war policy (And their president fighting against them in a war), their ties have been gradually weakening.


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