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Francis DeBoyle

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Nationality Flag-Malaysia.jpg Malay
Date of birth 05 October 2008 - Day 320
Date of death November 2009
Residence Peninsular Malaysia
Congressman of Poland
26th December 2008 – 12th February 2009
General manager of Ziarno Polskie
22nd December 2008 – 28th December 2008
Succeeded by Polmos Lodz
President of South Korea
March 2009 – April 2009
Preceded by Parrot
Succeeded by PowerSweden
Military rank Icon rank Colonel.png Colonel
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Francis DeBoyle was a citizen of Poland.
He was born in October 2008 and at the time lived in Birmingham, United Kingdom. He moved to Sweden to fight in the Polish resistance wars, where he moved to after the regions were liberated. In November 2008 he was a candidate for the Polish Congress from Mazuria (as Pomerania, Francis' home region was still a part of Sweden) where he lost by just one vote.


In December, however, he applied again and received more votes from the public and has a place in the congress. Just before that, he bought a company in Little Poland to help new citizens with a good wage. However, Francis sold the company after interest from many people.
1x Congressman for Mazuria, Poland
1x Congressman for Pomerania, Poland
1x Congressman for Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

1x President of South Korea

Francis DeBoyle was also the Party president of the Korean Social Democratic Party.


Francis' Ramblings is the newspaper published by Francis DeBoyle.