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Medal - Distinguished Service Order.png I, Field Marshal Artela, Minister of Defence, hereby award Frerk membership to the Distinguished Service Order as conferred by the United Kingdom Military Honours Committee.

Medal - Member of the British eRepublik Empire.png

I, Jhorlin, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, hereby appoint Frerk, Member of the Order of the British eRepublik Empire, as conferred by the United Kingdom Honours Committee.
Badge - Willems-Orde.jpg I, ElGorro, President of the Netherlands, hereby award Frerk the title of
Grand-Officer in the Willems-orde for military valor.
Badge - Orde der Nederlandse Leeuw.jpg I, ElGorro, President of the Netherlands, hereby award Frerk the title of
Commander in the Orde der Nederlandse Leeuw for political dedication to our country.

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Dead citizen


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Nationality Flag-United Kingdom.jpg British
Date of birth February 2009
Date of death Unknown
Residence London
Sex Male
Faith Dioism
Newspaper Frerk is a cool guy
President of UK
Jan 2011 – Feb 2011
Preceded by Jhorlin
Succeeded by Jhorlin
Congress member of UK
Minister of Foreign Affairs of UK
Minister of Defence of UK
Military rank Icon rank World Class Force**.png World Class Force**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Frerk was a politician and soldier born in the Netherlands and famous for his work in the alliances of PHOENIX and PEACE.

He is a former PHOENIX Secretary General, Dutch Prime Minister and British president and has hold numerous offices in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the alliances of PHOENIX and PEACEgc. He was a member of the United Kingdom Reform Party and the British Minister of Foreign Affairs.

General Information

Frerk was born at the 22nd of February 2009, in the North Region of the Netherlands

He has since been a member of many countries, and has been active in both PEACE and PHOENIX.

In June 2010 he quit, to come back later on the 19th of September 2010. After being a busy bee in the United Kingdom Frerk set to journey to the United States and joined the Ultramarines.

He was an owner of Biochemical Weaponry, which was a Dutch Weapons company founded by Frerk under the organization Biochemical Preservements.


Frerk started his political career in the Dutch center right party Iron & Wine, where he received his first seat in Dutch congress for the Northern region of the Netherlands. Frerk was originally situated in the Northern region of the Netherlands but moved to the Western Netherlands to profit of the Q4 hospital. For his second candidacy, Frerk went back to the Northern region and got elected there. Shortly after the elections first Dutch Q5 Hospital (Made in own country) was placed in this region.

Frerk became Secretary of State of Economics in the Dutch Cabinet Artemivanov III under the supervision of Luuklag. His task was to monitor and control the monetary market and taxes. He made a few mistakes but did well for his first ministerial job. A month later the Dutch politician Deviltje was chosen as Prime Minister in cabinet Deviltje III. Frerk was once again given the job of Secretary of State of Economics together with Luuklag.

In that time Belgium was a ghost state after they got free of the merger with the United Kingdom, and was bound to be taken over by the Spanish mercenary group Les Tropas Imperiales. As a last rescue option, the Netherlands and Belgium proceeded in a merger where Belgian president CreveRoeland retreated their three regions to the Dutch.

Congress History

Term Region Party
March 2009 - April 2009 Northern Netherlands Iron & Wine
April 2009 - May 2009 Northern Netherlands Iron & Wine
May 2009 - June 2009 Northern Netherlands Iron & Wine
June 2009 - July 2009 Northern Netherlands Iron & Wine
July 2009 - August 2009 Northern Netherlands Iron & Wine
August 2009 - September 2009 Southern Netherlands Libertarian Social Democrats
November 2009 - December 2009 Northern Netherlands Iron & Wine
February 2010 - March 2010 Western Netherlands Iron & Wine
April 2010 - May 2010 Western Netherlands Green Liberal Democrats
June 2010 - July 2010 Western Netherlands Green Liberal Democrats
August 2010 - September 2010 Lower Carniola Stranka Jeklene Slovenije
December 2010 - January 2011 South West of England The Unity Party
February 2011 London The United Kingdom Reform Party
September 2012 The Unity Party

Iron and Wine and a hyperactive glass cannon

At the party presidency elections 20 days later Frerk was elected Party President of Iron & Wine. As he was a new player he decided to do an attempt at making the party active in the hopes of people helping him out. He introduced their IRC channel and created the official organization for Iron & Wine. While increasing activity in the party worked out, the congress elections did not. The Belgian Party, which came to live after a small baby boom by Wallonians, became the biggest party and formed a coalition government with the Libertarian Social Democrats and Iron and Wine.

