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This page has been saved as historical information.

Organization accounts as private accounts owned by Citizens doesn't exist any more, but the article was left to see how did organizations look like.

Gael Enterprises
Logo of Gael Enterprises
Owners previous nGael Clan, later Pascal Sauvage
Country Flag-Ireland.jpg Ireland
Founded Merger between Dillian Enterprise of Dublin
and Arthur nGael and Sons Co.
(22 April 2010 - Day 884)
Founders Dillian nGael and Arthur nGael
Industries Conglomerate
Services Business Group
Colours Blue and white
Website Website link

The Gael Enterprises also referred to as GE or GEBG-Gael Enterprises Business Group (EXR:GE) was a Flag-eRepublik.jpg Multinational holding corporation that operated through its business partners. The bussines group of Gael Enterprises comprises was a team of more of a dozen of independent General managers. In 2011, GE companies become a large extent group, run autonomously by each owner.

The group offered special services for customers, as the first organized company in erepublik offering services in avatar creation and Wikipedia creation. Also, they provided services for organizations, parties, government and companies. Since 3rd of February Gael Enterprises opened few special offers for becoming a business partner.

Gael Enterprises operated from its headquarters at Galway, in the Mayo in Eyre Square. The Conglomerate was run by the nGael Clan whose subsidiaries are administrated by its owners (General managers) that are members board of manager's.

On May 13th 2011 Pascal Sauvage made a Private Acquisition offer around Icon-gold.gif 800.00 GOLD, by buying gold with his credit card. It was that largest acquisition made in the erepublik for an organization.



GE first store
GE headquarters

By 2010, Dillian nGael had brought together several of his business interests under one corporation to form Dillian Enterprise. At about the same time, nGael and Sons Company, under the leadership of Arthur nGael, gained access to a number of key licenses through the acquisition of a number of competitors. Subsequently, Gael Enterprises was formed by the 2010 merger of Dillian Enterprise of Dublin, and Arthur nGael and Sons Company, Drogheda, and both companies remain in operation under the GE banner to this day. The company was incorporated in Galway, with the Mayo office as headquarters (Eyre Square) for many years thereafter.

Main article: Arthur nGael

Arthur nGael was the first chief executive officer of GE, but the most prominent role that he had in the company was the position of chairman, that he retained to the time of his death later being passed the position to is son Dillian. In the time of his management, he increased the visibility of the company transforming it into holding conglomerate, become one of the most prominent companies in Ireland.

Main article: Dillian nGael

Dillian nGael was the second chief executive officer of GE, also a member of the board. He was selected by GE's Board of Directors in final of October to replace Arthur nGael. Previously, Dillian during his role as CEO, we internationalize the company, make them present in countries around Europe. Had the incumbent role of Chairman, he increased the assets for the family clan and company, make the adaptation of GE company into GE Holding conglomerate (later added by his son Henrique Venture-Capital Group to the business entity).

Listed in stock market

In November of 2010, Gael Enterprises was one of the companies listed on the EXR ( stock exchange) Industrial Average and still remains after all these years, the only one remaining on the EXR (now the company is not listed because the EXR-stock market is closed since last year - 2010).

In November the National Financial Association (NFA) was absorbed into Gael Enterprise's existing financial business. GE then established its Capital & finances division at St Stephen's Green, Dublin.

At the end of 2010, the GE Capital & finances was sold to the Initech corporation, resulting in one of the most profitable actions of GE, with this allocation of the capital fund for the restructuring of the GE company into the GE business group.

Becoming a Business Group

February of 2011 mark a turning point in management and structure of Gael Enterprises Business Group. Remaining a private company, transform itself from a business conglomerated owned only by Henrique nGael de Sousa, into a group of multi-privately owned companies and newspapers that come together in one goal, increase the margin of profits.

The restructure of the company owned by a single person into a group that shares the strategy, start to have a shape in the first days of 2011. During February the idea of GEBG start and managers around the world flocked to the headquarters of GE. An increase in the profits was one of the goals, but the main goal is the share of experience, pro-activity and multi-marketing.

Experience is shared in the forum of the group, to improve the efficiency of each general manager.

Pro-activity is promoted between group members and encouraged, because the entrepreneurship can make the group developing and have a prominence status in the game. Multi-Marketing is a way to make advertise around New World that each company advertise about other companies of the group and vice-versa, in this way we maximize the chance of being seen by customers, and give to the brand's visibility to them.

Acquisition of the GE

Friday 13th of May of 2011 was the last day of the business group operated, was bought by Pascal Sauvage and he re-sell it in small parts to other investors and general managers.


GEBS example of business structure

GEBG (Gael Enterprises Business Group) was structured in a network system between all its general managers, owners, investors, media moguls, working together form the good of the group and potentiating the profit of each member of the group. The GE also had a council that helps to have the best decision and information for the business activities of the group.


Henrique nGael de Sousa was the last CEO. He was chosen to substitute his father Dillian nGael. The function of CEO in Gael Enterprises is to coordinate all companies without interfering in the independence of owners and the companies, also give leadership to the group activities and set goals for the future. The CEO must obey the board in their monthly decision and apply the objectives for each mouth.

