Forward Britain!

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Forward Britain!

General Information
Country Flag-United Kingdom.jpg United Kingdom
Founded April 2009
Dissolved June 2009
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Succeeds Movement for Democratic Unity
Succeeded By Movement for Democratic Unity
Orientation Far-Right

Forward Britain! was a political party in the United Kingdom. It was the name of the Movement for Democratic Unity party April-June 2009.

Forward Britain

In April 2009, the Movement for Democratic Unity party made a sudden leap to the far-right authoritarian side of British politics. Along with this, there was a rebranding of the party and a change of name for the April 2009 Congress elections from MDU to Forward Britain.

The move proved costly, with the party only holding two of its four seats in congress. Tommy Tommasino returned to take up the Party Presidential position in May 2009 to lead the party onwards, quickly getting the membership back over 100 and several active campaigns going. Forward Britain! once again came to the forefront of British politics.

Decline and Death

At its height, Forward Britain was ranked 5th in UK politics with 120 members. However poor leadership and bad press saw a decline in numbers to less than 100. At the same time of this decline, Forward Britain saw a competitor rise out of the smaller parties; a centre-right group called the British Empire Party gained members very quickly and soon over took Forward Britain, knocking them down to 6th place.

The June 2009 leadership election saw thehorseltd, an old member running against Marcus Wyclif, a relative new member. Both citizens advocated a return to the MDU, and in a surprise result, Marcus Wyclif won the vote with 62.5% of the vote, against thehorseltd's 25%. The party name was changed back to Movement for Democratic Unity with a new logo once again, but just a few days later Marcus resigned, making thehorseltd the party's president after numerous failed leadership attempts.