Freie Deutsche Demokraten

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General Information
Country Flag-Germany.jpg Germany
Abbreviation FDD
Forum Forum
Colors Blue
Founded November 24, 2008
Dissolved December 2011
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Orientation Center
Ideology Libertarian

Freie Deutsche Demokraten was a German party founded on November 24, 2008 by former German President DKN. It was the second party founded after the German Independence War which occurred a few days earlier on November 20.

Mission Statement

According to the first statements of party founder and president DKN the FDD advocated free markets and low taxes. Further aimed were in achieving high level of the political transparency in Germany and intense cooperation with other nations.

Dissolution and Re-foundation

In January 2010 Poland conquered whole Germany. Again the country disappeared from the map. From January 10th till January 15th Dejan Vojvoda hold party presidency of the FDD in Poland. After PP elections the party went over to karol91 and was renamed in Partia Przyjaciol Piwa (Polish for Party of Beer Friends). The FDD was terminated official January 16th, 2010. The unofficial termination was announced on February 9th 2010.

On May 15th 2011 Dejan Vojvoda won the party president election of the party Die Pazifisten. He revived the FDD and fused with Die Liberalen.

Party Presidents

A list of FDD party presidents.

Year Month President Mandate Congressmen
2008 December DKN 1st ???
2009 January DKN 2nd ???
2009 February Isy 1st ???
2009 March Erwin Kroener 1st ???
2009 April G-StarStylo 1st ???
2009 May Billy Bob Joe/
Habraka Abrivianius
1st ???
2009 June Heir Holley 1st 11
2009 July Heir Holley 2nd 9(1)
2009 August monkey111 1st 4
2009 September monkey111 2nd 4
2009 October Elena Nova 1st 3
2009 November Elena Nova 2nd 1
2009 December Dejan Vojvoda 1st 1
2011 May Dejan Vojvoda 2nd 0
2011 June Dejan Vojvoda 3rd 1(2)
2011 July Dejan Vojvoda 4th 0
2011 August Dejan Vojvoda 5th 0
2011 September Dejan Vojvoda 6th 0
2011 October Dejan Vojvoda(3) 7th 0
2011 November oranje93 1st 0
(1)7 of the 9 elected congressman were member of the Polish Takeover Unit, which took over the German congress for a month.
(2)Maxxst acceded for the FDD with help of PULSeD.
(3)Frelenberger won on elections but left the party after 5 days. The vice president became new PP.

Avatar chronology

A new Avatar for the party was revealed on 20th October 2009.