Germany-Poland War

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Germany-Poland War
Map of Germany-Poland War
Date 27 May 2008 - –
06 June 2008
Location Eastern Europe
Result Poland annexed by Germany
Fights 1639
Flag-Germany.jpg Germany Flag-Poland.jpg Poland
Flag-USA.png USA
Flag-Czech Republic.jpg Czech Republic
Battles Fought 27 (Germany 16 vs Poland and allies 11)
Fights Won Germany 641 vs Poland 126, United States 653, Czech Republic 44
Draw Fights 175
Total Fights 1639

Germany, with the support of their long time allies, Pakistan, declared this war knowing it will be very hard to be won. Some analysts say that Pakistan's involvement in this war was the main factor for a lot of freedom fighters to move to USA in order to protect Poland.

At first, Poland and its allies managed to hold off the German invasion, but with time passing, more allies of the USA were invaded, the USA's willing participants were worn thin, and Germany won the war.