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From the Archives of eCanada is series of articles published by Chucky Norris in his newspaper The Norris Times. These articles cover all major events occurred in Canadian history.

Part 1: The Pre French-Toast era

The Nave Toe's war

One of the last battle of Beta. Also known as the CanAm War, this war is not very well known among the younger citizen, which is probably due to the relation between the two nations that some qualify as a Bromance. But it happened, at first, it was mostly to get the US active again. Furthermore, it was definitely doable from a military point of view. Canadians back then were few, disorganized and without any major power backing them. From the US Point of view, the plan was sound, and could bring major reward as Canada has always been more luxuriant with high resource region. It was Nave Saikiliah who started this war and later on was given the honor of having its name on a war. However, there are some quite interesting pieces of information that are only coming out today about the reason behind the war.

At first, Dishmcds was given the mandate to Sign up a PanAM Pact with Canada in order to foster economic cooperation. However one day, Nave switched right around and asked Dish to get the men's ready for war. This was a most unexpected turn of events even for the dish: Awesome, I thought. I just spent two weeks negotiating an Alliance, and now I get to piss them off. In talking with him on chat, he changed my goal from coordinating with Canada to irritating them, something I tend to be quite good at.. Dish also mentioned the lack of American Troops before the Invasion, as he mentioned in this conversation: I guess Operation Canadian Irritation was successful. We had around 30 troops. Sounds like a great start to invading Canada, when we were supposed to have 700 (hurr).

As can be seen from the MEDIA at the epoch, the exchanges between the two countries were quite harsh.

At the opening, it truly was a one-way thing. Canadian regions were falling one after the other up to the point where only Nunavut was left standing. Even the American President would be seen taking on Faltnor himself as this article depicted. But as the Americans Pressed on further with their invasion, support started to arise all over in the world in support of the Canadian Fighters. Traditional allies such as Spain, the UK and Romania were among the people that helped us maintain our sovereignty but they weren't the only one. And this is interesting, it was a member of the Mediterranean Alliance who came to help us, of which we counted on France and Italy. It's quite surprising when you see how the world turned out. But these relations were mostly spoiled by the French Toast War that came after this. But I digress as this will be discussed in another article.

The invasion also had the unexpected effect of being a game changer for Canada. The community became organised, methodic and dedicated. A new player emerged such as Banach, already proven leader stepped their game up as well to rally the few Canadians of the time. Among the notable figure of the time, we could see Adam Sutler, John Wilkmot, Antonio Fonti. From this point, Unity would help them accomplish great deeds. As we've seen so many times, our country in itself doesn't hold itself together. To achieve real unity, we need a cataclysm, a tragedy that will put everyone on the same team. It is only in such circumstance that greatness can be accomplished in our nation. It could be considered sad, but when it really matters, we have a tendency to show our worth. As it can be seen in this article by president Nave, we can see how the perception of Canada changed in the eyes of America. It can now be argued that this conflict forged the respect needed to build a solid foundation for what would become later known as the Bromance.

Despite everything that was public, looting of the treasury was also quite blatant as can be seen in this quote:

Nave ran for election again (amazingly, he won, mainly because he sent emails to every single active US citizen telling them he would “right” the US economy) against Dishmcds and Benn Dover (who both won later). Upon leaving Office, out of the Icon-gold.gif 2,100 GOLD or so that the US treasury had, Nave stole all but 212 of it, along with about 100,000 USD (which he then proceeded to use to invade Hungary from Czechoslovakia, among other things). Faltnor got away with his Gold, Wilkmot allegedly stole assets from the Canadian Bank, and Fonti and a fair few others left to go run Switzerland (where they promptly took the assets from there as well, when Italy and France invaded them).

Another quite interesting piece of the archive would be this epic summary of the way by sutler himself

The Norsefire Revolution

This shift in Politics in Canada came to life from the Norsefire Party, which would, later on, be renamed the CPF. At the time the Great figure behind this was none other than Adam Sutler. The Great leader that can embody Excellence from the early days. Adam Sutler left such an impact on our society that he is still very present in legends today.

The revolution itself was one of social change. As before this moment, there was a very limited ministry. To level the field, the government created a company that would help the young players to get a job and mentoring service. This was very helpful in educating the mass and giving a boost to an economy that was still recovering from the CanAm War. The revolution also gave Canada one of its most ancient treasures, the Constitution of Canada. It has since been modified a few time, but it is still a testament to its origins.

Another important change is the development of Relations at the international level. Bonds were tightened with many new nations that we came to know during the Can Am war. This made Canada an important player around the world as another country would be more and more interested in. This also was a test for the mettle of Sutler, as he has been faced with a difficult choice between different allies. A conflict was brewing in Eastern Europe in what would become one of the biggest rivalry in this game: Hungary and Romania. Canada was in debt to both of these countries, and this is why the stance that has been chosen was a defensive one. Adam Sutler chooses to defend whatever country would be attacked in its home region. Never participating in any offensive action. This is the most notable Diplomatic event of the Norsefire Revolution.

