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Dead citizen


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Nationality Flag-Norway.jpg Norwegian
Date of birth 18 February 2010
(Day 821)
Date of death Discovered on
01 October 2017
(Day 3603)
Residence Svalbard & Jan Mayen, Norway
Sex Male
Congress member of Norway
February 2010 – March 2010
March 2010 – April 2010
April 2010 – May 2010
May 2010 – June 2010
Party president of Teknokratene
April 2010 – May 2010
Preceded by Terje Hansen
May 2010 – June 2010
Succeeded by Yan Hoek
Minister of Public Relations of Norway
April 2010 – May 2010
Served under Bob Turkee
Preceded by decebal2_dac
May 2010 – June 2010
Served under Tommy Skaue
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Norway
May 2010 – June 2010
Served under Tommy Skaue
Preceded by Gatewayy
Succeeded by Sigurd Aasen
Country President of Norway
June 2010 – July 2010
Preceded by Tommy Skaue
Succeeded by Mr Gordon Gekko
September 2010 – November 2010
Preceded by Cl4trap
Succeeded by Tommy Skaue
January 2016 – February 2016
Preceded by M. de Ruyter
Succeeded by hans erik
Public Relations Organiser of EDEN
April 2010 – June 2010
Served under avec
Preceded by Makedonissa
Military rank Icon rank Titan.png Titan
Aircraft rank Senior airman 2.png Senior Airman**

Freke was born in Norway on February 18, 2010 and settled in the Vestlandet region where he lived most of his eLife.


Main article: Normanna Holding

In February 2010, Freke created the organization Normanna Holding, which acquired the Moving ticket company Wideroe, located in the Norwegian region Sorlandet. Shortly after, the oil company Aliaddin Oil was established, with gift manufacturing company Scandinavian Wellness and food manufacturing company Scandinavian Foods as new subsidiaries. A basic goal of the Normanna Holding companies has been to offer job positions to citizens with no skill to give them a better start in Norway. Freke has also established a currency trading organization, Normanna Handelsbank also located in Norway, as well as the experimental Axis Enterprises which was established for diamond mining in South Africa, but sold its company All Mine Inc. and moved to Russia after the occupation that was a result of the latest PTO in South Africa.


As a new citizen, Freke immediately oriented himself within the Norwegian political landscape and joined the Teknokratene party. Starting out as an active party member, he was elected Congress member in February 2010 within a week of his birth. He received his first governmental position in April 2010 when Bob Turkee appointed him Minister of Public Relations in the Turkee II government. In mid-April Freke was elected EDEN PR Organiser. Continuing as Minister of Public Relations in the May 2010 government under president Tommy Skaue, he also took charge of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He got elected Country President of Norway in the June 2010 elections.

As Teknokratene was once again started up at the beginning of 2012, Freke joined his former party to work alongside fellow Teknokrats.


Freke served as a captain in Det Norske Forsvaret.