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30-ог јуна 2010. године, Некрисис (познат као Glorious Failure), модератор, направио је један од највећих "гашења беса" свих времена [1].


Последњи Некросисов аватар са Марвеловим јунаком, Кејблом

Некросис је започео игру као Glorious Failure, грађанин Уједињеног Краљевства који је изгубио налог када је поставио своје логин информације на чет канал УК-а. Goku Jones је био осумњичен за крађу давајући логин информације другом играчу. Glorious Failure је завршио своју каријеру неколико сати касније објављивањем на његовој организацији, а затим је поново почео да игра као Некросис.

ГФ Дан догађај почиње 30-ог јуна 2012. године, дана 953. Новог света. Грађанин САД-а и модератор, Некросис поделио је логин информације око 17:15 по еРепублик времену [2]. He did so because of the deteriorating moral of many Americans and because the game was tiring, i.e. he "burnt out." [?]


Leaked password caused many things like changing names of newspapers, moving them to another account, giving people medals and banning citizens. Banned citizens included current and former presidents, beta giants, famous media moguls, and even Dio Brando. The most epic of all the bannings was the banning of citizen number 2: Admin [3].

Admin Temporarily Banned


Many newspapers were moved from one account to another. Some newspaper's names were changed to insulting names. Some citizens moved newspapers between accounts in order to gain dozens of Media Mogul Medals.

eRepublik Insider

In addition to the widespread bannings, the eRepublik Insider was hacked and chaos ensued. The name and owner changed every few minutes, with new articles, all lulzy and sometimes sick graphic, appearing just as fast. In addition, the name of the paper was changed multiple times.

Banned citizens

Here are some high profile citizens banned.

Gaius Julius - Former President of USA

Jewitt - Former President of USA

Cerber - Former President of Poland

alexis bonte - CEO of eRepublik Labs. An Open Letter was made about unbanning him.

Dio Brando - Dioism God Emperor

List of banned citizens

Source: Article "A list of people who got ban" written by chemical_corn


Admins put eRepublik into maintenance at 23:30 eRepublik time. During maintenance, they rolled back all changes caused by Necrosis' moderator account.


The eRepublik team made an official announcement about this event. They said that almost 300 accounts were affected in one way or another. They also removed the access into administration tools from everyone, except eRepublik employees. The whole announcement can be found from eRepublik forums from thread Official Statement about the issue that encountered in the Day 953

In the USA this was considered most fun night of eRepublik history[4]. Much of the fun is summed up in a short article by Former US President Woxan: "Russia, I'ma Let You Finish". The US Congress has voted to officially declare June 30th a national holiday (GF Day: The Day the eWorld Burned).[5] It to passed unanimously.

- An "explanation" from the Admins

Американац године

Трећег јануара 2011. год. - Дана 1140, ГФ је изгласан за Американца године у упитнику од стране Athanaric.