Frente Anarkoholiko

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Frente Anarkoholiko

General Information
Country Flag-Spain.jpg Spain
Abbreviation FA
Forum Forum
Colors Black and Red
Founded September 2009 (est)
President DanielitoFC
Vice President manu1962
Members 8
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Orientation Far-Left
Ideology Anarchist

Frente Anarkoholiko (FA) is a Icon-Spain.png Spanish political party. Party is defined as a working class party, anarchist, freedom fighter and for common property. Against the tyranny and power. Open, of course, considering that the freedom of expression as an inalienable right of any eCitizen.



Frente Anarkohóliko members should promote the use (and why not, abuse) of beverages alcohol when you have the chance. Frente Anarkohóliko members pledge to pick a drinking binge at least weekly and then tell the forum the more lurid details of it. Any member of the Frente Anarkohóliko should ever waking without knowing where or what is that bump that is sleeping at his side. Nobody can say Frente Anarkohóliko will not drink even a hangover is to have so great hear as dust settles like guns. Frente Anarkohóliko as a whole it is committed to expanding cultural and political alcohol in every corner of the New World.


The party advocates political action through social upheaval, with the weapon of truth through newspapers.

The party tries to come to power and when it gets, even if it gets, only 1 congressman, the party will give to all Spanish people a choice for or against of the different proposals and other legislation.

The party will try to establish a system of direct democracy to deliver, indeed, the power. All state accounts have to be fully transparent (Except in extreme situations... e.g. when is an imminent danger or any other similar problems) because the moral obligation is to give to the people all information so that they could decide.


Frente Anarkoholiko is defined as an anti-imperialist party, a defender of freedom and natural boundaries (From RL), not to take part on the tyrant side in any war. Promote revolutionary actions on the lands occupied by the tyrans by using their on military unit (B.A.R) and cooperating with the armed anti-imperialist forces.

Frente Anarkoholiko is for full cooperation with Spanish allies. FA will attempt to reduce tensions with enemies looking for people that want peace in their ranks and governments. The party will also push its policy beyond its borders, trying to bring freedom to all eCitizens, since they also have the right to total freedom.


The party advocates that the worker is above all else, as well for control of prices of products by state enterprises to prevent predatory pricing.

FA has a long-term goal of eliminating the market economy in Spain and aiming for lower tax levels.

Paramilitary unit

Frente Anarkoholiko has its own military unit - B.A.R.


In February 2012, Miguel Bakunin, a member of FA become President of Spain.

History and party presidents

It is unsure when exactly that party was established, however first party elections were held in September 2009 and the first party president was Sergio Vela. The party in 2009, 2010 and 2011 counted all the time around 200 party members.