At some point, the Norsefire Party started to see some growing opposition in the political scenery. The Social Democrats of Cottus Arci that rose up to have been the first political split in Canada since the beginning of the Norsefire Revolution that lasted about 4 months. After this, a massive shift in politic occurred and the CSD have been ruling most of the subsequent months.


At first, Canada was Part of the Mediterranean Alliance. However, this didn't last long as the members were divergent on many issue's. From this, Canada Followed Spain to ATLANTIS.


This alliance was pretty young during the era that is the focus of this article. But for the time being, we can retain that Atlantis had these members:

Part 2: French Toast

The Beginning of the Two blocks.

Although both Alliances (PEACE GC and Atlantis) were created before November 2008, I choose to only talk about it more deeply here as French Toast was one of the first Conflicts where multiple nations would clash in the direct attack between PEACE GC and Atlantis.

While Atlantis was mainly founded by a member of the Northern Alliance and a few Mediterranean Alliance member, PEACE GC (or People of Earth Associated under Common Excellence: Global Community) was born out of the FIST alliance integrating Members from the PANAM alliance and the Med.

The Prototype Flag for FIST

PEACE GC was purely a response to Atlantis who had grown way too powerful to face separately. PEACE GC had no proper identity and keeping everyone together would prove a challenge more than once with the amount of country present in the alliance. However, strong leadership have maintained this alliance alive for far longer than most would have predicted.

PEACE logo.

The first test was in Hungary, but it was nothing in comparison to what would happen later on in French Toast. Where Peace Had to defend one of its members to the very end. On top of this, The Man in command was none other than Matthieu Bonne, a famous French Politician.

From this point, there was no possibility to be Neutral in the World, as most attempts would either be met with invasion or on the contrary, help against the invader. This created a situation where you had to pick a side. We are still living this scenario as of today. Just like Back when Communism and Capitalism would meet everywhere on the planet, PEACE GC and Atlantis would fare against each other at every chance they had.

The force of Atlantis that took part in the operation French Toast was numerous. Out of these most notably was two powerhouses in Sweden and Spain, both of which were already battle hardened, something that would prove invaluable in this conflict.

Atlantis logo.

But these two countries wouldn't be the only invaders in this epic war, as Canada, the UK and the United Stade would band together for the attack. This overwhelming force was something quite new to the Warfare in eRepublik. Which was one of the reasons why everyone were so successful at first.

Operation French Toast

Unquestionably the most epic war ever witnessed so far in the game (at that epoch). Fortunately, I've been able to recover an incredibly good article in the archives which was detailing everything that happened there. However, I shouldn't be credited with most of the work, as it was mainly Potier (THE most famous French Writer) who did this masterpiece. The original article can be found here. It's only in French, but it's a most interesting piece of writing even if you don't understand the language.

At first, it was only the Spanish invasion:


December 4-5

3 simultaneous battle erupted on the southern border of France. Leaving the defenders in mayhem has they scatter around trying to resist the Iberian Powerhouse. Meanwhile, Canada, USA, UK and Sweden will all start the Declaration of War on France in order to join in the fun.

December 7


Having a the DoW out of the way, The UK, US and Canada are moving on the French coast. The Swedish army will take advantage of such activity and launch their attack as well on the region of Lorraine. All of these attacks were successful.

December 8


France Decided to only focus on the Canadian assault, winning the battles they could at least. However, Canada replied to this by hiring Spanish Mercenary. The battle was won, but at the cost of having Canada out of the game because of lack of supply.

December 9-10


France won its first battle on the 10th, as they stopped the British Attack in Picardy. Even though both the US and Sweden continued their advance, at least it was a moral victory for the French.

December 11


As the Canadians did, the Americans ran out of supply as their infrastructure wasn't as much geared up for a military operation as Spain or Sweden. However, both the Spanish and Swedish forces were able to go a bit further in. This would be the last time Atlantis Force's would know victory in France for the remainder of French Toast.

December 12-17

As everybody ran out of Gold and Weapon eventually, France slowly got back up on its feet. There was nothing stopping them from taking back the regions and within a week, recovered the entire country. Thus ended a great part of our history.

But what caused this plan to fail so badly? Poor communication was one of the issues. As Canada wasn't planning on opening more fronts because of an internal problem. The plan was poorly planned as well. Atlantis HQ decided to leave France alive instead of finishing it, one of the reason was that Romania was going for Russia. This lack of coordination really took its toll on the Allied effort. Would the result have been different had the proper force been applied when necessary, probably, even if the total conquest was far from being assured. From this, I think people learned that in order to win a war, you had to enter it with a ton of Gold to properly fund continuous battle in order to maintain the block. But this is all history now...

