Forsvarets Spesialkommando

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Forsvarets Spesialkommando

Forsvarets Spesialkommando.jpg

"Alt for Norge"

General Information
Country Flag-Norway.jpg Norway
Total Soldiers 40
Commanded by M. de Ruyter
2nd Commander Xibbard
1st Regiment Captain Djoks
Part of Det Norske Forsvaret

Forsvarets Spesialkommando (The Army Special Command force) was a branch of the official Norwegian military, consisting of those who are active within the social parts of the game, aswell as in-game. Of the Norwegian military, this was the branch that could deal the most damage in a battle, and it is state-funded with a weekly amount of gold. It was run directly by the Minister of Defense of Norway.


The soldiers of FSK were given Quality 6 weapons each day to fight with in specific locations.


It was requiered that soldier is:

  • available on FSK's primary channel in QuakeNet,
  • registered at the Norwegian forum,
  • strength which surpasses 4000 and
  • trusted by the Norwegian government

Application form was here


FSK was founded in September 2009 after the Congress voted through a proposition to found an elite task force to help defend Norway. The branch was officially created by Cirno, as he was the sitting President at the time.

FSK has for a long time been disbanded, but in April 2012 it was brought back to the people and commander was taulen.

It is believed that unit merged with Det Norske Forsvaret at the end of 2012, or at the beginning of 2013.

Icon skill strength.gifTop 5 Strength

Country Name Strenght
Icon-Norway.png Norway M. de Ruyter 343,028
Icon-Norway.png Norway Lord Oli 328,421
Icon-Norway.png Norway Djoks 237,705
Icon-Norway.png Norway Vindur 148,133
Icon-Norway.png Norway MortuusSpongia 119,243

Icon rank Legends.pngTop 5 Military rank

Country Name Military rank
Icon-Norway.png Norway Lord Oli Legends of Norway: taulen Battalion XX
Icon-Norway.png Norway M. de Ruyter Legends of Norway: taulen Battalion VIII
Icon-Norway.png Norway Xibbard Titan **
Icon-Norway.png Norway Djoks Titan **
Icon-Norway.png Norway Vindur Titan *

Air chief marshal 5.pngTop 5 Aircraft rank

Country Name Aircraft rank
Icon-Norway.png Norway Lord Oli Group Captain *****
Icon-Norway.png Norway M. de Ruyter Group Captain **
Icon-Norway.png Norway Vindur Wing Commander ****
Icon-Norway.png Norway Djoks Wing Commander **
Icon-Norway.png Norway Ashavard Wing Commander *