France-Switzerland War

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Franco-Italian Invasion of Switzerland
Map of Franco-Italian Invasion of Switzerland
Date 11 May 2008 –
13 May 2008
Location Western Europe
Result Switzerland occupied
Territorial Changes Chur to Italy
Other 3 territories to France
Fights 1130
Flag-Italy.jpg Italy
Flag-France.png France
Flag-Switzerland.jpg Switzerland
Commanders and Leaders
Flag-France.jpg meza Flag-Switzerland.jpg Antonio Fonti
Flag-Switzerland.jpg James Allan

The Franco-Italian Invasion of Switzerland, also known as France/Italy – Switzerland War, was a military conflict between the coalition of France and Italy on one side and Switzerland on the other side, which resulted in a long-term occupation of Switzerland by French and Italian troops. This was the first war in which 2 countries attacked another country at the same time.

Europe and Switzerland Before The War

While Europe was being divided by two military blocks, Switzerland decided to remain neutral but was offered negotiations and possible membership in the Mediterranean Alliance, whose members were Swiss neighbors, France and Italy. After a Mutual Protection Pact was signed between Switzerland and Norway, France and Italy decided to lunch an attack as a punishment for the Swiss refusal to be allied with them. They saw a threat coming to their borders because of the Northern Alliance alignment with Switzerland and the Swedish invasion of Germany.

The war wasn't supported by MA member Spain and negotiation were started with the Swiss ambassador to prevent the war. France and Italy demanded full surrender, repayment of war costs and removal of the Norwegian pact. The war was inevitable since Switzerland didn't have money to pay the coalition demands.

The War

The first battles started on 11 May 2008 (Day 172 of the New World). Switzerland was supported by NA troops and mobile units while France and Italy had support from their alliance and some foreign troops, like the Pakistani mobiles. Despite heavy defence, France and Italy managed to defeat the Swiss Army. Switzerland was divided by France (Romandie, Deutschschweiz, Svizzera Italiana) and Italy (Graubunden), while the costs to win the city of Chur was Icon - Gold.gif 1200 GOLD.

After The War

Most of the Swiss population fled the country. Some media activity began in the French occupied part of Switzerland. Because of the beta version of the game, there was no Resistance War module. Switzerland will have the chance to liberate itself after the introduction of V1 of eRepublik. Swiss determination to liberate itself will lead to the Swiss Independence War, which will begin on 4 December 2008.

Interesting Facts

The global diplomatic context of the New World ca. April-May 2008 has to be considered prior to understanding the causes that lead to this war.


War Statistics - French Front

Battles Fought 3 (France 3 vs Switzerland 0)
Fights Won France 141 vs Switzerland 188
Draw Fights 72
Total Fights 401

War Statistics - Italian Front

Battles Fought 2 (Italy 1 vs Switzerland 1)
Fights Won Italy 181 vs Switzerland 419
Draw Fights 129
Total Fights 729
  • Note that in time of the war, eRepublik was in Beta version and had a different military module working.