The CSD Hegemony

For those of you that only came here recently, the Party known as EPIC, wasn't always named like this. Before the Merging with the CNC, it was named the CSD or Canadian Social Democrats. Much in the same alignment as the EPIC Party, it was a left wing party (if that means anything nowadays). The CSD used to control the entire Canadian Political Scene. As we've seen with the previous edition. Cottus Arci rose up with the CSD to take what influence the Norsefire Party had. And in time, the CSD grew up to be the biggest party in all of Canada rounding up more than 300 members at one point, which was quite a feat back then. This sheer number was translating quite well both in congress election and CP election.

And this is how Zanalan came to power in January and even got elected to a second mandate. Although he has been mocked at multiple occasion in the past, this man was no fool, he was quite intelligent. Sadly this couldn't make up with the biggest weakness he had. He was as active as a Zombie Worker. Which even led to people questioning if Zanalan was even real at all. I encourage you to read this fantastic TROLL from AB, this should be considered part of our heritage!

This inactivity is probably what lead to the Election of Bruck on March 05. Even if Bruck influence was undeniable at the epoch, Zanalan poor showing made the transition easier.

The Boomers

What Can be considered one of the most prolific time of the Canadian Growth System? Although there was no clear correlation between what had been done and the numbers of Player coming to the game, there was something undeniable, Canada was Booming! This leads us from a mere 3k citizen to almost 6k in a matter of weeks. I was one of those born during this time, but I am far from being alone, even today, a famous player still plays the game, General Ramizeth, Former president Dade Pendwyn, Kelly Mahoney, CAF officer Mary Chan, Pifreak, Famous politicians such as Jacobi and Nosyt. It was indeed a great time for the country as we started to be more and more relevant on the world stage.

When this generation came to maturity 2-3 months later, we also saw an important change in Politics as it was part of the support that helped Jacobi win against the CEP candidate, Alexander Rearden, eCanada's financial Guru. This is one of the few things we will look at more deeply with the next article From the Archives of Canada - Part3.

Part 3: The Bruck Presidency

This next episode will focus mainly on the Bruck Presidency. This time span started on the 5th of March 2009 and ended in June 2009.

Political Front


Bruck was undoubtedly the figure of change back then. As the CSD was lording over the Canadian Political scene in early 2009 with the most members, much in a way the DAL has done recently, the CEP was growing in support daily as people wanted something different. This resulted in a loss of Zanalan at the hand of Bruck in March 2009. Some saw this as a Personal defeat for zanalan has he was ruling the CSD with an Iron fist.

 Zanalan had the CSD run like the CEP could only dream. He held all the power and nothing happened without his say so. Luckily for the CEP, he wasn't active and so while we were seen as the nationalist populist front (it really could be compared to Nazism in Pre-WWII Germany, it was that powerful) the CSD was seen as old and outdated. The CEP grew very quickly at the expense of the Socialist CSD (as people took a more realist approach to eRep, the CSD had been RP'ers). Not everything was rosy of course. The first term I had the support of even people like Scorp. After the Dominik campaign, the seeds of some serious hatred were sewn in what would become the DAL and ever since there has been a conflict. 

Party-Canadian Empire Party v2.jpg

The CEP held on to power quite well during that period. Even the super coalition of Dominik failed in gaining the upper seat of power. The result was close as Bruck won with 52% over 48% for Dominik. But nonetheless, Bruck retained power and in the next election (may), he would win quite easily against a CSD that was losing it's speed ultimately to never grab power again since the election of Zanalan in February 2009.

This loss of speed can be attributed partly to the CSD losing key members like Zanalan and Cleomystra (not sure about the name). Cleo left after a very rough PP campaign that saw her being the target of heinous messaging. It is unclear whether she was getting her support with Multi as the rumours were suggesting or simply normal voters. Point is, the CSD lost quite a few members there and it can be argued that the DAL benefited from this political Shift.

Following this, however, was the rise of Jacobi and the CPP. Why did it happen in the first place? A few problems have plagued the Bruck administration during those months. Namely Financial Scandal. There has been two theft in the defence department. One of those two which was of 35k CAD transferred to an organisation called the evil one. This theft has been labelled on Gofarman at the epoch which reflected poorly on the CEP. A lot of people were holding grudge against the party for the money lost. Some took it harder than others. At this time I was in the CAF and I remember we didn't get anything during a complete month or just Moving tickets to move. Every weapon had to be supplied by ourselves. On top of this, the Loan program for Canadian business suffered the biggest lost it had ever experienced. Minister of Finance (and candidate for the CEP in June 2009) Alexander Rearden started to loan money to a private businessman. One of them was The Kommie. He was loaned Icon-gold.gif 200 GOLD to start the first Canadian q5 Housing company. However, The company was still for sale and has never been removed from the market offer. So when he actually started upgrading the company, somebody snatched one hell of a deal on a Q5 housing company. Thus Icon-gold.gif 200 GOLD was lost in the process. Although Alexander Rearden had no way of actually knowing this would happen, it was one more stain on his campaign. And thus Canada moved on the Jacobian era.

