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Nationality Flag-Bulgaria.jpg Bulgarian
Date of birth 24 June 2008
(Day 217)
Date of death 23 October 2019
(Day 4,355)
Residence Varna
Sex Male
Newspaper Narodno Delo
President of Bulgaria
6 November, 2008 – 5 April, 2009
Preceded by Krembo
Succeeded by bimba
President of Bulgaria
6 December, 2009 – 5 February, 2010
Preceded by cTaHucJIaB
Succeeded by Squall Leonheart
President of Bulgaria
6 April, 2010 – 5 May, 2010
Preceded by cTaHucJIaB
Succeeded by Melliores
Mayor of Varna
Party president of Ataka
Congress member of Bulgaria
President of Bulgaria
6 April, 2014 – 5 May, 2014
Preceded by Ko3aTa
Succeeded by Dead Girls Cant Say No
Military rank Icon rank World Class Force**.png World Class Force**
Aircraft rank Squadron leader 3.png Squadron Leader***

Garabeda was a citizen of Bulgaria.


His manufacturing skill of over 15, made him a valuable worker in V1. After the release of Rising (early July 2010) Garabeda chose for his profession to become Project Manager. According to him, he hesitated between a harvester and a project manager, but chose the latter because he thought it would be more useful inside the country, while harvesters are usually emigrants to foreign countries with resource-rich regions, which Bulgaria did not have until mid-2010.

He has been awarded 39 [[Hard worker] medals in total.


Garabeda was one of the most recognized politicians in Bulgaria. He had an illustrious career in Bulgarian politics with 9 terms as a President of Bulgaria. 5 consecutive mandates between November 2008 and March 2009 and he returned in politics in December 2009 as president in relatively close elections against Squall Leonheart & Martin134.

List of all of his national functions are:

  • 21 terms as a Congressman in Bulgaria
  • Minister of Economics (July 2008; August 2008; September 2008; August 2010; February 2011; March 2011)
  • Governor of the Bulgarian National Bank (March 2010; May 2010)
  • Adviser on economic, military and diplomatic matters (July 2010)

He was also a Party president of Ataka and Bulgarian Democratic Party - political parties in Bulgaria.


Garabeda served in the military forces of Bulgaria, but as a reserved officer. He didn't fight too much (he had around 400 battles, whereas other soldiers at his age had more than 1500-2000 at the time). The main reason for this was that Garabeda is devoted mainly to politics.

Garabeda served into several units:


Narodno Delo is a popular newspaper published in Bulgaria. It had more 2000 regular subscribers.

Interesting facts

Like most celebrities in Bulgaria, Garabeda is a rather controversial person, liked by some and disliked by others. Garabeda can be remembered mainly for his two attacks on Romania - in December 2009, together with the then Hungarian President Feherlofia Koppany (a.k.a. Feherlo) and a second attack, the so-called attack on May 3, 2010, when shortly before the end of his eighth term, Garabeda arbitrarily attacked Northern Dobrudja for the second time. The act was condemned by both Bulgaria's international allies and the domestic opposition. Criticism has focused mainly on the fact that the action dooms Bulgaria to a second deletion from the map, as well as on spending most of the country's gold reserves, which at the time were valued at about Icon - Gold.gif 5,000 GOLD. At the same time, there are those who were happy with the attack, as it brought revival to the country in the otherwise boring months after the first Bulgarian-Romanian war. In general, public opinion is divided, which is why Garabeda temporarily withdrew from politics and gave way to younger players in Bulgaria.

One of the other merits of Garabeda is the division of the army into the so-called infantry, air, tank and artillery units, a few months before implementation of Rising. The division is relatively successful, given the scarce information. In late June 2010 and early July 2010, just before the start of Rising, players were faced with the dilemma of which military target to choose. Those of them who are hesitant about what to become usually choose the specialization of their comrades-in-arms, in other words, a specialization that Garabeda "assigned" to them much earlier. According to unofficial data, the distribution of soldiers in Bulgaria at the beginning of Rising was about 32% infantry, 29% tanks, 28% pilots and 11% artillerymen.