Front Liberation of Switzerland

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Organization accounts as private accounts owned by Citizens doesn't exist any more, but the article was left to see how did organizations look like.

Front Liberation of Switzerland
Logo of Front Liberation of Switzerland
Owners Andreas Baader, JNArno
Country Flag-Switzerland.jpg Switzerland
Founders Andreas Baader, Chesscobra
Services Political Revolution, Social Organization, Military force

The Front Liberation of Switzerland was founded by Andreas Baader and Chesscobra in June 2009, they are in opposition of Theocracy's invasion in Switzerland.

Resumption of FLS by a Babys Group

Some days after the Hungarian conquest of Switzerland, a french baby boom brought some Swiss players from the French part of Switzerland (Romandie) to the game. From the eRepublik forum of the french website, JNArno, one of those babies, tried to reach the maximum of Swiss people willing to free Switzerland. After a week, this new group, formed mostly out of Swiss babies, created a forum to help them to communicate with each other. A week or two later, Andreas Baader contacted JNArno to tell them that they weren't the only one trying to free Switzerland and after some discussions, it was decided by the two groups to work together.


In the second week of the month of September 2009, the group decided to take it to the next level. After an internal election, the members of the forum chose Eleriel as their President in exile. They then started to negotiate with Hungary to take their country back. It was decided to start a Resistance war on the 23rd of September at 10 pm because it'll be over only two hours before the deadline for the Congress candidates (it was done to avoid any TO). Unfortunately, although having won this epic fight, Switzerland was freed only 7 hours later due to a bug so that they couldn't send anyone to the congress.

Important Members