Military Front

These months were mostly known as the time when Romania was the leading nation in the world. After having conquered Russia a few months ago, it was well established that Romania was the juggernaut of the New World, followed closely by Indonesia. Romania at its pinnacle had about 50 regions in various countries of Asia and a Hungarian region. For this very reason, most of the offensive manoeuvres were planned from Romania and about every single country had troop stationed in Romania, to provide exp to their fighters and damage to Romania.

The Romanian Empire

Even their Elite army was considered one of the best in the world


At the time, the CAF had about 100 soldiers stationed in Romania permanently. It was one of the very few places for Canada to get some training as we would normally get battle every 3 weeks. And I hear people complaining about not fighting every day? Eh, you should have been there! But that's just me roaming about the past I guess! So... Romania... yes, it was quite a power. It was almost to the point of reaching Indonesia. However, that was before hax started to fling around widely. This lead to Romania losing Western Siberian Region (the world most prized region) and the collapse of the Romanian empire. In front of this, Sebahma (Romanian President) released an article stating that Romania would not fight anymore in these battle and within a week got back to its original region. However, this was far from the end for Romania, as they pulled an incredible stunt right after. Effectively PTOing Indonesia in the wake.

While the Romania collapse was happening, something happened as well here. Canada attacked France on its core to drain some damage. President Bruck decided to give what the people wanted in a TW and it would help the economy, little did he know that these MPP would be used to take out Canada 3 months later.

 Looking back it was a foolish decision to start that TW. Everyone wanted a battle (it was much the same situation as Rolo had been in a few weeks ago) and I couldn't offer one without consequences. So I did. looking back I consider myself still a noob while I was President and that is not something I would do again (even if those MPP's were not used against us later). 

This shaped the next conflict that would affect directly Canada, The North American invasion. This will be the main subject of the next article.


Also, an important conflict that happened during this time was the Polish-Swedish conquest of Germany. If you look at it from a tactical point of view it was definitely nothing big. A pretty casual conflict even. But the ramification it had after led to a massive chain reaction of event that would reshape the world.

Germany at this time would be invaded for a few reasons, most notably it's high grain regions which would help countries such as Poland and Sweden who have no other high resource. The conflict was particular because Germany was a Trial Member within Atlantis and was under attack by Atlantis member in Sweden And Poland. Most Atlantis nation Took the road of neutrality refusing to help Germany. However a group of nations was not in agreement with this mentality. The US were ordered not to fight there, despite having several members lashing out an incredible amount of damage for the German side, such as the president. Eventually, they started to pull off from this. Two countries kept their MPP with Germany the UK and Canada. The UK was asking their citizen to use it as a TW while Canada openly asked their citizen to fight hard to help our Germanic Ally. Such stance tore Atlantis inner relation to piece and eventually led to its fall. And on Day 548, Atlantis was no more. Atlantis Secretary-General Shadowukcs pronounced the dissolution in this article.

The last great conflict of this time in which Canada took part was the Greek liberation. Which happened during the middle of May 2009. This Operation was Spearheaded by the US-Marines and Eugene Harlot



One of the best Operation I took part in my whole eLife (that's something to say from someone who's been around for more than 1.5 years). We had for mission to sabotage the Turkish Production system and Liberate the Country by the use of Resistance War. Turkey had absolutely no chance and within a week we liberated every single region that was occupied. This was made despite Hungarian reinforcement coming in full swing at some point. The emotion was really awesome as liberty had come to embrace the Greek people as can be seen here.

Part 4: The Hungarian Menace and Cobra

These events took place in June and July 2009.



After the fall of Atlantis, the alliance members split into two groups, on one side the concrete alliance of Eden, and on the other the perspective of forming Fortis, an alliance that would be focused on Northern Atlantic interest. Fortis never came to completion due to various problems but it was nonetheless a term commonly used by many to designate this specific group, or what was left of it.

The news were first announced in the US and it truly did garner much interest at first[1]. Sadly this enthusiasm wasn't fully shared by our English allies. The main concern they had was with the weight voting system that would have given more power to the US (but also more payment to the alliance coffer). Later on, it was scrapped as a compromise but the UK still rejected the offer as can be seen in this article.

The UK entered a so called stance of neutrality. But in reality, they had approached PEACE GC to integrate their alliance since a few months. Something that the administration would deny, but was widely recognised in the rest of the world.