Frerk became minister of Home Affairs in the cabinet that was created through this coalition, but his temper made him clash with several members of the Belgian Party, which made him leave the Government before the end of his mandate. Frerk opened a poll to abolish the Dutch Supreme Court, but because of a wrong approach the poll was biased and Frerk was accused of fraud, which ultimately made him resign. He joined the government again a few days later when he became Deviltje's assistant on the Ministry of Raw Materials, a task that gave him something to do while enabling him to focus on his party Iron & Wine. While Frerk did manage to improve activity in Iron & Wine, even more, it did not pay off in the congress elections of May, in which they only managed to get 7 seats.

While the Belgian Party's power increased Iron & Wine's declined. After the congress elections in May, the Belgian Party's President ThomasRed became Prime Minister in cabinet ThomasRed I. In this coalition Frerk continued as Deviltje's assistant on the Ministry of Raw Materials. Under Frerk's Party Presidency, the Iron & Wine candidate Jazar became the Dutch President.

In July, Frerk ran for the presidency, with the endorsement of President Jazar and his party, but with only 59 votes he didn't manage to win the elections from ThomasRed. A month later Frerk retried, but those elections ended in disaster because of Frerk's inactivity, and Frerk decided to quit politics for a while.

Tripping on LSD and shouting for PEACE

He came back later on in August and joined the Libertarian Social Democrats. Because the Dutch Minister of Defense Andreas Isaksson resigned due to real life issues this position became vacant. Frerk immediately applied and was accepted as Minister. This position introduced him into PEACE. Because ThomasRed lacked experience Frerk replaced him as Dutch representative in PEACEgc.

Frerk became Minister of Defense in the 2 following governments, but ultimately was impeached because he stole 62 gold.

He continued in PEACE, as commander he helped set up the experimental PEACEkeepers special forces, which were made as a reaction on EDEN's marine corps. He ran in the elections for PEACEKeeper Secretary General, but lost to Ilija Bozic. Because of the rules set for that election, Frerk became Ilija's deputy. In a bunch of command switches, Frerk became the Secretary General of the PEACEKeeping forces.

On October 22, 2009, came the ultimate test. The Romanian force 'The Group' attacked the United Netherlands in a series of Resistance Wars. The entire PEACEKeepers budget was used in fighting and supplying people, but ultimately, Brussels fell. Belgium was an independent state again.

When Italy withdrew itself from PEACE on November 11, 2009 because they did not agree with the new charter, many countries followed. On the 15th of December, leading nation France dissolved the alliance, effectively ending the PEACE era, and with that, the PEACEKeeping forces.

Return to the Netherlands - We do not forget, we do not forgive

Frerk came back to the Netherlands, and became a General in the Dutch Army. Because people had not yet forgotten Frerk's theft, he was put under probation.

Shortly after, he became Party President of Iron & Wine, leading them to the largest victory since February 2009(20 out of 40 seats, or 50%). He formed a coalition together with the Green Liberal Democrats and the Libertarian Party, with himself as Prime Minister, which lead to huge discussions, because Frerk was put under probation and his punishment did not yet end. However, the government agreed on removing Frerk's probation so he could become Prime Minister.

One of the promises he made was to sort out the unification with Belgium, which was still not sorted. Because Belgium had already regained their independence in game, Frerk decided to do a referendum. The referendum was flawed, and so were the results. Nevertheless, he decided to dissolve the union, which lead to a lot of discussions. Later on, Frerk decided to step down as Prime Minister, because he was already doing too much in PHOENIX, and he did not have enough time.


Frerk has been involved in both PEACE and PHOENIX, and multiple armies, namely the Flying Dutchmen, UNL Elites, Special Air Service, British Army and the Global Community PEACEKeeping Force. He was Private in the Royal Artillery and Major in the ATC2 Platoon.


Frerk is a proud carebear

When he became Minister of Defense, he was made United Netherlands representative in PEACE. When they started out with PEACEkeepers, Frerk got in and decided to help out. At the start PEACEkeepers, while not greatly organized, had a lot of potentials.

