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General Information
Country Flag-South Africa.jpg South Africa
Abbreviation FA
Colors Green & Gold
Founded June 2008
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Succeeded By United South Africa
Orientation Center-Right
Ideology Libertarian


Free Africa is a now defunct party that was abandoned during the occupation of South Africa by Brazil. Members of the party later on still played a role in South African society. After the PTO attempt SAIL was reactivated and many members of Free Africa joined there and were thus active mostly in the United South Africa.


Free Africa was created during the Indonesian occupation to gather all of South Africa under one banner. This succeeded and all active people joined. Sadly enough some people left before the General Elections to create HNP. At the time, Free Africa was one of the biggest political powers in South Africa (in both numbers and power). It was part of the now-dormant SAIL, alongside the Dem. Anarcho-Socialism Party and the also major Black Lion Front, which competed with when SAIL is not active.

A Rising Star

Free Africa created in late June and won both July and August elections. It lost much power after the Zockyist / Croatian take-over and joined the Black Lion Front in the short-lived Independent South African Republic and the South African Independence League. Its major competitors (with SAIL's dormancy) were the Black Lion Front, Proud Africans, United World Party and the Universal Left. During the months of January and February 2009 the Free Africa membership has gone up considerably partly due to the fact that it has given a home to South Africans from all walks of life who start playing the game and wish to free their country from the yoke of Indonesian occupation. On 26 February 2009 the strength of the party was starting to materialize when they hit a membership of 100 and got 21 congress members with a 52.5% representation in congress.

Apart from Free Africa standing for the Liberation of South Africa, they were up to the abandoning of the party also the strongest pro business party in South Africa choosing to only allow nationalization as an extreme last resort and preferring the economy to balance itself naturally.

Party Leaders



Country Presidents



Constitution & Manifesto


We, the representatives of the Party of Free Africa do hereby put ourselves answerable to the constitution of the Republic of South Africa. We are resolved to build, and promote ourselves as an indissoluble, free and democratic entity within the Republic. We swear to never rest until our lost provinces are back within our domain. Our hearts, and hands, will be used to promote, enact, and conform to this Constitution, our highest legal document.


i. This Constitution is to be held sacrosanct to all members of Free Africa.

ii. This Constitution is legally binding, and represents the supreme law of our Party.

iii. No one member, regardless of personal power, wealth, or influence, shall be considered exempt, nor shall any member ever be denied his rights and privileges as described herein.

iv. This Constitution cannot be suspended or revoked by any person once ratified.

v. The use of the terms, Free Africa, Republic of South Africa, South Africa, the Party, the State and the Republic, or any equivalent in Afrikaans are hereby meaning the same within this Constitution.


i. The official name of the Party is Free Africa. The use of this name applies to all matters within the State.

ii. The official name of Free Africa can only be changed via a referendum in the Forum of Free Africa.

iii. Free Africa is a free and democratic party within the boundaries of the Republic of South Africa.

iv. Free Africa hereby reserves its right to choose and follow its own destiny; via the choice of its own leadership and the say of the members of the Party.


i. The official languages of the Party are English and Afrikaans.

ii. The official coat of arms of the Party and of the Republic is described as follows: The first element is the motto, in a green semicircle. Completing the semicircle are two symmetrically placed pairs of elephant tusks pointing upwards. Within the oval shape formed by the tusks are two symmetrical ears of wheat, that in turn frame a centrally placed gold shield. The shape of the shield makes reference to the drum, and contains two human figures from Khoisan rock art. The figures are depicted facing one another in greeting and in unity. Above the shield are a spear and a knobkierie, crossed in a single unit. These elements are arranged harmoniously to give focus to the shield and complete the lower oval shape of foundation.

iii. The official motto of the Party and the Republic shall be as follows: "Unity In Diversity".


i. Loyalty to the Party is the utmost duty of all members, second only to loyalty to the Republic.

ii. All members must abide by the laws hereby established within the Constitution of the Republic and secondly the constitution of this Party.

iii. All members and citizens of the Republic are to be treated equally within the eyes of the law.

iv. Freedom of thought.

v. Freedom of speech.

vi. Freedom of religion.

vii. Right to bear arms.

viii. Freedom of press.

ix. Economic Freedom.

xiii. All members have the right to an equal say in how the Party is run.

xiv. All members have a right to own and distribute property obtained by them as long as it was done within the letter of international law.

xv. No entity, including the Government shall have the right to take any citizens property, without the authorization of such individual.


i. The President of the Party has the veto right in all decisions made.

ii. The Party shall have a Vice President appointed by the President.

iii. The Party shall have a recruitment officer appointed by the President

iv. The President can only hold two consecutive terms before he/she must take a constitutionally enforced break. After another person has held the office of President for one term, a former President is free to hold another two consecutive terms if elected.

v. Any member of the Party may stand for the office of the President of the Party, if he/she so chooses.

vi. Only active forum members of the official Forum of Free Africa are allowed to stand for congress.


i. This Constitution will remain valid, and recognized as the highest law of the Party, even when the State is under full, or partial occupation by a foreign power.

ii. Occupation shall mean through political, or military take-overs.

iii. This Constitution becomes valid once revised and approved by the majority of the active forum Members of the Party.

v. This constitution may only be amended once the primary goal of this Party is achieved.


i. The Party recognizes Article 10 of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa as it’s sole purpose to exist, and vows to undertake the Liberty of our occupied territories as its, main goal.

ii. The Party recognizes that achieving this through military means will only put the economy of South Africa under undue stress, thus if possible this should be achieved through negotiation or other peaceful means.

iii. The Party recognizes that an healthy economy is an economy run under the rules of economic freedom, and that all citizens of the Republic should have this without government interference, and that a Free Market Economy with a naturally balanced economy is the second highest priority of Free Africa existence.

iv. The Party recognizes that not all people are the same and that we promote the ideas of Freedom of thought and Freedom of speech, within the boundaries of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa.

iv. These ideals shall be upheld by any and all members of the Party, including the President and Leadership.

v. Any candidate for the Presidential elections for the Republic of South Africa has to use this manifesto and may add to it as he she so wishes, but may never remove any of these ideals.