Later on we would see what was about to be the greatest treachery in our history with the UK declaring their intent to hold a TW with Hungary in Scotland, of course, it was merely a subterfuge to get Hungary in Canada, and later on, link up with Asia. The reward for this was a few regions for the UK. Which they all lost quickly once the liberation started. The UK at the time was quite insistent on the fact that they wanted to remain neutral and were still our friend. Even as they marched toward our land, no one has ever admitted this. This is one of the particular reason why UK-Canadian relation is so tedious even today.

What remained of the US-Canada relation would later come to be known as the Brolliance. Despite Fortis never having been official, it is still something that has been widely used in the world to designate the Canadian and American Troop fighting during the Invasion of North America in the summer of 2009.

The Distension within Fortis can be seen as one of the major events that led to the Invasion of North America just as much as French Toast itself.



Cobra was the first eTerrorist organisation in Canada and provided the Canadian public with quite a lot of lulz during its existence. Orchestrated by the master of media manipulation, Augustus Baldwin, Cobra has been ransoming the government for secrets and trying another scheme. The Silent War between the CSIS and Cobra was the most complex event between two Canadian Force in the entire Canadian History. Mostly because both side actually ignored who was with who at the time.

This article was to be the start of the great ultimatum launched by the Cobra Commander (none other than Augustus Baldwin) to the Jacobi Administration. The ultimatum was launched in the hope of obtaining 1000 CAD from the government or else secret would be leaked to PEACE GC.

In response to this Jacobi made quite a memorable speech that would be remembered in Canada for a long time. His response while simple was everything that was needed.

The threat would reveal itself of being quite a hoax as nothing was really at stake. After the government of Canada refused to give in, Cobra released this article indicating that they didn't even give the secret away as there was probably very few, to begin with.

It is quite unclear for how long Cobra has been operating after, but one thing is sure, Cobra doesn't have any active project for now.

The Hungarian Menace


The Hungarian have tried in the past to PTO us on two separate occasions. The first one was a successful Take over of the PNQ (Parti National Québécois) by the Huns. This attempt was however repealed quite easily and this is why I will only approach the second attempt that was definitely more organised.

But first, let's put us back in the context of the July Congress election. The invasion of Canada was well underway and we had already lost a few regions. On top of this, the Huns were trying to PTO us to speed things up and put an end rapidly to the Canadian Conflict.

They took a small party and made it reach Top5 quickly and from there Renamed it the Canadian Federal Party, they have been able to gather around 400 voters as well for this operation. Only with perfectly organised ATO would we be able to repel them. Something that was taken in charge by Speaker of Congress Goran Thrax:

 Being Speaker meant that I was effectively in charge of Congress and the fight against the last great PTO effort Canada ever faced. Hungary took control of a minor party, raised it to top 5 status and attempted to win a majority of Congress using over 400 votes for their own candidates. Through careful organization and the cooperation of almost all politically active citizens votes were mobilized and a slim majority for Canada was maintained. 
(Goran Thrax)

Coordination effort can be found here.

We had to tread carefully at this epoch as regular sabotage proposal was being launched by the Huns congressman on a daily basis. The count was 20 congressman for Canada, 16 for the Huns and 1 glitch congressman. If a few congressmen went inactive on a certain day, things could go wrong in an instant! The voting was insanely high as we can in this wiki piece. We can see an increase of more than 75% vote between the month of June and July with an impressing 1768 votes in July.

This was effectively the last time we had any serious PTO threat in Canada by a foreign organised group.

Part 5: The North American Invasion


Before we start with the actual invasion. I'd like to aboard some event that was part of the planning to actually allow Hungary to reach Asia. It was far from what we imagined at first. But one of the side effects of the war was Hungary Swapping all the way through Canada to Asia.


What we see here is the Hungarian-UK training war that was talked about in the previous chapter. It is essential to know that the UK was pretexting a TW and not to openly bring an enemy next to our door. It is from the UK that Hungary has been able to follow up in Canada and occupy some of our most productive regions like Nunavut, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Of course, a few days into the war and we could clearly see that the UK had turned their back on us forever. Preferring a few resource region to our long friendship before this event. Oh well, we had to keep on moving forward.

And on Day 602, it finally happened. The invasion of North America started with a full clash between the two super alliance in Nova Scotia. It was quite a battle. Even the Spaniard came in mass to this as Taguaro would steal the BH and do an insane amount of damage. Make no mistake, our allies were committed to our defense. The opposition, however, was too much to handle under the current circumstance.

I've found some archive article from Banach and Augustus Baldwin, I will quote them a lot as I believe that they are a very vibrant testimony of what is going on among the populace. Also, I'll be posting articles from Jacobi that was prime minister at the time.

Speaking of reference, I'd like to invite you to read THIS and THIS. These two articles are reflecting quite well what was going on in the early days of the war. For anyone that was there at the time, they will remember how united we were in the face of adversity. I saw the best from my fellow countrymen at this time. This almost makes me want to be invaded again... It would surely fix some issues we have right now.