PEACE housed some of the world's strongest soldiers and best strategists. Frerk learned most of the organizational skills he houses today in PEACEkeepers. This got him a good reputation, and lead to him being awarded Emeritus in the General Council.


When Frerk got put under probation in the Netherlands due March, he became a General in the Dutch army. Because of that, he got access to PHOENIX. It quickly turned out Frerk liked PHOENIX a lot more than he liked the Netherlands. Frerk attempted to install a PHOENIX Elite unit, but the General Council called it off because it was an extremely fund-intensive project, something which PHOENIX still has issues with. Later on, he managed to become the keymaster a newly introduced position which task was to assist Donnie Bronco with the access of PHOENIX channels and the google document. This job introduced Frerk to the real deal and it returned his interest in diplomatic and foreign affairs.

With takeovers becoming more common everywhere in the world, PHOENIX introduced a new department; the PHOENIX Takeover department. After it was introduced, Dogett became Secretary General of the department, and Frerk became the deputy. His task was to coordinate the ATO operations in Belgium. When it became clear Belgium was secure, he gave the order to retreat all ATO forces. Because of a deal, Frerk makes with his EDEN counterpart Rod Damon the Americans did the same. When Doggett resigned because he couldn't keep up with the work and had trouble finding himself interested in the game Frerk became his successor. Ultimately Frerk had to quit because he won the election for Secretary General of PHOENIX, and he assigned Nemanja Veselinovic to succeed him.

Frerk for SG, the beginning

In the April elections, he ran as a candidate for the position of PHOENIX Secretary General against Dishmcds and Kistru, who ran together. The support of 7 countries wasn't enough, he lost with 7 votes for him, versus 9 for the other candidates. Because it turned out that Dishmcds had a few real life problems Frerk soon assumed an unofficial deputy position. His task wasn't that different from his job as keymaster, and this position gave Frerk some of the necessary experience for running as Secretary General the month after.

Frerk for SG, take 2

A month later he tried again, together with Nameisis, to become the Secretary General. This time he succeeded, except for 3, all member countries voted him. However, Nameisis quit the game a couple of days later, leaving him alone. He was an active Secretary General, and showed to be willing to find other solutions than an invasion. He agreed to let Latvia and Estonia discuss a possible training war, but those discussions went wrong, and ultimately caused Supreme Commander Kurzemes Karalis Kristaps to resign and Latvia dropping out of the alliance. While his mandate wasn't marked by any large military accomplishments, he managed to pay back part of the gargantuan debts PHOENIX had made during their military campaigns.

Frerk for SG - Frerk is back

In September PHOENIX had an extreme lack of activity. The only battles they were active in were the extremely important fights for Liaoning and Far Eastern Russia. Because this would eventually lead to the death of PHOENIX, Frerk decided to run for Secretary General. In the elections which were held at 30 September, Frerk lost with 7 votes against his opponent Clueless with 10 votes.

A day later, Frerk accepted Clueless' offer to become Deputy Secretary General. Together with Clueless and the 3 Supreme Commanders (Tavo92, teknik562 and Dermont) they hoped to survive the last battle of PHOENIX.

On the 16th of October Frerk resigned this position due to him strongly disagreeing with the way the defence of Russia and Slovenia were handled. A day later he accepted the position of Minister of Foreign Affairs in the United Kingdom.

Taking the boat

When Frerk came back to eRepublik he decided to emigrate to the United Kingdom, which at the time was a larger and more active country. Frerk came back on the 20th of September and joined The Unity Party[1]. Because of his past in PHOENIX and PEACE GC he was regarded as an extremely experienced player, and he was made an advisor for the British Congress soon after.

Due to a mistake, Frerk ran for Presidency under his minority party, and ended third against GGRyan, who won, and Johnobrow Dadds who ended second. Because Johnobrow was deemed a potential threat to the UK it was attempted to make Frerk finished second, however, it did not go as planned. During this term, the new minister of Technologic Affairs Draaglom accepted Frerk as an apprentice.

In early October the military found out they had been robbed of all their property by petros13, an insider, Frerk became a member of the civil service and had a leading role in the investigation. He and Iain Keers proved to be essential in solving the theft and managed to have most of the stolen property reimbursed by the admins.

Because of his excellent history and his role in the civil service, Frerk accepted the position of Minister of Foreign Affairs on 16 October, after his predecessor jamesw had to resign due to RL problems.

