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Fuel is a resource used to fight in a round of a battle. It is a finite resource, replenished at the beginning of the week and imposes a barrier to the number of rounds of battles a citizen can fight in. [1]

Acquiring Fuel

Icon - Fuel.png At the beginning of the week, each citizen receives 70 units of Fuel. Each day 1 unit of Fuel can be acquired from the daily challenge. It can also be bought from the gold store; the price of Fuel in the shop starts at Icon - Gold.gif 1 GOLD and increases with every purchase.

The Fuel acquired and not used during the week does not carry on to the next one. The price of Fuel also resets weekly.

Using Fuel

When deploying in a round of a battle, 1 unit of Fuel will be automatically consumed. The citizen can fight on both sides of the round of that division.

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