What is to be remembered in this war is the few key events that went on diplomatically. I can count 2 of them that really defined our relationship with other countries from this point. The PEACE GC Peace treaty to Canada, and the offer they made to the US.

These two events are key in what would arise in the resistance after. Had they made a more generous offer, I think we could be in a totally different Alliance. However, These treaties were so insulting that no self-respecting Canadian would ever agree to it. Such condition as not getting back region like Alberta, Quebec, Nunavut, Northwest territory and NFL. We would also have to pay Icon-gold.gif 300 GOLD per region for PEI, NS, NB and YUKON.

From this came a unilateral plea for resistance. I would like to direct you to the unofficial Response given by Augustus to the PEACE GC offer. It was quite epic!

We weren't the only ones receiving such an offer however, as the US have received something very similar. However, their terms were a little bit more appealing, and thus they decided to go with it. Naturally, this didn't go well with Canada and some said the answer to this should have been NUTS, others were in shock and were very vocal about it in their Newspaper. One thing is certain however, it wasn't a very popular move in the US as many were outraged by this decision.

Wait... What? The US accepted to surrender? Yes, they did. However, Russia wasn't in full agreement of the treaty and their ego led them to make the worst mistake of the war. They actually refused to let the US surrender and thus ending the war in North America. This event resulted in the US regaining confidence in their ability and replenish will to fight. The Russians would pay dearly for this later on.


Now, let's move to the Military part of this as I've been setting up a timeline of the manoeuvres in North America.

Short History:

  • Day 602 Time 11:20 Nova Scotia was conquered by France.
  • Day 603 Time 11:30 Prince Edward Islands was conquered by France.
  • Day 604 Time 14:50 Nova Scotia was conquered by the United Kingdom.
  • Day 605 Time 07:11 Alaska was conquered by Russia.
  • Day 605 Time 09:20 Newfoundland and Labrador was conquered by France.
Map on Day 605 Time 09:30

  • Day 606 Time 07:35 Washington State was conquered by Russia.
  • Day 606 Time 09:25 Nunavut was conquered by France.
  • Day 607 Time 18:58 Idaho was conquered by Russia. (the USA retreated)
  • Day 607 Time 18:58 Manitoba was conquered by France. (Canada retreated)
  • Day 607 Time 18:59 Canada attacked Washington, Russia.
  • Day 607 Time 18:59 USA attacked Manitoba, France.
  • Day 607 Time 20:11 Canada attacked Alaska, Russia.
  • Day 608 Time 03:45 Manitoba was conquered by the USA. (France retreated)
  • Day 608 Time 03:50 Alaska and Washington State was conquered by Canada. (Russia retreated)
  • Day 608 Time 19:12 Prince Edward Island was conquered by the Resistance Force.
  • Day 609 Time 03:50 Quebec was conquered by France.
  • Day 609 Time 03:55 Utah and Oregon was conquered by Russia.
Map on Day 609 Time 07:00

  • Day 609 Time 11:15 Montana was conquered by Russia.
  • Day 609 Time 19:35 Nevada, Wyoming, North Dakota was conquered by Russia. (the USA retreated)
  • Day 610 Time 03:45 Prince Edward Island was conquered by France.
  • Day 610 Time 03:50 Manitoba was conquered by France.
  • Day 610 Time 03:50 Languedoc Roussillon was conquered by Spain. (France retreated)
  • Day 611 Time 03:50 Newfoundland and Labrador was conquered by the United Kingdom.
  • Day 611 Time 05:15 Quebec was conquered by the United Kingdom.
  • Day 611 Time 05:15 Saskatchewan was conquered by France.
Map on Day 606 Time 11:00

  • Day 611 Time 19:45 Oregon was conquered by the USA.
  • Day 611 Time 20:20 Nevada was conquered by the USA.
  • Day 612 Time 01:35 Wyoming was conquered by the USA. (Russia retreated)
  • Day 612 Time 01:35 Idaho was conquered by Canada.
  • Day 612 Time 14:15 Nord-Norge was conquered by Russia. (Norway retreated)
Map on Day 612 Time 16:00