At the 1st of November, Frerk was elected as PHOENIX Secretary General once more, after having been deputy to Clueless, the Secretary General he lost from in an earlier election. However his term was struck by a stroke of bad luck: due to PHOENIX making massive costs in a futile attempt to free a few essential regions, and the Bulgarians' increasing distrust with the rest of PHOENIX, tensions rose. It became increasingly harder to organize the bulky, divided militaries of PHOENIX, causing 3 out of 4 Supreme Commanders to resign and ultimately Frerk having to open new elections.

During his term as Secretary General he had also been made commander of a new group of special forces in the British Military, which was created in the reorganization after the theft. He resigned this post on the 20th of November, claiming he could no longer find the interest required to perform well.

In the early elections on the 22nd of November former UK president Iain Keers succeeded Frerk as PHOENIX Secretary General. This meant the end of Frerk's career in PHOENIX, although he stayed as an Emeritus extravaganza until Phoenix crashed a month later.

On the 15th of December Frerk successfully ran for Party President of The Unity Party. He promised an increase in members and better congress results. These promises were fulfilled at the 25th of December when the Unity Party gained 14 seats in the elections and once again became the biggest party in the UK.

Frerk announced his intention to run for President of the UK on the 27th of December, backed by the Unity Party. His initial opponent was Lionbeard, who was a candidate for the United Kingdom Reform Party, but Frerk managed to gather the support of both the British Democratic Party and Radical Freethinkers' Alliance, ultimately leading to Lionbeard standing down. Instead Sir Humphrey Appleby ran for the UKRP, but Frerk won nonetheless.

Frerk's term started out well, however, Frerk found it increasingly difficult to manage both eRepublik and his real life at the same time, causing his activity to gradually decline. The work was mostly being taken over by his Minister of Foreign Affairs Keram10. At the end of January, he left TUP for UKRP. Because Frerk did not feel at home in TUP and a few of his old friends were in UKRP he decided to hop over, something which was frowned upon, as Frerk was elected president for TUP.

The period of time after Frerk's presidential term was marked by lesser activity. While he has performed a few jobs in the UKRP and has been a multiple time minister he did not actively pursue a greater purpose and no longer participated on an international level. He slowly took on a more centralised position in the UKRP and ran for the presidency in May, but lost to Artela. In the months following his defeat, Frerk gradually became less interested in the game, ultimately leading to him leaving for the United States. He went abroad and joined the Ultramarines. However, he disliked the USA and returned to his homeland in November. Because he couldn't find anything interesting to do there either he decided to go back to the only nation he still had ties to the United Kingdom. He was let in illegally by Sir Humphrey Appleby, a Congressman for the UKRP.[2]

Because he wanted to become more involved he applied to be a minister in the following cabinet, but instead of a minister position, he was offered to become a deputy minister on the Ministry of Legislative Affairs. A few weeks later, when the UK was in peril, he was made a full cabinet member as an advisor by Thomas765 due to his extensive experience. However even as a cabinet member, Frerk did not manage to maintain his newfound interest and he quit the game again shortly after.

Frerk once again came back in the latter half of 2012, as a member of The Unity Party. He was elected to Congress but failed to do anything noteworthy. When older players attempted to resurrect the United Kingdom Reform Party Frerk promptly rejoined to help out. Frerk applied to become Minister of Foreign Affairs to BigAnt, and was given the job, but he resigned again during Christmas after BigAnt made a few large diplomatic mistakes.


Position Amount of terms Organization or country
Secretary General 2 Phoenix
Deputy Secretary General 1 Phoenix
Keymaster 1 Phoenix
Commander 1 PEACEkeepers
Country President 1 The Netherlands
Minister of Defense 3 The Netherlands
Minister of Domestic Affairs 1 The Netherlands
Minister of Recruitment 1 The Netherlands
State Secretary of Economic Affairs 3 The Netherlands
State Secretary of Raw Materials 2 The Netherlands
Chairman of Congress 2 The Netherlands
Country President 1 The United Kingdom
Minister of Foreign Affairs 3 The United Kingdom
Minister of Defense 1 The United Kingdom
Minister of Legislative Affairs 2 The United Kingdom
Deputy Minister of Legislative Affairs 1 The United Kingdom
Speaker of the House of Commons 1 The United Kingdom
General 1 The United Kingdom Special Forces
Party President 3 Iron & Wine
Party President 1 The Unity Party