Boards of Managers

The Board of Managers comprises all company owners and investors. The Board have the function of deciding the activities of the business group (GE) for each month, also have the important task for retrieving the information for the report of the companies activities for each month. All members of the board must accept the decision of the group.

Business & Subsidiaries

Listed below are the are all the companies that make part of Gael Enterprises Business Group. Also, companies that were defunct or sold make part of the list (total of all assets of GE).

Logo Founded status Company name Owner (General Manager) Headquarters Type of Industry Product or Services Market Value
Times weekly.jpg 1088 defunct Times weekly Dillian nGael Flag-Ireland.jpg Ireland Media News Magazine Icon-gold.gif 0.019 GOLD
Victorybank.jpg July of 2009
defunct Victory Bank General_II Flag-Greece.jpg Greece Banking Loans Icon-gold.gif 2.5 GOLD
Didier Sachs Logo.jpg 1167 defunct Didier Sachs Henrique de Sousa Flag-Italy.jpg Italy Fashion Creation of avatars Icon-gold.gif 5.78 GOLD
Hospitalitaliano.jpg 478 defunct The Hospital Italiano Chaves Flag-Portugal.jpg Portugal Hospital Healthcare, Health Kits Icon-gold.gif 0.00 GOLD
Agência Noticiosa Privada.gif 1088 defunct Agência Noticiosa Privada Henrique de Sousa Flag-Portugal.jpg Portugal Media Private news Icon-gold.gif 0.5 GOLD

Didier Sachs

Didier Sachs (Italian pronunciation: [ˈdidʃer ʃacˈhːes]), was an Flag-Italy.jpg Italian luxury fashion house - that makes costume made avatars for players. The company was started by Gael Enterprises and the Italian designers Didier Rafaelo and Karl Sachs in Milan, Italy. By 2011 their turnover was $75 ITL.

Didier Sachs is a small, high end, and rather expensive clothing store and brand were first seen in Italy. The only store in the state is located in Milan, Lombardy, Italy. Didier Sachs becomes open for business upon the completion of the level 5. Didier Rafaelo and Karl Sachs are the main designers of the avatars for customers.

Didier Rafaelo and Karl Sachs worked directly for Henrique nGael in the creation of the avatars for the Portuguese Armed forces.

Ministry of Defence with the partnership with MDS open a contest between Portuguese players to create an avatar standard for the armed forces. One of the most prominent works was created for the Portuguese Armed Forces by Didier Sachs at the request of Henrique nGael de Sousa.


The creation of a line of avatars for individuals, groups, organizations, parties cost around Icon-gold.gif 1 GOLD, being made previously a budget for the proposed live of avatars.

Costumer Product Price Result
Icon-Portugal.png Portugal
Armed Forces
Avatar for Portuguese CMJ Icon-gold.gif 1 GOLD for the project not approved by the customer
Henrique nGael de Sousa Custom made avatar Icon-gold.gif 1 GOLD for the project sold
U.N.P. Logo and avatar for the party Icon-gold.gif 1 GOLD for the project sold

Hospital Italiano

The Hospital Italiano (H.I.), in Porto, Portugal was dedicated mainly to help Portuguese citizens wooded in war, being the biggest hospital of this speciality in Portugal.

The main problems of this hospital are the extinction of the hospital services by eRepublik admin, after a political decision in 2010. This left thousands of patients without the possibility of using a specialized facility and the crisis of health Care Medicine Department and consequent reduction of staff, mainly by the exit of junior physicians new players looking for better working conditions in other institutions caused by the restructuring of National Health Care System in 2010.

Creation of the Hospital

Icon - Hospital Q1.png

The foundation is attributed to eCitizen of Portugal that become the main doctor and manager of the first Hospital. Due too the constant wars make a great number of wounded of wars, that overflowed the official Portuguese health service.

This situation at the end of v1 game, make sense to create a private hospital and healthcare service that would help and Chaves[1] start to arrange gold to build the first hospital, and join other friends and make the hospital.

New Infrastructure

Icon - Hospital Q2.png

Portugal entered in wars against USA and Spain (against important alliances in the game) because of this Portugal have battlefronts in Europe, North America and Central America, making thousands of wounded soldiers. To accommodate all the wounded the hospital had to be improved, and sometime after the war in Mexico, the hospital was upgraded to Q2 Level[2].

Partnership with GE

At the beginning of 2010 Gael Enterprises present a partnership offer to Chaves that help to increase the profits of the hospital. Since the end of v1 the hospitals start to lose importance in the gameplay and to bust the final service of hospitals GE invested in services for wounded soldiers and general population (idea defended by Arthur nGael [3]), in the intent to all players have access to health care services that not take all of their money away just to become again in 100 health.


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  1. The player already are death leaving the hospital without general manager
  2. o Hospital encontra a 17% de utilização
  3. Ideia que sempre foi defendida por Arthur nGael, de todos os doentes terem acesso a saude gratuíta.

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