  • Day 613 Time 01:25 Hawaii was conquered by Indonesia.
  • Day 613 Time 06:50 Nunavut was conquered by the United Kingdom. (France retreated)
  • Day 613 Time 06:50 Manitoba was conquered by Canada. (France retreated)
  • Day 613 Time 07:05 Nord-Norge was conquered by Finland. (Russia retreated)
  • Day 613 Time 07:05 Montana was conquered by Canada. (Russia retreated)
  • Day 613 Time 07:40 Prince Edward Island was conquered by the United Kingdom. (France retreated)
  • Day 614 Time 07:15 Colorado was conquered by Russia.
  • Day 614 Time 07:35 Kangwon was conquered by Russia.
  • Day 614 Time 07:55 Languedoc Roussillon was conquered by France.
  • Day 614 Time 14:15 Nord-Norge was conquered by Finland. (Russia retreated)
  • Day 614 Time 23:30 Podolia was conquered by Ukraine.
  • Day 615 Time 01:10 California was conquered by Indonesia.
  • Day 615 Time 01:27 Alberta was conquered by France.
  • Day 615 Time 07:15 Georgia was conquered by Portugal.
  • Day 615 Time 08:10 Transnistria was conquered by Ukraine.
  • Day 615 Time 12:45 Hwangae was conquered by Russia.
  • Day 615 Time 12:45 Tennessee was conquered by Portugal.
  • Day 616 Time 05:00 Northern Basarabia was conquered by Ukraine.
  • Day 616 Time 07:15 South Dakota was conquered by Russia.
  • Day 616 Time 11:20 Manitoba was conquered by France.
Map on day 616 at 12:00

  • Day 617 Time 00:55 Arizona was conquered by Indonesia.
  • Day 617 Time 02:50 Northwest Territories was conquered by France.
  • Day 617 Time 10:45 Minnesota was conquered by Russia.
  • Day 617 Time 10:45 Ryanggang was conquered by Russia.
  • Day 617 Time 11:35 Nevada was conquered by Indonesia.
  • Day 617 Time 12:50 Chagang & Pyongan was conquered by Russia.
  • Day 617 Time 18:30 Yukon was conquered by France. (Canada retreated)
  • Day 618 Time 01:50 North Dakota was conquered by Canada. (Russia retreated)
  • Day 618 Time 09:30 Manitoba was conquered by the United Kingdom. (France retreated)
  • Day 618 Time 09:40 Saskatchewan was conquered by the United Kingdom. (France retreated)
  • Day 618 Time 09:45 Alberta was conquered by the United Kingdom. (France retreated)
  • Day 618 Time 10:45 New Mexico was conquered by Indonesia.
The Map on Day 618 at 12:00

The Fell of Ontario

From this point, I haven't been able to find the subsequent move, but in the next 5 days, Russia and France would fight their way in Canada and would attack every region left in the US and BC. To finally launch their final assault on Canada on day 624. A battle that would go in overtime for 5 hours. A record at the epoch. The battle was also arguably one of the biggest clashes ever seen between Phoenix and Eden, Both side with FULL MPP battling for the last Canadian region. The prize was indeed quite important.

However, little knew really what was the plan with Ontario. Fortunately, I've been able to get a hold of Goran Thrax so he could explain to me what the true goal behind the Fall of Ontario:

 Shortly after we held onto Congress, we were on the brink of annihilation at the hands of PEACE GC. The War open with France from Operation French Toast had been exacerbated by an attack President Bruck launched against France in a successful bid to secure his reelection. Through the open MPPs all of the powerful nations of PEACE GC were able to support France as they systematically attacked and conquered every Canadian region.

It was a time of desperation, and desperate measures were contemplated. Many members of Congress and the general public wanted to turn Ontario into a fortress, hold Ontario at any cost. Sadly if we held Ontario, and only Ontario it would have meant the complete end of our economy literally thousands of Canadians would have starved for we would have had no access to grain for food. So, I suggested a plan that for better or worse came to be known as "Goran Thrax's final solution". (A lot of things get attributed to you when you are the Speaker of Congress) At the time I surmised (and we later learned was true) that if we were completely wiped off the map, all those wars against us and all those alliances would close and we could finally win resistance battles. The General of the CAF and the Minister of Defence loved the idea and so when the final attack on Ontario was launched by PEACE GC, President Jacobi with our secret support was ready to retreat the battle (you still could do that back then) in the final minutes if we were about to win! We also had a backup plan, to have the US invade Ontario if PEACE GC didn't attack it. 

(Goran Thrax)
The Map on day 625 at 18:00

And so Ontario fell. But this is not the end of the story, it is merely a changing of an act as we are moving to the next phase of the war!

Part 6: The North American Liberation

These events take place between August and November 2009

We are now right after the fall of Ontario, the last Canadian fortress. Canadians are spread in different enemy nations, The UK, France, Iran and the mighty Hungarian Juggernaut. The CAF is moving first to Spain, but even there, it doesn't take too long before PEACE GC move on to this next target. It was only a matter of time before this powerful nation would fall in turn. Having less and less place to move, the CAF transferred all of its assets to Florida, the last standing bastion of freedom in North America in the weight of the final battle that never came. Instead, we quickly moved on to the UK to take back what was ours by right!

But while all of this was happening the Civilians were getting organised as well and started to create a faction in order to properly fight the invader. Two of the most notable factions in this were the Canadian Resistance Movement also known as the Iberian Brigade, founded by Banach; the other one was Bruck's Canuck's funded by former President Bruck. Out of the two factions only one still exists, the BC's who have evolved into what is the Current Canadian Branch of The Crimson Order. They are still today one of the most organised militias in the world.

The First hit came in the UK just a few days after the fall of Ontario. As most of the original Canadian regions were under the Resistance War, it was very hard for Peace GC to defend them all. The orders were sent to the CAF soldier. They were to report in the UK and hit all regions near the end. Along with the Bulk of the Elite force of various Eden Nation and the US Marines.

Came a splendid victory! All Maritime provinces under the UK were successfully liberated, the only region that was out of reach was Alberta, but that one would be kept for another time. Alberta was a very strategic position as it was a high Grain region, something essential for our survival and the first place we could place a q5 hospital to get some important Fire Power from there. It didn't take long for the coalition to assemble again and take another shot at the last Colony the UK had in North America. It was a tough fight, in the last minute the wall was of 70k, something quite big for this epoch, Which was taken down quickly.

This video perfectly show the importance of Strong and Mobile unit, something in which we definitely had the upper hand for the time being.

Once we had Alberta back, we had the perfect region for our first hospital Placement. I saw at this moment the greatest gesture a nation could do toward another one in my entire eLife. Sweden, in a selfless move, donated a brand new Q5 hospital to Canada so we could get back on our Feet, and this at absolutely no cost! You can find more about this in two articles I've been able to dig out written by Jacobi and AB

And as a bonus:

 eSweden is a country with a big heart. We might not be able to send a big quantity of people to help, but we always support our friends with whatever we can. In this case, a hospital was the most suited help. 
(-St00r- Swedish Hero (The Equivalent of Chuck Norris in Viking))

Following this Event, a successful RW was launched on British Columbia by Dean22 and we were able to take away one region from the French while they were busy with the Spaniards coming back full swing from the tomb. Both we were too much for the French. And in a few days, we were able to take back without too much of a fight in Ontario and Quebec.

Canada vs France, Quebec.

This made it two down and two to go. Iran was logically the next target. They were held up in NWT (diamonds) and Yukon. The fight would prove to be quite harder as Iran was nicknamed the land of the Icon rank Field Marshal.png Field Marshals so much they had them in vast amount. A resistance war would have been quite problematic to achieve. In a quite twisted kind of way, Iran decided to Declare war on Canada hoping to take back some region from Canada. Little did their president knew that this would not give them the MPP to fight us, but we would get them if they were to attack us. This costed President Pejman to be impeached soon after as this mistake would cost them both their region in the North. I saw some incredible Tanking during these fight, and I encourage you to see this video from the NWT battle. William Duncan made quite a good statement on the aftermath of this fight.

Jacobi would be able to call mission accomplished, or partly, as he exited the Presidential seat. Most of our region were back and we had a fighting chance now. William Duncan would have to finish what was started by his predecessor and reunite the country.

Now Canada was back with 10 regions out of 13. And only one enemy was still walking freely in our land. The single most powerful nation of this era: Hungary. And there was some good reason to fear them. An incredibly large Nation in term of population and they had at their service the mobile and strong Elite Hun unit.

The very sight of this avatar could be a nightmare for every Commander as it could only mean trouble. Many told us not to expect our region to be back for a long time. It was a long and tedious process. But we had one big bonus on our side. They couldn't strike back at us, as it would activate our MPP. And on our side, we could always hit them to block them, and to drain their damage toward our battlefield. It proved key in several battles to retake American region, like Texas, NJ and California. In the End, we weren't able to take them on by ourselves. This is why steep cooperation with the US was required to end the occupation.

Canadian Force would go head on with Russian armies to keep them busy while the Americans would push them back. One of these battles is Idaho where we pulled one big win.

The battle of Idaho

From this incredible stand came a bond that was pretty strong as we knew quite well that in the face of adversity, we needed each other, we would achieve victory together or not at all. And it is how the Brolliance was initially formed under President Jacobi. Duncan later wrote on this Brolliance to continue what Jacobi started.

And as we rushed to the Front together, the USA was the country that would kick the Huns out for good. They had to, there was no way we could ever hope to beat Hungary in 1 on 1 for one of its most prized regions in the World. The USA strike directly toward them and it took several attempts for it to come through. 3 Regions were left to take back, Manitoba, Sask and Nunavut.

A video of the battle for Manitoba

Right after we would move on to the final battle of Nunavut that would signify the end of the occupation. Here is the vid for that:

The battle of Nunavut

Also, I recommend you to read an article of President William Duncan regarding the full liberation of Canada.

And so we were complete once more. I won't lie, this was the most extreme moment I have ever witnessed in Canada. Never have I seen people working so much toward one goal. If you weren't there then, I feel sorry for you, and I hope that this article at least gave you a little of the emotion that was vibrant at this epoch.

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